Garden Pods


Date: 30/10/2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Garden pods built by our company offer a really good place where you can work, so you can reply to all of those work e-mails or simply to use the room as a place to unwind and read the daily newspapers.


Our garden buildings are simply brilliant, because they me built a location within your garden that might now have been used that much at all since you bought your house?



For example, the garden pod could be build in a location within your garden where currently be a rusty old compost bin rotting away, or a greenhouse that’s in a state of disrepair and has most of the glass panels have broken or fallen out.

You could therefore be making much better use of that space in your garden, by letting us throw such items in a skip and in its place we built a brilliant garden pod, which you might want to use every day?


Built super fast




Sometimes, our high skilled team can build a garden pod in less that 3 weeks, including a concrete base being installed.


Modern garden pods


A garden pod, is simply another name for a “garden room” or a “garden building”.

We can offer to build up bespoke garden building for you in a short period of time, meaning that you can build the building to the exact dimensions that you would like, say 5 x 3 metres, and any shape you would like, so it fits in within the space you wanted perfectly.

Plus you havent got to just have a standard rectangular shape garden building.

We build circular, a square, triangular garden rooms.



Do you require a garden pod built in the U.K?

What’s great about picking our company, and one of the reasons why so many people in South West have already hired us to build their garden pods, is because our company can offer you a bespoke building, built really fast, plus every single summerhouse we build comes with a long guarantee as well, so why not book a time, where one of our sales team, can pop around, and over a cup of tea, we can discuss prices, options, and we can make some recommendations if you would like us to.


So many options to choose from



This means that we can use different exterior cladding, you can pick from powder coated steel, composite or wood cladding options. We can offer different bathroom suites, different kitchen units and different roof options as well. So the entire building, from the ground up is built the way you like.



Our team of master craftsman can therefore build a garden pod that is built exactly the way you want it to be constructed.

So the sky is the limit, so why not have a sedum room so you can grow nice flowers on the room, decking and a complete kitchen installed? So its a piece of cake to make a herbal tea whenever you want.


Guaranteed to last

All of our building will also come with a very long guarantee as well.


Winter through to summer- you can use the garden pod at any time of the year

Our garden buildings can be used all year round, so whether it’s a scorching hot summer’s day, or freezing cold winter morning with icicles hanging from the roof outside, you can use your garden pod to do everything from doing your daily yoga excercises or completing work.


Fully insulated



It’s important that when you purchase a garden pod, it can be used right throughout the different seasons from cold winters morning a boiling hot summers evening.

We can also build the building, depending on how much maintenance you would like to do on the building over its lifespan.
For example, certain hardwood cladding options, will require some maintenance, yet composite / powder coated cladding will require practically no maintenance at all, so you do need to consider how much maintenance on the building you want to do?

If you are looking for low maintenance building, we would recommend Millboard cladding, and composite decking and steps are used.

Fully insulated for your total comfort (Hemp insulation, Rockwool or Panel insulation can be used)

We will also fully insulate the building (hemp insulation, we can use RockWool insulation, or Sheep’s wool insulation are the options we offer)
We can have a chat with you about all of the different types of cladding available, these range from sheep’s wool which will be 100% natural, through to using hemp insulation, through to using fibreglass.

It’s important that your building is well insulated, (roof, floor and side walls) as well built so there’s no drafts coming through the walls, that it’s built solid and robust, and that it can be heated easily, so that you can use it during our long winter months.



3D designs available



When we are building a garden pod for you, the design it’s 100% customisable so you can say to us exactly how you want the garden room to be built. For example, there’s a huge range of different kitchen options, we can supply many different types of kitchen.

Or perhaps you have already bought a quality kitchen from say Wren kitchens, or Howdens kitchens, and you would like us to just install it?



We can install this complete bathroom suite for you as well, as we have some very high experienced plumbers working for our company in Bristol and Bath. We can install complete bathroom suite for you, this can include a wet room and a powerful electric shower, you may want a quality Mira shower installed?


Compact toilet and wash hand basin


Alternatively you might just want us to install a compact toilet and wash hand basin within a side room?

We can offer you different lighting options as well, and in terms of whether you want LEDs within the ceiling, so they are fitted flush with the plasterboard ceiling, and with your led lights installed outside as well?


Would you like air conditioning installed?


We can also offer you many different brands of air conditioning systems to select from, so we would recommend opting for a Samsung or Hitachi air conditioning, these are really good quality.



Perhaps you would like decking outside? Perhaps grey composite decking made by MillBoard decking?

