Do you build a garden rooms that also has side storage area?



Garden buildings with a shed storage area

Date: 28th/September/2023

Author: Kingsley Hyden Jones


Helps you to gain more storage space within your garden

There will be a lot of homeowners right throughout the United Kingdom that wants a well-built garden office, or perhaps a garden gym constructed built by our company. Yet the homeowner might think that they have to get rid of the garage, or the shed to make way for the garden building to be constructed.

This is sometimes because the homeowner has a small garden, so they cant have a garage and a garden room, otherwise the garden can start to feel over crowded with buildings.

But here’s the thing, you could have both buildings, that’s a shed and a garden room all in one building.

This makes a lot of sense as your garden will look much neater, because both of these buildings will be combined into one whole building.

But also, it can help you to save a lot of space, because you haven’t got to have a garage taking up space within your garden, and then having a separate garden room built in another location, instead the buildings could be combined, and split using an internal wall.
And because our garden rooms are bespoke, they can fit perfectly within contours of your garden, so you don’t have any wasted space.


For example, we build the following shape buildings


– Triangular
– Square
– Rectangular


So how much does a garden room with a shed cost?

Prices start from around £20,000. Then the prices vary, depending on the size of the building you want built. Plus, there’s so many different options, for example, take the roof, we can build a rubber roof, which is great and lasts a long time. Yet we could add solar panels, we could make it a sedum room, to grow plants, so there so many options which effect the price.

Also we can build a side storage area as large as you would like

So for example you might want a side storage area just enough to store two mountain bikes for example. Or on the other hand, you might want a huge side storage area build, so much so that when you walking within the room, there’s racking to store items, it might be somewhere where you have a big freezer, and enough space also to store multiple bikes, petrol lawn mower and also items of garden, such as a strimmer, and hedge cutters.


Uncluttered garden

You might want a nice lawn area, an area to grow plants or vegetables, and some decking built.
What you might not want is an old garage, say with an asbestos roof, and then a separate garden building within your garden, because it can make the garden feel smaller, having two buildings, rather having both combined into one.
Instead you could have one building, a garden building, and you have a site storage area built within the building, which has its own doorway leading into the room.


Nice composite or wooden ramp

If you use your mountain bikes or let’s, say a petrol lawnmower on a regular basis, why not have us build a nice ramp made using composite decking or wooden decking.

This will make it an absolute piece of cake, to get your bikes in and out of the garden room.


How long does it take to build a garden room which also had a storage area?

Well surprisingly, it doesn’t take us that much longer to build a garden building that has a side storage area. Perhaps just another day extra, to build a new door, and to build the plasterboard partition.

We offer free quotes across Bristol within the daytime, in the evenings and also on weekends- so why not arrange time, where we come out, and offer you a free quote?

We know that a lot of people that want garden buildings constructed, have very busy lives, they might work at a local hospital for example, or they might be running a business, or they might simply have a job that means that they don’t work your standard 9-to-5 hours.
Therefore, we have a full-time estimators (Kingsley, Josh and Seb) whose drive six days a week to our customers within Bristol, and also within city of Bath to promptly give our customers an estimate for how much it would cost us to build a garden room for them.
Sometimes we can offer you quote there and then

When the garden building is relatively simple, let’s say a 3 x 5 garden room, with a rubber roof, then sometimes our estimators can offer you a quote there and then.

However, alternatively if you would like a more complex design built, let’s say that you would like some hardwood decking built to the front of the summerhouse, you might want a sedum roof added, and you might want a very powerful high quality air conditioning unit added. Our estimator might need to drive back to our office in Bristol, and calculate the quote, that’s before he emails you a breakdown of the quote.

We always aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours of us visiting you, so if you would like a well-built, garden room that is guaranteed to last then why not contact us?

We offer free estimates right across Bristol. We have literally built hundreds of garden buildings now across South West England, so it is likely that we have already built a garden building somewhere near you.


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