Do you need more room at home? We state the advantages of purchasing a garden building

You’ve come to the conclusion, that now is the time to obtain more living space?

The first idea that might have crossed your mind, is to contact local estate agent, but then you think- well we rather like where we live-and we don’t want to move.

Then you start to consider the different ways that you can extend your home, and often will have many options which are open to you.

For example, you might wish to get your attic converted?

You might have a garage which you have never parked the car in for a very long period of time, that could be used to extend your home?

Or, when you’re doing your weekly grocery shop, you might have been approached by a salesperson, which has talked to you about getting a conservatory built at the back of your house?


So now you have all of these options which are open to you, and you’re currently mulling over which option is best for you.

And then, you think well what about a garden room?

Now, as we are a garden room company, we are going to state the many benefits of purchasing a garden room.

So, this article is going to talk about the benefits of purchasing a garden building from us:

So, what is a garden room extension?

Well, garden buildings are often described using multiple different names, for example somebody could call us on a Monday morning, and ask us to build a garden office pod to be built.

In the afternoon, somebody might ring us and ask us to build a garden bar, therefore often these buildings are simply called after what the owner will use them for.

Yet, what’s great about having a garden building built by us, is that you can literally design it from the ground up.

Now, when you think of a loft conversion, often the floor space is limited to the size of the house- that’s unless you add a side or rear extension to the property.

With a garden room, you might have a very large garden? So therefore you have a lot of room where you could have a large garden building constructed?


So, quite literally the world is your oyster.

Would you like a very large garden building, that is very luxurious, that you might wish to use as guest accommodation?

And when your guests step inside, and they see the bathroom, the bedroom and the living space, well, they might think that they’ve stepped inside a luxurious five-star hotel!


That’s because we can build the whole building, however you would like it built. Would you like underfloor heating? A large living room, a large bedroom complete with en-suite? Were we can build this for you.

And because our builders have now built so many of these buildings, across the South West, they have a huge amount of experience of building these garden buildings.

We therefore know how to design and also build, these buildings so that they last for a long period of time, therefore offering you the customer excellent value for money.


Why purchase a UPVC conservatory when we can build a garden building for you?

The problem with some UPVC conservatories, is they are a bit like having a greenhouse bolted to the back of your house.

In the peak of summer, they can be way too hot to sit in, and in winter, trying to heat them with a electric heater, well, that could be very expensive to do.

So instead, with a starting price of just £18,000, we can build a garden building, that has very thick insulation.

The insulation that we use is a bit like a sandwich, that is the centre of the sandwich is made from insulating foam, and then rather than obviously using bread on the outside! There are two large sheets of reflective foil, this type of insulation does a fantastic job of keeping the warm air within the building during the winter.


The disadvantages of having a brick-built extension added to your house?

Having a brick-built extension added to the rear of your house, can be rather expensive, therefore rather than having a brick extension, why not have a garden building built by us?

When you compare the quotes, received from a local builder, and compare this with our garden room companies written quote, there might be a substantial difference in the price.


The problem with choosing a loft conversion

Loft conversions can be very expensive, 70k+ sometimes! Plus you also have the inconvenience of having all that metal scaffolding built all the way around your house- for weeks, even months!

Sometimes, we are able to build a garden building for a lot less than you might think,(we offer a starting price of just 18k) and you don’t have to have scaffolding built around your house, as the whole building is built in your garden.

We offer transparent pricing

Often one of our sales staffs, is able to come out and meet you once you’ve finsihed work in Bath, or perhaps you work in Bristol? So, let’s say once you finished work at 7:30 in the evening- you’ve had your evening meal, well, we can pop around and in less than 30 mins, often we can offer you a quote there and then.

Let’s say you want a 5 m x 5 m garden building constructed, you know that you want a rubber roof, you also know that you want composite cladding, sometimes, our sales staff are therefore able to offer you a quote there and then, if you know how you would like your garden building to be built. And sometimes, if you agree to that price, well, the following week, sometimes our builders can arrive in your garden, and start work on building your garden room, so we are very fast with our quotes, we are also very quick building the whole building, sometimes in less than 2 weeks! That’s if you opt for ground screws, for the foundations.