So when you have finished writing your work e-mails and your eyes are tired from focusing on your laptop for so long, you want a bit of sunlight, so you can step outside enjoy a nice refreshing cold lemonade was sitting on your composite decking outside your garden room?


What about storage space?


A lot of people here in Britain might have relatively small gardens, especially you live in a brand house, that’s just been built in Bristol, because often brand-new houses, these don’t come with large gardens normally.

So, they might be thinking well if we have a garden room built, as a place of work, where will the garage or the garden shed go?

You might not therefore have space to put a shed, or a garage and also have a garden room,

Yet because the buildings we build are 100% bespoke, meaning there built to the design that you would like, we can allocate a proportion of the building for storage, perhaps you would like 25% of the structure to be use the storage? To put your mountain bike in the side room, therefore getting rid of the need for a garage?


Will we need to obtain planning permission for our garden room?

One of our very friendly sales team, that either Josh, Kingsley or Seb, can come out and visit you in your garden and offer you advice as to whether we believe planning permission is needed.

Quite often, on the vast majority of the garden buildings, that we build every single month, that’s from Clifton right through to Aztec West in Bristol, the vast majority of garden buildings can be built “under permitted development” from Bristol County Council. That is to say most we would say over 75% of the buildings that our companies construct will not need planning permission. However, its very important to check, if planning permission is needed, before any construction work is carried out.


Do check whether planning permission is needed also with Bristol County Council

So, therefore its crucial that you check with us your local council whether planning permission is needed, because sometimes planning permission may need to be granted from Bristol County Council before construction work can start.


How much does a garden pod cost?



How much a garden room costs does depends on the design of the building and the size of the structure that’s being built.
For example, which exterior cladding option you choose?


Garden pod UK

We also build bespoke corner garden rooms



For a lot of us homeowners, we don’t have ample amounts of free space within our gardens. In matter of fact, within some gardens, well you might not have enough room to swing a cat!

Yet, this doesn’t automatically mean you need to write off the idea of obtaining that garden office you have always wanted.
Because, when you hire our company, every building we build is bespoke, meaning, often we are able to clear a space within your garden and build that garden office you need.


We can often build a corner garden room in less than 3 weeks

Due our large team of highly skilled staff, most of our garden rooms are built from start to finish in less than 3 weeks.
Plus, even though our buildings are built at a super-sonic pace, every building comes with a long guarantee period.


We can install the electrics for you

We know that most of our customers just want a garden room that they just simply add their furniture in the room and its ready for use. You don’t therefore want to have to wait for say an electrician to arrive, say weeks after the garden building has been built, to install the wiring and fuse box.
This is another reason why Kingsley build is often asked to build so many garden offices, because we have electricians which can install the electrical wiring, fuse box and lightening for you. This will be included in the quote, so you don’t have to hire your own electrician separately.

You can choose from square, corner, L-shaped garden room, we can build any shape garden building


What are the benefits of opting for a corner garden room?

Often, a home owner will have a path way leading to a rear entrance point, building a large rectangular building might be infeasible, as it may block the entrance point into the garden.
Plus, another reason is, sometimes a homeowner doesn’t want a garden room to “over power” the look of their garden, they don’t want the building to be the focal point, instead perhaps wanting the building to be discretely positioned under a tree, or in a corner of a garden, where it doesn’t obscure views over the garden.


Clever design

So, sometimes, a homeowner will buy what’s described as flat pack garden room, sometimes this is assembled by the homeowner, as a DIY task, or sometimes, the company that’s supplying the building then offers an additional fee to assemble the building.

However, there’s sometimes a problem, that is these buildings are not bespoke, so the customer is simply asked to select from a range of sizes.

This can sometimes cause wasted space, space either side and at the rear of the building, which is just used for nothing more growing weeds!

So, what’s great about hiring our team of garden room designers is, we can use 3D design, to carefully design the whole building, so we make the best use out of the space you have.

So, for example, carefully planning the layout, to best fit the contours of a garden wall, or a path way. The building therefore can be built so it fits perfectly within your garden.


Removing old garages or sheds

Sometimes, there might be a structure, such as a wooden shed which might not be used that often, yet that old dilapidated shed might be taking up valuable room within your garden that could be put to much better use. For example, an old shed could removed; in its place a L-shaped garden office could be built.

We have a large of staff, so for additional cost, we could demolish an old wooden shed, and place it into a skip for you.


