Do you build corner garden rooms?

Date: 26/09/2023

Corner garden rooms



Often, in a lot of built-up inner-city areas, a lot of terraced properties will have smaller gardens, sometimes, there’s no room to swing a cat out the garden!

So, with some properties, there might just be a large patio area, and there might well be no lawn.

This is therefore fairly common here in Britain, with a lot of terraced houses-so this means, that garden room companies, have to design and build, buildings which make the best use out of the available space within a garden.

Therefore, when you are looking to have a garden building constructed in a small garden, it’s really important, to think about the design of the building, so that it makes the best use out of the space that you have available.


What shape garden room would you recommend for a small garden?


Well, whether the room is going to be used just to enjoy the occasional hot beverage and enjoy breathing in the fresh air whilst in your garden room, or perhaps the building is going to be used by you as a garden office for 50 hours plus per week?

We would recommend, considering having a corner garden room built, if you own a small garden. The reason is, a corner garden building can be placed snugly into a corner of a garden, and then there is therefore less wasted space.

What sometimes happens, is that a homeowner will purchase a garden office, off the Internet, and it arrives sometimes in a flatpack form, for the homeowner to assemble themselves.

However, because the building hasn’t been tailor-made to the exact dimensions that the homeowner wants, so that it perfectly fits into the garden, instead often you are left with wasted space either side of the building and perhaps at the rear of the building as well.

Therefore, often what is needed is a garden building, that doesn’t waste any space, and that’s exactly what it corner garden room can offer because it can fit snugly into the corner of your garden.


What do a lot of your customers use their corner garden rooms for?

Well, when you purchase a corner garden room, the possibilities of what the building can be used for is quite simply endless!
For example, it could be used as a place to work with within during the week, or it could be used as a yoga studio?


Can we use your corner garden rooms during the winter?

Now, this is a really important thing to check with whichever company you hire to build your garden buildings from is that the building is well insulated. Some buildings (purchase from other companies) sometimes have side which are no thicker than the width of your finger, that’s to say with no insulation, they are therefore very similar in construction to a cheap garden shed. These buildings will therefore be absolutely freezing to be inside during the winter.

However, our buildings are very different, we can put very thick insulation into the walls, you may have seen this insulation before that because it’s commonly used when constructing a house.

The type of insulation that our company uses its called panel insulation, this type of insulation it has a reflective foil outer layer, with a thick centre of normally yellow foam in the centre. It’s really good quality, so for example when you call a local builder, they will often use this insulation, when building an extension onto your house. We use the same insulation when building our garden buildings.

Will we require planning permission to be granted before you can start work on building our corner garden room?

So, each year, Kingsley builds many garden buildings, and we build these over a wide area, that’s throughout the South-West. We would say, that the vast majority, of the garden buildings we construct, can be constructed without planning permission needing to be granted by Bristol county council.

Therefore often our garden buildings can be constructed through what is called permitted development.
However, some garden buildings, in some areas, (including Bristol) may require planning permission granted before we can start work on building them.

If you are in any doubt whether planning permission is needed or not, then we would highly recommend sending a quick email, to your local council, so this would be a email to Bristol county council to ask them if planning permission would be needed on your street.
It does come down to the size of the building, the height of the building and also how close you are to your neighbours property. So if you need advice, on whether planning permission is needed or not, then we would recommend hiring an architect, or speaking to your local council.


Permitted development

The vast majority of the time, our garden buildings, can be built through permitted development.

What we can offer is for one of our sales staffs, to come out and have a meeting with you, this is offered free of charge.

Our sales staff can offer you a free quote there and then, and based on the size of the garden room and the height of the building, we can often recommend to you, whether planning permission will be needed.

If planning permission is needed, from Bristol county council, then it might take multiple weeks to gain planning permission, before we can start work.

This is therefore worth bearing in mind, because if you are using the building say to work within, and you want to work in the garden building as soon as possible, then you might wish to alter the design, such as the height of the building, so that it may be built under permitted development rather than having to wait say seven weeks for planning permission to be granted.


Can you install the electrics, and all of the electrical sockets for us?

This is another important point, some companies, want the homeowner, to hire their own electrical contractor.

However we have a fully qualified electrician as part of our team, who can come out and install everything from the fuse box, to where you want the electrical sockets fitted.

They can then connect the electrics from the house to your garden room, and they can sign off the paperwork to say that all of the electrical work has been completed correctly.


How long does it take to build a corner garden room?

It takes us on average, we would say about three weeks, from start to finish to build a corner garden room, if no planning permission is needed.

Of course, this does depend on the design, so for example if you wanted a more complicated garden room, for example one with a sedum roof, so that you can grow wild plants on the roof, then it might take us a bit longer to build the building.


Would you like a corner garden room built in Bristol?

We have an estimator, they can come and meet you anywhere within Bristol, in the daytime, on the weekends or in the evenings. They can offer you advice, such as whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not. They can recommend is different types of cladding, door, window and roof options. If the building is relatively simple, then often our sales staff, can often give you a quote there and then. So, for example, it might be more convenient for you, for our sales staff to pop around say at 7 PM on a Tuesday evening, and we can do this and offer you a free no obligation quotation.


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