Yet, if you need to take some time, to think over which cladding you want (you might not know if you want hardwood, or composite for example), and you might not know which doors you want, which type of roof that you would want, then you could simply e-mail us once youve decided, and then one of our friendly team we will write back to as soon as we possible with a quote, sometimes, if you e-mail us late on a Friday, we will have the quote ready for you on the Monday, we try to get everything completed as fast as we possibly can for all of our customers. As we know, some garden room companies, they have you waiting sometimes months before they can start work, not us, we have a huge team of staff, 10+ full time installers, so whereever the building needs to be built, we can get a quote back to you, and if accepted, we can build the building quickly.


Do you live in the countryside?

What’s great about living here in the West Country, is many houses have views over the countryside.

And therefore, you could have a large garden building constructed, and perhaps you would like a set of bi-folding doors, and you would like the building to also have a huge window, therefore, you could sit comfortably let’s say on a reclining chair, or a comfortable sofa within the garden building. Then with a nice cup of tea, (perhaps some biscuits) you could sit in the chair and take the views of the West Country that surround your house.

So for example, perhaps you live in the countryside in Bath, in Somerset?

There are a lot of hills, and some properties look over fields as far as the eye can see.

Therefore why not have an insulated garden building, constructed so that you have a room, where you can simply take a nice cake, and perhaps a cup of tea, and simply sit in your garden building, and enjoy looking at the scenery which surrounds your property.

Perhaps you have a large meandering river, or perhaps you have large hills, or woodland, which you can look out onto from your garden building?

This therefore would make a great place to perhaps enjoy doing a puzzle during the day, or in the evening, simply putting your feet up glass of whiskey on the rocks?


This therefore would make a brilliant place to unwind.

Perhaps your retired and your looking for a place where you can simply sit down and enjoy looking out at the surrounding scenery in Bristol?

Alternatively, you might run your own business, in Bath England? And after a busy day at work you are now looking to create a place where you could simply sit down within your garden room, on a comfortable sofa, put on your favourite music, perhaps an Elvis song?

And simply enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, which might help you unwind before you go to sleep? The room, could therefore be used as your place to unwind after a long and busy day at work.

Therefore across the West Country, there are many houses, whether they are based in Bristol, or perhaps they are based somewhere in Somerset, that have fantastic views.

Whether that be a view the Clifton suspension Bridge, or perhaps of mile after mile of countryside in the middle of Bath?

Why not have a garden building, that’s just used as your place to unwind- to listen to music, to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, or simply to put a puzzle together?


Temporary accommodation

Do you regularly have friends or family that come to stay at your property?

Those family and friends they might stay with you during the day, yet at night, they might stay at a local hotel in Bath?

And staying at a good quality hotel, well, that can be rather expensive sometimes, for example to stay at a five-star hotel in the middle of Bath, well that could easily cost in excess of £200 a night sometimes.

So, this is going to be a rather costly expense either for you, if you’re paying, or for your guests.

So wouldn’t it be better, if your guests, could simply stay at your property? They could take a short walk down to the garden building, there you could have two bedrooms, a living room, complete with a large bathroom.

This would make a brilliant place for your guests to stay, and you could make the garden building very luxurious.

You could have a large bathroom, complete with a claw legged bath if you really wanted to push the boat out, why not have a freestanding bath, that could be made entirely from copper? This is very luxurious and also copper has excellent insulating properties, simply meaning it will keep the bathwater warm for longer.

Then you could have tiled walls and floor, you could have a walk-in shower, you could also have an electric towel rail to keep your towels nice and warm.

Then walk into the living room, you could have a huge television, a three-piece sofa, and you could also have a bar area in the corner, where your guests can prepare a drink.

Then you could have a large single bedroom, or you might wish to have two bedrooms built within the garden building?

Your guests, as they walk into the garden building, might actually think that they walked into a hotel, and a luxurious hotel at that.

Would you like us to build a luxurious garden room for you?

We’ve already built countless garden buildings right throughout South-West England, if you would like for us to build one for you, then why not call us today?

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