3D Design

We can create at a low cost, a set of 3D designs, which show how your corner garden room could look in your garden.
We can offer the designs, to show you what the different cladding options could look like.


We have already built many corner garden room

In Bristol, near the city centre, many home will have small gardens, therefore the homeowner may want a corner garden room built.

We have already built many corner garden rooms, some of these buildings have been clad with Canadian red cedar cladding, some have pine cladding, also known as thermowood, other garden rooms have been made using composite cladding.

If you would like a quote from us, for us to build a corner garden room, then why not call our super friendly sales team today.


We build high-quality corner garden rooms

Do you require a corner garden room to be built? We can build a corner garden building, with prices starting from just £18,000.

Would you like to have a garden room built before Christmas?



That special and magical time of the year is just around the corner, yet do you know what we think would make Christmas 2023 that even more special?

That’s right, a well-built garden room. Our garden rooms can offer a place where you can socialise and enjoy some festive drinks with your friends and family. Plus, a place where the family can watch Christmas films on large projector, enjoy a gin and tonic, or simply just a space to play darts and chat to your friends.

Within this article, we are going to explain how a garden room could enhance your Christmas.


You could use the building as guest accommodation



Your friends or your family over Christmas might have to otherwise stay in a local hotel after they have visited you. Yet when you get a large garden building constructed by us, complete with an ensuite bathroom, it could be used as guest accommodation.

The building could have a large bathroom, complete with a nice walk-in shower. Also you could have a large living room, and also a large bedroom as well.

Your guests might wake up, and actually think that they’re staying in a luxurious hotel, when in a matter of fact they’re actually staying at the end of your garden, within your garden building.


Do you build garden bars?

Christmas time, is a time to have friends and family over for a party. So, what better place, to enjoy a few drinks, than in a garden bar?

We have built many garden bars; we can even build the bar for you?

Prices for us to build a garden bar, start from just 18k.


Retro arcade games, snooker tables, dart boards

A garden building can be a place to enjoy spending time with your friends, so why not have a full-size snooker table fitted?

Or perhaps a juke-box, so you could play your favourite music?



So, although you might want a garden building, so you can host parties during the festive period, you will want the building to last a long period of time, and this is why so many residents of Bristol call us, when they need a log cabin built, because, our buildings are simply made to last. Using top quality timber, and highly experienced staff, we are able to build long lasting, durable log cabins, plus, we also offer long guarantee periods as well.


Super warm

So, our winters here in Britain, well, they can get mighty cold. So, to help keep you nice and warm in your garden room, we could install underfloor heating, this can really help to keep the room warm, plus your feet! Then, you combine this with Kingspan wall insulation, or another brand of panel insulation, this can help to keep the room super warm during the winter.

Are you able to build a garden building before Christmas 2023?

Christmas is fast approaching, so what we would recommend is that you call us, and we will be able to tell you about our availability slots, when we can build your garden room. We can also discuss the garden room that you would like constructed, for example, which doors, windows, if you want a bathroom as well.

Sometimes we are actually able to build a garden building in under two weeks, so as long as we have availability, we can build your garden room very quickly.


Garden rooms at Christmas

You might want to have a garden building constructed so it becomes your place to unwind and to enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Why not install some arcade game machines, a projector to watch films on, perhaps even a bar area which you can walk behind the bar and make yourself some refreshing cocktails.


Comfortable guest accommodation

Over the festive period, during December you might have a lot of friends coming around for drinks, so rather than your guests having to wait and pay for an expensive taxi ride home at the end of the night, you could simply say why not stay in our garden room for the night?

Then your guests could spend more time with you enjoying an alcoholic beverage with you, rather than going home earlier, and instead of having to wait for a taxi at the end of the night, they can just simply walk to the garden room when they want and have a sleep.


Can be used all year round- we build luxury, top quality garden rooms

What’s important to know is that some garden rooms can’t be used during the winter time, the simply don’t have enough insulation to keep the buildings warm during the winter. So anybody staying within an uninsulated garden building is likely to experience an extremely cold evening during the winter, and need a thick winter jacket on, just to spend time in the building during the winter.

However, our buildings are different they have very thick insulation within the walls, behind the plasterboard, so that you can sleep in a nice warm and cosy building built by us. And if the temperature does drops too low and simply flick on the electric heaters to raise the temperature in a matter of minutes.


We can build a cinema room for you

A lot of people over Christmas like to watch classic television shows, such as Only Fools and Horses, or perhaps they like to watch a Christmas film.

