How do you ensure that your garden buildings constructed within Bristol are energy efficient?


You might want a super energy-efficient garden building constructed and with energy prices the way they are currently, well, that just makes perfect sense to make sure the building is well built and kind to the environment.

We construct super energy-efficient garden buildings, that make very comfortable buildings to be inside whether it’s winter or summer.

We can even install top quality air conditioning, (we can place a Samsung unit on your garden room) as well as also electric heaters, which means that whatever the weather is like outside you can be warm or as cool as you like within your garden building.

Alternatively, you might be shopping around, looking for a garden room company that builds garden buildings in a way that has less impact on the environment. If so, we are most definitely the company to call, because we can build garden rooms which are very good at retaining the warm air during the winter.

Allow us to walk you through why so many people ask us to build their garden room in the wonderful city of Bristol.




Energy prices

First things first, as we all know, here in Great Britain, our energy prices have gone through the roof, so the thought of having a large building constructed at the end of your garden, that needs lighting and heating on top of the energy consumption in your house, well, it might have a lot of homeowners thinking, how much will this cost to run?

You might be thinking, how much extra is this going to add to our energy bill every single month?

Needless to say, owning a garden building will use more energy, but with that said, some garden buildings are more energy efficient than others. Some are as energy efficient as a garden shed, and hours are completely different, they are super energy-efficient.

Let us explain how we make our buildings more energy-efficient.


Top quality solar panels (why let that sunshine go to waste!)

Just think of the sun’s rays beaming down on the roof, on a rather warm July afternoon- well all of that glorious sunshine could be put to use powering your garden room or office. So why not let us jump on the roof, and add some solar panels for you?

This can help to offset your energy costs of running your garden building.


Also you can heat your water through sunlight as well

Between work tasks, you might like to give the dishes a quick rinse under some hot soapy water, or perhaps have a nice refreshing shower before getting back to your work.

Or for example you might be using the building as your own personal garden gym, and therefore you might need a good wash with some radox shower gel, because your all sweaty.

So why not have a shower within the garden room, because our plumbers can install a complete bathroom within the building for you?

And what can make that shower even more enjoyable, is the fact that you could heat the water to having panels on the roof which also heat the water for you! How energy efficient is that.


Super thick insulation

There’s insulation, and then there’s insulation, and what we mean by that statement?

Well, there’s some installation which is just like kitchen foil, it does help to keep some heat within the room, but it’s definitely not the best option that you could opt for- and its not really going to have much of an effect when jack-frost is busy freezing everything during our long, cold winters.

Then there’s super thick panel insulation, that’s super thick, that does an absolutely amazing job keeping and retaining the heat in.

We can therefore install panel insulation, which comes in various thicknesses, now, what did you have to think about is the thick of the insulation is this will eating to your internal space of the room as well, as all that insulation can gulp up a lot of the room, so do keep this in mind when designing the building.

So if you do have a huge garden, then it shouldn’t be a problem because you can just simply build a bigger garden room to help compensate for how much room that insulation will take up, however if you are looking for a more compact garden building, then you do to think about how the insulation will eat into the internal space that you have available.


FSC timber-

All of the timber that we purchase, is always FSC approved.

Even better, we can also buy reclaimed timber

What’s better than buying brand-new timber? Well we think that buying reclaimed timber, from a local reclamation yard is really good for the environment and also your wallet, as its often cheaper to buy.

For example reclaimed timber often comes from demolition sites, and all of that timber might have otherwise ended up as biomass, but instead it could be used to make structural timbers within your garden room, therefore helping to protect the environment, because you are not buying brand new timber.


Built strong

Built extra strong, it’s important that you have a garden building that able to withstand the huge variety of different types of weather that we have here in Great Britain. For example on a summers day it can be scorching hot.

Then on a cold winters day you might incur a gale, and such strong winds that the whole building is blasted with rain, sleet and hail!

So you do need a building that is able to withstand all of these elements, you need a building that extra strong, otherwise the buildings can end up being damaged in a short period of time, and in less than 10 years you might be calling around a skip hire company to throw the whole building into a skip. This is not good for the environment, so you want a building that built extra strong that will last the test of time.


Made to last

Therefore if you live in a wonderful city of Bristol, and you are looking for an established, well-known garden room company, that can build an energy efficient garden room for you, then why not get on the dog and bone give us a ring,  and we can offer you a free quote.



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