Would you like to have a garden room built before Christmas?



That special and magical time of the year is just around the corner, yet do you know what we think would make Christmas 2023 that even more special?

That’s right, a well-built garden room. Our garden rooms can offer a place where you can socialise and enjoy some festive drinks with your friends and family. Plus, a place where the family can watch Christmas films on large projector, enjoy a gin and tonic, or simply just a space to play darts and chat to your friends.

Within this article, we are going to explain how a garden room could enhance your Christmas.


You could use the building as guest accommodation



Your friends or your family over Christmas might have to otherwise stay in a local hotel after they have visited you. Yet when you get a large garden building constructed by us, complete with an ensuite bathroom, it could be used as guest accommodation.

The building could have a large bathroom, complete with a nice walk-in shower. Also you could have a large living room, and also a large bedroom as well.

Your guests might wake up, and actually think that they’re staying in a luxurious hotel, when in a matter of fact they’re actually staying at the end of your garden, within your garden building.


Do you build garden bars?

Christmas time, is a time to have friends and family over for a party. So, what better place, to enjoy a few drinks, than in a garden bar?

We have built many garden bars; we can even build the bar for you?

Prices for us to build a garden bar, start from just 18k.


Retro arcade games, snooker tables, dart boards

A garden building can be a place to enjoy spending time with your friends, so why not have a full-size snooker table fitted?

Or perhaps a juke-box, so you could play your favourite music?



So, although you might want a garden building, so you can host parties during the festive period, you will want the building to last a long period of time, and this is why so many residents of Bristol call us, when they need a log cabin built, because, our buildings are simply made to last. Using top quality timber, and highly experienced staff, we are able to build long lasting, durable log cabins, plus, we also offer long guarantee periods as well.


Super warm

So, our winters here in Britain, well, they can get mighty cold. So, to help keep you nice and warm in your garden room, we could install underfloor heating, this can really help to keep the room warm, plus your feet! Then, you combine this with Kingspan wall insulation, or another brand of panel insulation, this can help to keep the room super warm during the winter.

Are you able to build a garden building before Christmas 2023?

Christmas is fast approaching, so what we would recommend is that you call us, and we will be able to tell you about our availability slots, when we can build your garden room. We can also discuss the garden room that you would like constructed, for example, which doors, windows, if you want a bathroom as well.

Sometimes we are actually able to build a garden building in under two weeks, so as long as we have availability, we can build your garden room very quickly.


Garden rooms at Christmas

You might want to have a garden building constructed so it becomes your place to unwind and to enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Why not install some arcade game machines, a projector to watch films on, perhaps even a bar area which you can walk behind the bar and make yourself some refreshing cocktails.


Comfortable guest accommodation

Over the festive period, during December you might have a lot of friends coming around for drinks, so rather than your guests having to wait and pay for an expensive taxi ride home at the end of the night, you could simply say why not stay in our garden room for the night?

Then your guests could spend more time with you enjoying an alcoholic beverage with you, rather than going home earlier, and instead of having to wait for a taxi at the end of the night, they can just simply walk to the garden room when they want and have a sleep.


Can be used all year round- we build luxury, top quality garden rooms

What’s important to know is that some garden rooms can’t be used during the winter time, the simply don’t have enough insulation to keep the buildings warm during the winter. So anybody staying within an uninsulated garden building is likely to experience an extremely cold evening during the winter, and need a thick winter jacket on, just to spend time in the building during the winter.

However, our buildings are different they have very thick insulation within the walls, behind the plasterboard, so that you can sleep in a nice warm and cosy building built by us. And if the temperature does drops too low and simply flick on the electric heaters to raise the temperature in a matter of minutes.


We can build a cinema room for you

A lot of people over Christmas like to watch classic television shows, such as Only Fools and Horses, or perhaps they like to watch a Christmas film.

Therefore, the building could be used as a cinema room, where you could enjoy watching films with your family and friends.
Why not go the extra mile and actually get a popcorn machine, just like you have in the cinemas as well?

Don’t pay over the odds

In the South-West of England there are some companies which charge a lot to build a garden room- however our prices are very affordable.

One of our very friendly sales team can come out and quickly to offer you a quote in person, and’s if you book with us early enough, we might even be able to build your garden room before this Christmas.

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