Therefore, the building could be used as a cinema room, where you could enjoy watching films with your family and friends.
Why not go the extra mile and actually get a popcorn machine, just like you have in the cinemas as well?

Don’t pay over the odds

In the South-West of England there are some companies which charge a lot to build a garden room- however our prices are very affordable.

One of our very friendly sales team can come out and quickly to offer you a quote in person, and’s if you book with us early enough, we might even be able to build your garden room before this Christmas.

How do you ensure that you garden rooms are super comfortable during the winter?



We build super warm garden rooms



A large proportion of the year, here in the Great British Isles it can be a rather cold place to be.

So, you need a warm and cosy garden building built, so it is nice and comfortable so that you can use it even in the coldest of winter days. After all, if your using your garden building as an office, well, you don’t be shivering when your trying to do your work!

And sure, when you pop along to some garden room showrooms during the summer time, when the weather is nice, well they might all look brilliant summerhouses, offered at fantastic prices.

Yet come the winter, and you have one of these super cheap summerhouse built, you might discover that the company which has built it has scrimped and saved on the insulation.

Which basically means that the owner of the garden room will be very cold, because of the lack of insulation. And you might have a shock, when the energy bill arrives, because it might cost so much in electric to heat an insulated garden room.
However we build totally different garden rooms in Bristol, they are well insulated

So, you might be thinking, well how do we make our garden rooms that more warm and cosy, how do we make them more thermally efficient?

Well, that’s a rather brilliant question, because what we buy from the builders merchants, is the same type of insulation that most builders use when building an extension onto a home.

We use what is called Kingspan “panel insulation”, and when you see this you probably recognise seeing this type of insulation before, as it is built used when constructing most homes.
It’s a bit like a giant sandwich, in that it has a reflective outer coating made of foil, and then a thick layer of insulating foam inside it.


So here’s how we go the extra mile to make our garden rooms very well insulated

Insulation is key, so we place this in the ceilings behind the plasterboard, in under the flooring and also in the sidewalls as well.

Double glazing is good, but you might want to pay a bit more for triple glazing, as this can really help to keep the heat within the room for that bit longer.

Then you have to think about where you want your garden room positioned, just like a greenhouse warms up during the day, because of the sunlight, so will your garden room. So why not position your garden room to its south facing, and the bifold doors can help to warm up the garden room during the day when the sun is out.

It’s really crucial that you have windows and doors that are made by a quality manufacturer, the last thing you want is gaps large enough that you could put a piece of paper or something thicker through like cardboard through gaps, because they have been poorly made, because this was simply cause large drafts of cold wind, and the building wont be energy-efficient at all

Can you install electric heaters for us?

Yes, we most certainly can, our electricians can hang electric heaters on the wall for you. And when you combine this with good quality insulation that we’ve placed within the building, you will see that the room will warm up in a very short space of time.



Think about the running costs of your building as well

So as we all know, as we open up that envelope from our energy suppliers, a lot of us will have seen that the cost of energy has increased by a lot.

Therefore, our insulated garden rooms might cost quite a bit more to build, when compared to some other suppliers of garden rooms. But our quote is often higher because we might have used more insulation, more plasterboard, and they take much longer to build. You really have to think about how much energy costs today, and how you can better keep that heat within the room for a bit longer, helping to reduce your energy consumption, but also helping the environment at the same time.

Our customers often comment that they are so incredibly impressed, by how fast our garden offices heat up during the winter, and how they keep the heat retained for a long period of time than what they might have expected, before the garden office was built.
Again this is down to the amount of insulation that we put into our garden offices.


Here at Kingsley we use either “Quinn insulation” or “Kingspan insulation” which is another top quality brand of insulation.


Why not have your garden room so so it’s South facing?


If you have a large garden, you might have the choice of where you want to position your garden room, and you might want the building to be south facing so that the sunlight is beaming down on the bi-folding doors. This can help to heat up the garden room.

So, if you want to be as warm as a bug, who’s sat on a rug, then contact us to build your garden room.

We are fast becoming one of the most popular garden room companies across the great city of Bristol.

Our company has grown from recommendations, whereby our previous customers have recommended us to their friends and family.

Therefore, if you want a truly high-quality garden building built, one you will be very happy with for a long period of time, and you want it built in the glorious city of Bristol, then why not give us a ring?

We can build an affordable garden building for you



Inflation and wood prices


The vast majority of the great British public, are currently feeling the pinch, that’s because inflation is causing everything from a loaf of bread to a piece of wood to raise in price!

