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Date: 30/10/2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Garden pods built by our company offer a really good place where you can work, so you can reply to all of those work e-mails or simply to use the room as a place to unwind and read the daily newspapers.


Our garden buildings are simply brilliant, because they me built a location within your garden that might now have been used that much at all since you bought your house?



For example, the garden pod could be build in a location within your garden where currently be a rusty old compost bin rotting away, or a greenhouse that’s in a state of disrepair and has most of the glass panels have broken or fallen out.

You could therefore be making much better use of that space in your garden, by letting us throw such items in a skip and in its place we built a brilliant garden pod, which you might want to use every day?


Built super fast




Sometimes, our high skilled team can build a garden pod in less that 3 weeks, including a concrete base being installed.


Modern garden pods


A garden pod, is simply another name for a “garden room” or a “garden building”.

We can offer to build up bespoke garden building for you in a short period of time, meaning that you can build the building to the exact dimensions that you would like, say 5 x 3 metres, and any shape you would like, so it fits in within the space you wanted perfectly.

Plus you havent got to just have a standard rectangular shape garden building.

We build circular, a square, triangular garden rooms.



Do you require a garden pod built in the U.K?

What’s great about picking our company, and one of the reasons why so many people in South West have already hired us to build their garden pods, is because our company can offer you a bespoke building, built really fast, plus every single summerhouse we build comes with a long guarantee as well, so why not book a time, where one of our sales team, can pop around, and over a cup of tea, we can discuss prices, options, and we can make some recommendations if you would like us to.


So many options to choose from



This means that we can use different exterior cladding, you can pick from powder coated steel, composite or wood cladding options. We can offer different bathroom suites, different kitchen units and different roof options as well. So the entire building, from the ground up is built the way you like.



Our team of master craftsman can therefore build a garden pod that is built exactly the way you want it to be constructed.

So the sky is the limit, so why not have a sedum room so you can grow nice flowers on the room, decking and a complete kitchen installed? So its a piece of cake to make a herbal tea whenever you want.


Guaranteed to last

All of our building will also come with a very long guarantee as well.


Winter through to summer- you can use the garden pod at any time of the year

Our garden buildings can be used all year round, so whether it’s a scorching hot summer’s day, or freezing cold winter morning with icicles hanging from the roof outside, you can use your garden pod to do everything from doing your daily yoga excercises or completing work.


Fully insulated



It’s important that when you purchase a garden pod, it can be used right throughout the different seasons from cold winters morning a boiling hot summers evening.

We can also build the building, depending on how much maintenance you would like to do on the building over its lifespan.
For example, certain hardwood cladding options, will require some maintenance, yet composite / powder coated cladding will require practically no maintenance at all, so you do need to consider how much maintenance on the building you want to do?

If you are looking for low maintenance building, we would recommend Millboard cladding, and composite decking and steps are used.

Fully insulated for your total comfort (Hemp insulation, Rockwool or Panel insulation can be used)

We will also fully insulate the building (hemp insulation, we can use RockWool insulation, or Sheep’s wool insulation are the options we offer)
We can have a chat with you about all of the different types of cladding available, these range from sheep’s wool which will be 100% natural, through to using hemp insulation, through to using fibreglass.

It’s important that your building is well insulated, (roof, floor and side walls) as well built so there’s no drafts coming through the walls, that it’s built solid and robust, and that it can be heated easily, so that you can use it during our long winter months.



3D designs available



When we are building a garden pod for you, the design it’s 100% customisable so you can say to us exactly how you want the garden room to be built. For example, there’s a huge range of different kitchen options, we can supply many different types of kitchen.

Or perhaps you have already bought a quality kitchen from say Wren kitchens, or Howdens kitchens, and you would like us to just install it?



We can install this complete bathroom suite for you as well, as we have some very high experienced plumbers working for our company in Bristol and Bath. We can install complete bathroom suite for you, this can include a wet room and a powerful electric shower, you may want a quality Mira shower installed?


Compact toilet and wash hand basin


Alternatively you might just want us to install a compact toilet and wash hand basin within a side room?

We can offer you different lighting options as well, and in terms of whether you want LEDs within the ceiling, so they are fitted flush with the plasterboard ceiling, and with your led lights installed outside as well?


Would you like air conditioning installed?


We can also offer you many different brands of air conditioning systems to select from, so we would recommend opting for a Samsung or Hitachi air conditioning, these are really good quality.



Perhaps you would like decking outside? Perhaps grey composite decking made by MillBoard decking?

So when you have finished writing your work e-mails and your eyes are tired from focusing on your laptop for so long, you want a bit of sunlight, so you can step outside enjoy a nice refreshing cold lemonade was sitting on your composite decking outside your garden room?


What about storage space?


A lot of people here in Britain might have relatively small gardens, especially you live in a brand house, that’s just been built in Bristol, because often brand-new houses, these don’t come with large gardens normally.

So, they might be thinking well if we have a garden room built, as a place of work, where will the garage or the garden shed go?

You might not therefore have space to put a shed, or a garage and also have a garden room,

Yet because the buildings we build are 100% bespoke, meaning there built to the design that you would like, we can allocate a proportion of the building for storage, perhaps you would like 25% of the structure to be use the storage? To put your mountain bike in the side room, therefore getting rid of the need for a garage?


Will we need to obtain planning permission for our garden room?

One of our very friendly sales team, that either Josh, Kingsley or Seb, can come out and visit you in your garden and offer you advice as to whether we believe planning permission is needed.

Quite often, on the vast majority of the garden buildings, that we build every single month, that’s from Clifton right through to Aztec West in Bristol, the vast majority of garden buildings can be built “under permitted development” from Bristol County Council. That is to say most we would say over 75% of the buildings that our companies construct will not need planning permission. However, its very important to check, if planning permission is needed, before any construction work is carried out.


Do check whether planning permission is needed also with Bristol County Council

So, therefore its crucial that you check with us your local council whether planning permission is needed, because sometimes planning permission may need to be granted from Bristol County Council before construction work can start.


How much does a garden pod cost?



How much a garden room costs does depends on the design of the building and the size of the structure that’s being built.
For example, which exterior cladding option you choose?


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