We also build bespoke corner garden rooms



For a lot of us homeowners, we don’t have ample amounts of free space within our gardens. In matter of fact, within some gardens, well you might not have enough room to swing a cat!

Yet, this doesn’t automatically mean you need to write off the idea of obtaining that garden office you have always wanted.
Because, when you hire our company, every building we build is bespoke, meaning, often we are able to clear a space within your garden and build that garden office you need.


We can often build a corner garden room in less than 3 weeks

Due our large team of highly skilled staff, most of our garden rooms are built from start to finish in less than 3 weeks.
Plus, even though our buildings are built at a super-sonic pace, every building comes with a long guarantee period.


We can install the electrics for you

We know that most of our customers just want a garden room that they just simply add their furniture in the room and its ready for use. You don’t therefore want to have to wait for say an electrician to arrive, say weeks after the garden building has been built, to install the wiring and fuse box.
This is another reason why Kingsley build is often asked to build so many garden offices, because we have electricians which can install the electrical wiring, fuse box and lightening for you. This will be included in the quote, so you don’t have to hire your own electrician separately.

You can choose from square, corner, L-shaped garden room, we can build any shape garden building


What are the benefits of opting for a corner garden room?

Often, a home owner will have a path way leading to a rear entrance point, building a large rectangular building might be infeasible, as it may block the entrance point into the garden.
Plus, another reason is, sometimes a homeowner doesn’t want a garden room to “over power” the look of their garden, they don’t want the building to be the focal point, instead perhaps wanting the building to be discretely positioned under a tree, or in a corner of a garden, where it doesn’t obscure views over the garden.


Clever design

So, sometimes, a homeowner will buy what’s described as flat pack garden room, sometimes this is assembled by the homeowner, as a DIY task, or sometimes, the company that’s supplying the building then offers an additional fee to assemble the building.

However, there’s sometimes a problem, that is these buildings are not bespoke, so the customer is simply asked to select from a range of sizes.

This can sometimes cause wasted space, space either side and at the rear of the building, which is just used for nothing more growing weeds!

So, what’s great about hiring our team of garden room designers is, we can use 3D design, to carefully design the whole building, so we make the best use out of the space you have.

So, for example, carefully planning the layout, to best fit the contours of a garden wall, or a path way. The building therefore can be built so it fits perfectly within your garden.


Removing old garages or sheds

Sometimes, there might be a structure, such as a wooden shed which might not be used that often, yet that old dilapidated shed might be taking up valuable room within your garden that could be put to much better use. For example, an old shed could removed; in its place a L-shaped garden office could be built.

We have a large of staff, so for additional cost, we could demolish an old wooden shed, and place it into a skip for you.


3D Design

We can create at a low cost, a set of 3D designs, which show how your corner garden room could look in your garden.
We can offer the designs, to show you what the different cladding options could look like.


We have already built many corner garden room

In Bristol, near the city centre, many home will have small gardens, therefore the homeowner may want a corner garden room built.

We have already built many corner garden rooms, some of these buildings have been clad with Canadian red cedar cladding, some have pine cladding, also known as thermowood, other garden rooms have been made using composite cladding.

If you would like a quote from us, for us to build a corner garden room, then why not call our super friendly sales team today.


We build high-quality corner garden rooms

Do you require a corner garden room to be built? We can build a corner garden building, with prices starting from just £18,000.

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