So, after discussion and long deliberation, you might be putting off getting your garden office built until possibly next year?
This might simply be because you think that such a building is rather unaffordable at the moment, that such a building could easily cost a fortune?

However, there is a garden room company that’s situated in Bristol, that’s still flat-out building garden buildings right throughout the entire region- that company is Kingsley Garden Rooms Limited.



We have built many gardens offices

Our company has built many garden offices, some called “garden office pods”– therefore we know how to build a high-quality room, that’s made to last. We have local suppliers, who supply us with double glazed aluminium or alternatively UPVC doors and windows. Our buildings are well built.

So not only are our buildings offered at an affordable price for a lot of homeowners, they are also very high quality.



Affordably priced garden buildings that are made to last

The reason why our carpenters are so busy building our buildings is simply because they are so affordable- we offer a starting price that’s lower than a lot of other companies. When we tell our customers that we can offer starting price for a well-built, insulated garden room starts from just £18,000, often they are very happy with that quote, because that comes right within the budget.

So, if you’re feeling the pinch of inflation, and the rise in living costs, why not have a good read through this article, where we will discuss how we can build an affordable garden building for you.



Don’t delay getting a garden room built

So, say for example you’re currently working from your kitchen table, because all of those distractions of other family members walking in and out of the living room, well that might be too distracting, and you might have an important Excel spreadsheet that your boss is waiting to receive.

Alternatively, it could be the TV is being played too loudly and you simply not been able to concentrate on your work, so, is it really worth delaying getting that garden office built.

As a garden office could offer a quiet place where you can get your work done in peace and quiet. So, if your fed up the tele being playing too loud, people chatting to you, when you want to get work done, well, now is the time to get a garden office built.



Garden offices with starting price of just 18k

With a starting price of just £18,000 we can build for you a comfortable garden office, fully insulated, nice flooring, fully plastered good-quality windows and doors, therefore offering unbelievable value for money.

Here are some other ways that we can help cut costs


Would you like ground screws used as the foundations?

Laying a thick concrete slab can be rather expensive, because concrete is not cheap, that’s for sure. Yet we can build extra strong foundations for you, using what are called “ground screws”- helping to reduce the overall cost of constructing the building.

Now a lot of homeowners might not have heard of “ground screws” before, so why not let us explain exactly what they are, basically there are a giant screw, that is screwed into the ground use a very powerful drill.
Once placed into the soil, they provide an extremely strong foundation to build the garden office or the garden building on top the ground screws.

So not only are you receiving an extra strong foundation, you are also saving a lot of money by not having to have a concrete base built.




Running costs- make sure the building is well insulated

So if you do end up hiring a garden room company which doesn’t properly insulate the building- let’s say they don’t insulate the ceiling, well is can be really freezing in the building come the winter.

In matter of fact, come December you’re going to need a woolly hat, thick ski jacket, thick trousers and boots to even venture into the building- even then you might be too cold to get any work done.

So, what you need instead is a well-insulated garden room, that with the simple flick of a switch of an electric heater, the room starts to warm up nicely and quickly, and because we have crammed the room with insulation, it will retain the heat for longer.

Don’t delay getting a garden room built- we can offer you a great price

Right throughout the year we are busy building garden rooms, come summer through to winter, the reason for that is we offer some of the most affordable prices on garden buildings in Bristol.

Where some companies might have a starting price of about £25,000 + our buildings are much more affordable.
If you like a free quote one of, give us a ring?

What are the benefits of owning a garden office / shed?


16th of October 2023


There will be a lot of homeowners that have small gardens, and at the end of the garden might have a garage which takes up a lot of room within the garden.

And the homeowners might think well, we simply don’t have any spare room to place a garden office within our garden.

However, what a lot of people are now asking garden room companies like ours to do, is to have a garden office built, and then dedicate say 25% of the floor space, to be used as a garage.

We can therefore build a separate door to the side storage area, and is often this is used as a space to store items such as the lawnmower.

So, if you want to work from home, yet you’re thinking we haven’t got any space to build a garden office. And that might be because, you have a garage situated within your garden, taking up a lot of space, so why not letters demolish that garage and build a brand-new garden office in its place.


Will we require planning permission for our garden office / shed?

We would need to come out and meet you to discuss the garden building you would like built, to see if planning permission is needed or not.

The vast majority of the buildings that we build, within Bristol do not need planning permission because they come under what is called permitted development.


Our garden buildings cost less than you might think

You might have been following our company on Facebook? And when you see some of the garden buildings that we have constructed, you might think cost a huge amount of money to build, right?

