What are the benefits of owning a garden office / shed?


16th of October 2023


There will be a lot of homeowners that have small gardens, and at the end of the garden might have a garage which takes up a lot of room within the garden.

And the homeowners might think well, we simply don’t have any spare room to place a garden office within our garden.

However, what a lot of people are now asking garden room companies like ours to do, is to have a garden office built, and then dedicate say 25% of the floor space, to be used as a garage.

We can therefore build a separate door to the side storage area, and is often this is used as a space to store items such as the lawnmower.

So, if you want to work from home, yet you’re thinking we haven’t got any space to build a garden office. And that might be because, you have a garage situated within your garden, taking up a lot of space, so why not letters demolish that garage and build a brand-new garden office in its place.


Will we require planning permission for our garden office / shed?

We would need to come out and meet you to discuss the garden building you would like built, to see if planning permission is needed or not.

The vast majority of the buildings that we build, within Bristol do not need planning permission because they come under what is called permitted development.


Our garden buildings cost less than you might think

You might have been following our company on Facebook? And when you see some of the garden buildings that we have constructed, you might think cost a huge amount of money to build, right?

However, we can build a garden office, with prices starting from as low as £18,000!

This therefore offers fantastic value for money to our customers, plus also we now have a huge team of staff, of electricians, plasterers and carpenters, so can build the building often in a short space of time.


Demolishing your old garage

We can demolish your garage, or your shed, and then we can inspect what is called the slab, that is the foundations of the whole building.

Sometimes we are able to reuse the concrete slab, and were able to build a garden building on top of it, this can help to save and money for the customer.


Do you build large garden offices / sheds?

Yes, you might have a large garage currently situated to the side of your house or two at the end of your garden?

You might want this garage to be completely demolished and in this place to build a large garden office?

Then we can also incorporate into the garden building a space where it can be used as a storage area, for example to store those fold-up aluminium ladders.


Do your buildings come with a guarantee?

Yes, every single garden building that we construct comes with a guarantee.


Why not call us for a quote?

If you live in the South West, and you would like one of our estimators to come out and see you, we can offer you a quote to build a garden office/shed.

We also partner with local demolition companies, so that can demolish your existing garage for you, and taking away all of the waste away for recycling for you as well.

It’s worth mentioning again that sometimes we are able to reuse the concrete foundations that your garage has been built upon, and then sometimes we can build on top of that concrete base, a brand garden office for you. With prices starting as low as £18,000 why not give our business a call today?

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