Do you build eco-pods-and how do these buildings have less impact on the environment



What exactly is an eco-pod?


Once all the building materials, to build a garden room, are laid out neatly within a garden, it instantly becomes apparent that a lot of timber, a lot of glass and also a lot of rubber is used to construct the roof.

All of these building materials have an impact on our environment, trees need to be cut down, rubber needs to be produced in a factory, and so does glass.

And as more and more of us are becoming much more mindful to protect the environment, this is meant that a lot of garden room companies have recognised that when people are enquiring about getting a garden building constructed, they want the whole construction, to be built in an environmentally friendly way.

Therefore, garden room companies, such as ours, have started to describe buildings which are more environmentally friendly, as eco-pods.

Within this article, we are going to explain how we can build an environmentally friendly garden building, which is also commonly called an eco-pod.


Built with sustainable materials

We think that one of the best ways to build an environmentally friendly garden room, is to purchase reclaimed timber from a reclamation yard. Often, and demolition companies will salvage timber for resale. This timber might have otherwise just been made into biomass, and burned to create energy.

However, this would could be reclaimed, and used to make the main structure of a garden building. Of course, we can also use brand-new timber, that is FSC approved.


Renewable energy

When you think of the sun beaming down on your garden for a lot of the day, well this could be considered to be energy which is at the moment going to waste.

So, on top of your garden building, we could fit a solar panel, or multiple solar panels, and these could be helping to obtain energy, which you could be using within your garden building, or you may wish to sell it back to the grid?


Fully insulated

So, some garden room companies, might just use fibreglass insulation. But if you want a more natural product, then why not have sheep’s wool insulation, perhaps you would like insulation that’s made from hemp?

Both are a 100% natural product, you might not of heard of hemp insulation, but it’s increasing in popularity because it’s very good at insulating buildings.


Living roof

Have you heard the expression, living roof?

Well, let us explain what that means.

A living roof is simply a very strong roof, that’s been reinforced, to withstand the weight of placing soil onto the roof. Then within the soil you can grow plants, flowers or just grass if you so wish.

The purpose of this is, it’s great for the environment, insects can live within the living room, also it can help your building to blend into its surroundings.


Energy-efficient windows and doors

We can install top quality Pilkington Glass, this can either be double glazing or we can also offer triple glazing as well.

If you want the garden building to be as energy efficient as possible, then we would recommend triple glazing, this can really help to retain the warmth within the building during the winter months.


Would you like an eco-pod built in Bristol?

We can build an eco-pod for you, you could have a living roof, or perhaps solar panels on the roof. We can also use cladding that sparsely made with recycled plastics. We can even purchase structural timber from a local reclamation yard within Bristol.

So therefore, if you are looking for a company that can build a garden room, that’s environmentally friendly, then we can build an eco-pod for you.

We also offer free quotations, right throughout the whole of the city, so whether you live high up within Clifton, or perhaps you live near the airport, we can offer you a free quotation six days a week.

Therefore, if you would like a free quote then why call us?





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