However, we can build a garden office, with prices starting from as low as £18,000!

This therefore offers fantastic value for money to our customers, plus also we now have a huge team of staff, of electricians, plasterers and carpenters, so can build the building often in a short space of time.


Demolishing your old garage

We can demolish your garage, or your shed, and then we can inspect what is called the slab, that is the foundations of the whole building.

Sometimes we are able to reuse the concrete slab, and were able to build a garden building on top of it, this can help to save and money for the customer.


Do you build large garden offices / sheds?

Yes, you might have a large garage currently situated to the side of your house or two at the end of your garden?

You might want this garage to be completely demolished and in this place to build a large garden office?

Then we can also incorporate into the garden building a space where it can be used as a storage area, for example to store those fold-up aluminium ladders.


Do your buildings come with a guarantee?

Yes, every single garden building that we construct comes with a guarantee.


Why not call us for a quote?

If you live in the South West, and you would like one of our estimators to come out and see you, we can offer you a quote to build a garden office/shed.

We also partner with local demolition companies, so that can demolish your existing garage for you, and taking away all of the waste away for recycling for you as well.

It’s worth mentioning again that sometimes we are able to reuse the concrete foundations that your garage has been built upon, and then sometimes we can build on top of that concrete base, a brand garden office for you. With prices starting as low as £18,000 why not give our business a call today?

How do you ensure that your garden buildings constructed within Bristol are energy efficient?


You might want a super energy-efficient garden building constructed and with energy prices the way they are currently, well, that just makes perfect sense to make sure the building is well built and kind to the environment.

We construct super energy-efficient garden buildings, that make very comfortable buildings to be inside whether it’s winter or summer.

We can even install top quality air conditioning, (we can place a Samsung unit on your garden room) as well as also electric heaters, which means that whatever the weather is like outside you can be warm or as cool as you like within your garden building.

Alternatively, you might be shopping around, looking for a garden room company that builds garden buildings in a way that has less impact on the environment. If so, we are most definitely the company to call, because we can build garden rooms which are very good at retaining the warm air during the winter.

Allow us to walk you through why so many people ask us to build their garden room in the wonderful city of Bristol.




Energy prices

First things first, as we all know, here in Great Britain, our energy prices have gone through the roof, so the thought of having a large building constructed at the end of your garden, that needs lighting and heating on top of the energy consumption in your house, well, it might have a lot of homeowners thinking, how much will this cost to run?

You might be thinking, how much extra is this going to add to our energy bill every single month?

Needless to say, owning a garden building will use more energy, but with that said, some garden buildings are more energy efficient than others. Some are as energy efficient as a garden shed, and hours are completely different, they are super energy-efficient.

Let us explain how we make our buildings more energy-efficient.


Top quality solar panels (why let that sunshine go to waste!)

Just think of the sun’s rays beaming down on the roof, on a rather warm July afternoon- well all of that glorious sunshine could be put to use powering your garden room or office. So why not let us jump on the roof, and add some solar panels for you?

This can help to offset your energy costs of running your garden building.


Also you can heat your water through sunlight as well

Between work tasks, you might like to give the dishes a quick rinse under some hot soapy water, or perhaps have a nice refreshing shower before getting back to your work.

Or for example you might be using the building as your own personal garden gym, and therefore you might need a good wash with some radox shower gel, because your all sweaty.

So why not have a shower within the garden room, because our plumbers can install a complete bathroom within the building for you?

And what can make that shower even more enjoyable, is the fact that you could heat the water to having panels on the roof which also heat the water for you! How energy efficient is that.


Super thick insulation

There’s insulation, and then there’s insulation, and what we mean by that statement?

Well, there’s some installation which is just like kitchen foil, it does help to keep some heat within the room, but it’s definitely not the best option that you could opt for- and its not really going to have much of an effect when jack-frost is busy freezing everything during our long, cold winters.

Then there’s super thick panel insulation, that’s super thick, that does an absolutely amazing job keeping and retaining the heat in.

We can therefore install panel insulation, which comes in various thicknesses, now, what did you have to think about is the thick of the insulation is this will eating to your internal space of the room as well, as all that insulation can gulp up a lot of the room, so do keep this in mind when designing the building.

So if you do have a huge garden, then it shouldn’t be a problem because you can just simply build a bigger garden room to help compensate for how much room that insulation will take up, however if you are looking for a more compact garden building, then you do to think about how the insulation will eat into the internal space that you have available.


