How do you ensure that your garden buildings are built in an environmentally friendly way?



During rush hour here in Great Britain, lets say from say at 5:30 to 7pm the roads within Bristol are often highly congested with countless trucks cars and vans.

Even though Bristol has implemented a clean zone throughout many of the roads within the city, there will still be many cars still in use on the road during peak times. So, getting back home, well sometimes can take a lot of time after work.

This means therefore that a lot of people are now purchasing garden buildings so that they work from home, in comfort, and don’t need to travel back and fore work everyday. A lot of employers therefore encourage home working on a full time or a part time basis.

Therefore, this means that ever since Covid especially, us garden room companies have seen a large increase in work, as more people want us to build them a garden office. Yet, its often not just the convenance of working from home, homeowners want, they also want a building, that’s built in an environmentally friendly way too.



Can you add a living roof / sedum roof to our garden building?

Yes indeed we have added many sedum roofs onto the garden buildings we have built.

We can therefore build a garden building which has what builders and architects describe as a “living roof” or a “sedum roof” which is built on top of the garden room. This will mean that the roof is completely covered with top soil, so you can grow many plants and also flowers on the roof of the building.

If you worried about how this will get watered during the summer, we can also install an irrigation system, that’s simply switched on, within the garden room, and then the plants and flowers on the roof can get watered.


A sedum roof is good for environment, they are also built on some modern houses

A sedum roof is great for the insects within your garden, that’s because on the roof of your garden office you could grow many wildflowers on the roof this will be fantastic for the bees.

When you look at most gardens within a lot of built up cities, just like Bristol, sometimes the gardens are now landscaped in such a way where there is a lot of concrete used within the garden, and artificial grass and wooden decking used.

This is not great for insects and wildlife, as this doesn’t not offer a natural habitat so, you might want to have a living roof built on your garden office to help compensate for a garden that might not otherwise have many flowers?


Can you install hemp and sheep’s wool insulation into the walls to better insulate the building?

Rather than having insulation used within your garden building that’s been manufactured, such as using “fibreglass” or alternatively panel insulation, we can instead supply natural insulation.

The two types of natural insulation we would recommend are sheep’s wool insulation or alternatively we can use hemp insulation as well.



Can you add solar panels on the roof?

A lot of people here within Britain, are now worried about how much their energy is costing them on a monthly basis.

A lot of homeowners have seen their monthly electric and gas bill substantially increase.

Therefore, they may be put off from purchasing a garden building, because they might be worried about how much extra it will cost to heat also to have indoor and outdoor lighting switched on a lot of time on their garden room.

To help offset the energy costs of owning your garden room, you could have high quality solar panels fitted onto the roof, which could help to offset some of that energy cost.

Our estimator, Kingsley, will need to visit your garden within Bristol, to see if where you plan on having a garden building built, would be a good location, to also have solar panels fitted to the roof. If there’s too much shade, say from your neighbours tree, then solar panels may well be ineffective, yet we can come out and meet you, free of charge, and offer a quote to build a garden office, and also for that building to have solar panels fitted to the roof.


How do you ensure that your garden buildings are made to last?

When you consider all of the timber, all of the glass and also all of the plastics are going to producing a garden room, then a lot of energy is often used to manufacturer these, and trees often need to be cut down to use as wood. If the whole building hasn’t been built to a very good standard, by another company, then after a short period of time, the building might need to be totally dismantled and placed in a skip!

This can sometimes happen when a cheap roof is installed, which causes water leaks, causing the structure and the roof to rot. Because the building is mostly made out of wood, this can happen sometimes very quickly, if a good quality rubber roof is not installed. There are other types of roof, yet we would recommend opting for a rubber roof, as these last a very long period of time.

So, if a building doesn’t last that long, then often a lot of the building materials may end up in land fill, which is not good for the environment. So what you want is a long lasting building, that’s exactly what our builders can build.


Do you offer a guarantee with all of your garden buildings that you built?

We offer a long guarantee on every building.

One of the ways that we ensure that our buildings are made to last, is we install a high quality, long-lasting rubber roofs on each building that we construct. Plus, we can also offer to install composite cladding, which doesn’t rot like timber can.


What foundations do you use when building your garden buildings?

The key to building a long lasting summerhouse, is to build a building which has really good quality foundations.
We would highly recommend using either quality “ground screws” or to have a concrete base installed.


Recycled plastics/cladding

We can supply cladding for your garden room, which has been partially manufactured using recycled plastics, this is brilliant for the environment.


This cladding is called composite cladding.


Would you like a free quotation?

We have full-time sales staff, Kingsley Hyden Jones who can travel anywhere within Bristol from Monday through to Saturday.


We can offer advice and also a free quotation.

If you would like a garden building constructed, then why not call us?


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