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Inflation and wood prices


The vast majority of the great British public, are currently feeling the pinch, that’s because inflation is causing everything from a loaf of bread to a piece of wood to raise in price!

So, after discussion and long deliberation, you might be putting off getting your garden office built until possibly next year?
This might simply be because you think that such a building is rather unaffordable at the moment, that such a building could easily cost a fortune?

However, there is a garden room company that’s situated in Bristol, that’s still flat-out building garden buildings right throughout the entire region- that company is Kingsley Garden Rooms Limited.



We have built many gardens offices

Our company has built many garden offices, some called “garden office pods”– therefore we know how to build a high-quality room, that’s made to last. We have local suppliers, who supply us with double glazed aluminium or alternatively UPVC doors and windows. Our buildings are well built.

So not only are our buildings offered at an affordable price for a lot of homeowners, they are also very high quality.



Affordably priced garden buildings that are made to last

The reason why our carpenters are so busy building our buildings is simply because they are so affordable- we offer a starting price that’s lower than a lot of other companies. When we tell our customers that we can offer starting price for a well-built, insulated garden room starts from just £18,000, often they are very happy with that quote, because that comes right within the budget.

So, if you’re feeling the pinch of inflation, and the rise in living costs, why not have a good read through this article, where we will discuss how we can build an affordable garden building for you.



Don’t delay getting a garden room built

So, say for example you’re currently working from your kitchen table, because all of those distractions of other family members walking in and out of the living room, well that might be too distracting, and you might have an important Excel spreadsheet that your boss is waiting to receive.

Alternatively, it could be the TV is being played too loudly and you simply not been able to concentrate on your work, so, is it really worth delaying getting that garden office built.

As a garden office could offer a quiet place where you can get your work done in peace and quiet. So, if your fed up the tele being playing too loud, people chatting to you, when you want to get work done, well, now is the time to get a garden office built.



Garden offices with starting price of just 18k

With a starting price of just £18,000 we can build for you a comfortable garden office, fully insulated, nice flooring, fully plastered good-quality windows and doors, therefore offering unbelievable value for money.

Here are some other ways that we can help cut costs


Would you like ground screws used as the foundations?

Laying a thick concrete slab can be rather expensive, because concrete is not cheap, that’s for sure. Yet we can build extra strong foundations for you, using what are called “ground screws”- helping to reduce the overall cost of constructing the building.

Now a lot of homeowners might not have heard of “ground screws” before, so why not let us explain exactly what they are, basically there are a giant screw, that is screwed into the ground use a very powerful drill.
Once placed into the soil, they provide an extremely strong foundation to build the garden office or the garden building on top the ground screws.

So not only are you receiving an extra strong foundation, you are also saving a lot of money by not having to have a concrete base built.




Running costs- make sure the building is well insulated

So if you do end up hiring a garden room company which doesn’t properly insulate the building- let’s say they don’t insulate the ceiling, well is can be really freezing in the building come the winter.

In matter of fact, come December you’re going to need a woolly hat, thick ski jacket, thick trousers and boots to even venture into the building- even then you might be too cold to get any work done.

So, what you need instead is a well-insulated garden room, that with the simple flick of a switch of an electric heater, the room starts to warm up nicely and quickly, and because we have crammed the room with insulation, it will retain the heat for longer.

Don’t delay getting a garden room built- we can offer you a great price

Right throughout the year we are busy building garden rooms, come summer through to winter, the reason for that is we offer some of the most affordable prices on garden buildings in Bristol.

Where some companies might have a starting price of about £25,000 + our buildings are much more affordable.
If you like a free quote one of, give us a ring?

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