How do you ensure that you garden rooms are super comfortable during the winter?



We build super warm garden rooms



A large proportion of the year, here in the Great British Isles it can be a rather cold place to be.

So, you need a warm and cosy garden building built, so it is nice and comfortable so that you can use it even in the coldest of winter days. After all, if your using your garden building as an office, well, you don’t be shivering when your trying to do your work!

And sure, when you pop along to some garden room showrooms during the summer time, when the weather is nice, well they might all look brilliant summerhouses, offered at fantastic prices.

Yet come the winter, and you have one of these super cheap summerhouse built, you might discover that the company which has built it has scrimped and saved on the insulation.

Which basically means that the owner of the garden room will be very cold, because of the lack of insulation. And you might have a shock, when the energy bill arrives, because it might cost so much in electric to heat an insulated garden room.
However we build totally different garden rooms in Bristol, they are well insulated

So, you might be thinking, well how do we make our garden rooms that more warm and cosy, how do we make them more thermally efficient?

Well, that’s a rather brilliant question, because what we buy from the builders merchants, is the same type of insulation that most builders use when building an extension onto a home.

We use what is called Kingspan “panel insulation”, and when you see this you probably recognise seeing this type of insulation before, as it is built used when constructing most homes.
It’s a bit like a giant sandwich, in that it has a reflective outer coating made of foil, and then a thick layer of insulating foam inside it.


So here’s how we go the extra mile to make our garden rooms very well insulated

Insulation is key, so we place this in the ceilings behind the plasterboard, in under the flooring and also in the sidewalls as well.

Double glazing is good, but you might want to pay a bit more for triple glazing, as this can really help to keep the heat within the room for that bit longer.

Then you have to think about where you want your garden room positioned, just like a greenhouse warms up during the day, because of the sunlight, so will your garden room. So why not position your garden room to its south facing, and the bifold doors can help to warm up the garden room during the day when the sun is out.

It’s really crucial that you have windows and doors that are made by a quality manufacturer, the last thing you want is gaps large enough that you could put a piece of paper or something thicker through like cardboard through gaps, because they have been poorly made, because this was simply cause large drafts of cold wind, and the building wont be energy-efficient at all

Can you install electric heaters for us?

Yes, we most certainly can, our electricians can hang electric heaters on the wall for you. And when you combine this with good quality insulation that we’ve placed within the building, you will see that the room will warm up in a very short space of time.



Think about the running costs of your building as well

So as we all know, as we open up that envelope from our energy suppliers, a lot of us will have seen that the cost of energy has increased by a lot.

Therefore, our insulated garden rooms might cost quite a bit more to build, when compared to some other suppliers of garden rooms. But our quote is often higher because we might have used more insulation, more plasterboard, and they take much longer to build. You really have to think about how much energy costs today, and how you can better keep that heat within the room for a bit longer, helping to reduce your energy consumption, but also helping the environment at the same time.

Our customers often comment that they are so incredibly impressed, by how fast our garden offices heat up during the winter, and how they keep the heat retained for a long period of time than what they might have expected, before the garden office was built.
Again this is down to the amount of insulation that we put into our garden offices.


Here at Kingsley we use either “Quinn insulation” or “Kingspan insulation” which is another top quality brand of insulation.


Why not have your garden room so so it’s South facing?


If you have a large garden, you might have the choice of where you want to position your garden room, and you might want the building to be south facing so that the sunlight is beaming down on the bi-folding doors. This can help to heat up the garden room.

So, if you want to be as warm as a bug, who’s sat on a rug, then contact us to build your garden room.

We are fast becoming one of the most popular garden room companies across the great city of Bristol.

Our company has grown from recommendations, whereby our previous customers have recommended us to their friends and family.

Therefore, if you want a truly high-quality garden building built, one you will be very happy with for a long period of time, and you want it built in the glorious city of Bristol, then why not give us a ring?

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