FSC timber-

All of the timber that we purchase, is always FSC approved.

Even better, we can also buy reclaimed timber

What’s better than buying brand-new timber? Well we think that buying reclaimed timber, from a local reclamation yard is really good for the environment and also your wallet, as its often cheaper to buy.

For example reclaimed timber often comes from demolition sites, and all of that timber might have otherwise ended up as biomass, but instead it could be used to make structural timbers within your garden room, therefore helping to protect the environment, because you are not buying brand new timber.


Built strong

Built extra strong, it’s important that you have a garden building that able to withstand the huge variety of different types of weather that we have here in Great Britain. For example on a summers day it can be scorching hot.

Then on a cold winters day you might incur a gale, and such strong winds that the whole building is blasted with rain, sleet and hail!

So you do need a building that is able to withstand all of these elements, you need a building that extra strong, otherwise the buildings can end up being damaged in a short period of time, and in less than 10 years you might be calling around a skip hire company to throw the whole building into a skip. This is not good for the environment, so you want a building that built extra strong that will last the test of time.


Made to last

Therefore if you live in a wonderful city of Bristol, and you are looking for an established, well-known garden room company, that can build an energy efficient garden room for you, then why not get on the dog and bone give us a ring,  and we can offer you a free quote.



How do you ensure that your garden buildings are built in an environmentally friendly way?



During rush hour here in Great Britain, lets say from say at 5:30 to 7pm the roads within Bristol are often highly congested with countless trucks cars and vans.

Even though Bristol has implemented a clean zone throughout many of the roads within the city, there will still be many cars still in use on the road during peak times. So, getting back home, well sometimes can take a lot of time after work.

This means therefore that a lot of people are now purchasing garden buildings so that they work from home, in comfort, and don’t need to travel back and fore work everyday. A lot of employers therefore encourage home working on a full time or a part time basis.

Therefore, this means that ever since Covid especially, us garden room companies have seen a large increase in work, as more people want us to build them a garden office. Yet, its often not just the convenance of working from home, homeowners want, they also want a building, that’s built in an environmentally friendly way too.



Can you add a living roof / sedum roof to our garden building?

Yes indeed we have added many sedum roofs onto the garden buildings we have built.

We can therefore build a garden building which has what builders and architects describe as a “living roof” or a “sedum roof” which is built on top of the garden room. This will mean that the roof is completely covered with top soil, so you can grow many plants and also flowers on the roof of the building.

If you worried about how this will get watered during the summer, we can also install an irrigation system, that’s simply switched on, within the garden room, and then the plants and flowers on the roof can get watered.


A sedum roof is good for environment, they are also built on some modern houses

A sedum roof is great for the insects within your garden, that’s because on the roof of your garden office you could grow many wildflowers on the roof this will be fantastic for the bees.

When you look at most gardens within a lot of built up cities, just like Bristol, sometimes the gardens are now landscaped in such a way where there is a lot of concrete used within the garden, and artificial grass and wooden decking used.

This is not great for insects and wildlife, as this doesn’t not offer a natural habitat so, you might want to have a living roof built on your garden office to help compensate for a garden that might not otherwise have many flowers?


Can you install hemp and sheep’s wool insulation into the walls to better insulate the building?

Rather than having insulation used within your garden building that’s been manufactured, such as using “fibreglass” or alternatively panel insulation, we can instead supply natural insulation.

The two types of natural insulation we would recommend are sheep’s wool insulation or alternatively we can use hemp insulation as well.



Can you add solar panels on the roof?

A lot of people here within Britain, are now worried about how much their energy is costing them on a monthly basis.

A lot of homeowners have seen their monthly electric and gas bill substantially increase.

Therefore, they may be put off from purchasing a garden building, because they might be worried about how much extra it will cost to heat also to have indoor and outdoor lighting switched on a lot of time on their garden room.

To help offset the energy costs of owning your garden room, you could have high quality solar panels fitted onto the roof, which could help to offset some of that energy cost.

Our estimator, Kingsley, will need to visit your garden within Bristol, to see if where you plan on having a garden building built, would be a good location, to also have solar panels fitted to the roof. If there’s too much shade, say from your neighbours tree, then solar panels may well be ineffective, yet we can come out and meet you, free of charge, and offer a quote to build a garden office, and also for that building to have solar panels fitted to the roof.


How do you ensure that your garden buildings are made to last?

When you consider all of the timber, all of the glass and also all of the plastics are going to producing a garden room, then a lot of energy is often used to manufacturer these, and trees often need to be cut down to use as wood. If the whole building hasn’t been built to a very good standard, by another company, then after a short period of time, the building might need to be totally dismantled and placed in a skip!

This can sometimes happen when a cheap roof is installed, which causes water leaks, causing the structure and the roof to rot. Because the building is mostly made out of wood, this can happen sometimes very quickly, if a good quality rubber roof is not installed. There are other types of roof, yet we would recommend opting for a rubber roof, as these last a very long period of time.

So, if a building doesn’t last that long, then often a lot of the building materials may end up in land fill, which is not good for the environment. So what you want is a long lasting building, that’s exactly what our builders can build.


Do you offer a guarantee with all of your garden buildings that you built?

We offer a long guarantee on every building.

One of the ways that we ensure that our buildings are made to last, is we install a high quality, long-lasting rubber roofs on each building that we construct. Plus, we can also offer to install composite cladding, which doesn’t rot like timber can.


What foundations do you use when building your garden buildings?

The key to building a long lasting summerhouse, is to build a building which has really good quality foundations.
We would highly recommend using either quality “ground screws” or to have a concrete base installed.


Recycled plastics/cladding

We can supply cladding for your garden room, which has been partially manufactured using recycled plastics, this is brilliant for the environment.


This cladding is called composite cladding.


Would you like a free quotation?

We have full-time sales staff, Kingsley Hyden Jones who can travel anywhere within Bristol from Monday through to Saturday.


We can offer advice and also a free quotation.

If you would like a garden building constructed, then why not call us?


Do you build eco-pods-and how do these buildings have less impact on the environment



What exactly is an eco-pod?


Once all the building materials, to build a garden room, are laid out neatly within a garden, it instantly becomes apparent that a lot of timber, a lot of glass and also a lot of rubber is used to construct the roof.

All of these building materials have an impact on our environment, trees need to be cut down, rubber needs to be produced in a factory, and so does glass.

And as more and more of us are becoming much more mindful to protect the environment, this is meant that a lot of garden room companies have recognised that when people are enquiring about getting a garden building constructed, they want the whole construction, to be built in an environmentally friendly way.

Therefore, garden room companies, such as ours, have started to describe buildings which are more environmentally friendly, as eco-pods.

Within this article, we are going to explain how we can build an environmentally friendly garden building, which is also commonly called an eco-pod.


Built with sustainable materials

We think that one of the best ways to build an environmentally friendly garden room, is to purchase reclaimed timber from a reclamation yard. Often, and demolition companies will salvage timber for resale. This timber might have otherwise just been made into biomass, and burned to create energy.

However, this would could be reclaimed, and used to make the main structure of a garden building. Of course, we can also use brand-new timber, that is FSC approved.


Renewable energy

When you think of the sun beaming down on your garden for a lot of the day, well this could be considered to be energy which is at the moment going to waste.

So, on top of your garden building, we could fit a solar panel, or multiple solar panels, and these could be helping to obtain energy, which you could be using within your garden building, or you may wish to sell it back to the grid?


Fully insulated

So, some garden room companies, might just use fibreglass insulation. But if you want a more natural product, then why not have sheep’s wool insulation, perhaps you would like insulation that’s made from hemp?

Both are a 100% natural product, you might not of heard of hemp insulation, but it’s increasing in popularity because it’s very good at insulating buildings.


Living roof

Have you heard the expression, living roof?

Well, let us explain what that means.

A living roof is simply a very strong roof, that’s been reinforced, to withstand the weight of placing soil onto the roof. Then within the soil you can grow plants, flowers or just grass if you so wish.

The purpose of this is, it’s great for the environment, insects can live within the living room, also it can help your building to blend into its surroundings.


Energy-efficient windows and doors

We can install top quality Pilkington Glass, this can either be double glazing or we can also offer triple glazing as well.

If you want the garden building to be as energy efficient as possible, then we would recommend triple glazing, this can really help to retain the warmth within the building during the winter months.


Would you like an eco-pod built in Bristol?

We can build an eco-pod for you, you could have a living roof, or perhaps solar panels on the roof. We can also use cladding that sparsely made with recycled plastics. We can even purchase structural timber from a local reclamation yard within Bristol.

So therefore, if you are looking for a company that can build a garden room, that’s environmentally friendly, then we can build an eco-pod for you.

We also offer free quotations, right throughout the whole of the city, so whether you live high up within Clifton, or perhaps you live near the airport, we can offer you a free quotation six days a week.

Therefore, if you would like a free quote then why call us?