How can we design a garden room so that it is built in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way?


Date: 22/11/2023




Its crucial that we all play our role in protecting the planet, so when a garden building is being built its important to consider the following:

Which building materials can we use, that are more environmentally friendly?
Which building materials will last the longest, ensuring durability
Which building materials need less maintenance, so less chemicals can be used to coat say the exterior wood?


Sustainable architecture

A garden room in our view, shouldn’t be something that’s purchased cheaply and then starts to fall apart in a relatively short space of time.

Its often a building that the owner will spend considerable time within the building, either working, or perhaps spending a lot of say their retirement enjoying a hobby, such as listening to music and taking in the view that surrounds the owner’s property.

Therefore, the building needs to be cleverly designed.

-It needs to incorporate building materials which have less impact on the environment during their manufacturing process
– Needs to insulate the building to make the building more energy efficient

Built to be as energy efficient as possible



Let’s say your home in Bristol is surrounded by countryside, rolling hills, large fields, and some woodland.
Your garden building is going to be a freestanding structure, every side exposed to the wind, rain and hail.
It needs to not just be able to keep the water out, but be very energy efficient, as otherwise, it will cost a huge amount to keep the electric heaters on constantly.

Recycled materials / reclaimed building materials

Steel sheets



Steel is often made from recycled steel, and it can be used to clad the sides of the garden room that might not get seen that often.

For example, the back, and the two sides can be clad with steel sheets, not only does this lessen the amount of wood that is needed to build the building, but also, metal sheets last a long time, need practically no maintenance.




Secondly, we would recommend wherever possible to use composite cladding, decking and facia boards.
We would encourage you to use composite that’s made using recycled plastics.


Reclaimed timber

Dotted all across Bristol are reclamation yards, and most people think, that within these yards, there’s just Victorian chimney pots, flag stones, and old post boxes.

Yet a lot of these yards do sell, reclaimed timber, so this is often a fraction of the price of new timber, yet, if it wasn’t purchased, it might have been put through a machine and made into biomass.

So, by purchasing reclaimed timber, this is a good decision if you want to help to protect the planet, because, the timber might have otherwise be burnt, for energy generation.

The timber bought in reclamation yards is normally perfectly good, and can be used to build the structural timbers, which are used to construct the garden room.


Renewable energy

Some of the garden buildings we build are large, therefore they will have a big roof, that’s often just made from a large sheet of rubber.

Yet, why not add solar panels, so you can start to generate electricity?


Water harvesting


You could have downpipes, which lead to a water butt, this is very simple to do, yet can help to store water, so you can use this to water the plants


Material Selection



Its absolutely crucial, that each wall, ceiling and floor is well insulated, if not the building will often be too cold to use in the winter months.

To ensure the room can be kept at a comfortable temperature, we would recommend sheeps wool insulation is used or panel insulation.


Experienced builders



The whole building should be well built, and built to last. If its not, if low quality building materials are used, then the building will often start to leak.

The water leaks may well be small, but ingress of water into the wooden OSB boards, can cause the roof to collapse, black spores to develop inside which are dangerous to health.

This is why its important every part of the building is well built.


Let us help you to design a eco-friendly garden room

We can build a garden building which is built to be ecofriendly. We can add solar panels, water buts, for water harvesting.

We can add sheep’s wool insulation to the walls, we can use reclaimed timber, as well as composite cladding boards, which are made using recycled plastics.

If you would like to discuss how you would like your garden room to be built, then why not call us?


Will you be remote working this winter? Why not purchase a garden office from us?



How people work in the U.K has changed massively in recent years. Sure, we have rush hour traffic, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with getting to the office on time. But, for a lot of us, things have changed, no longer working the 9-5 in an office block, a lot of us are now working more from home.

Online meetings are now the norm, which can help save so much time, as who wants to be driving an hour each way to get to the meeting?
Yet working from home, well that can come with its own issues, such as constant distractions from other members of family. For example, you might be diligently getting your excel spreadsheet ready, yet, a someone wants to keep talking to you about something on the t.v last night.

A fully insulated, well built garden office, constructed by Kingsley offers the perfect solution, for those that want a quiet, peaceful place, where they can go, with a nice cup of coffee in hand, and get their work done.

A unique workspace

Some workspaces are not inspiring places to be, set in an large office, with artificial light, and stuffy air.
So, a garden office, well, its your blank canvass, you can have the room as large as you like, within the constraints of planning permission of course. Yet, you can have your artwork on the wall, and have the building built around you.

Why not have some gym equipment in the corner, so you can work out when you want?

Why not have a quality sound system, a really high-quality set of speakers, so if you fancy 10 minutes of listening to your favourite track then why not?


Could you simply get more done?

So, for those of us that work from home, the day does seem to go pretty quickly. And sure, its good to take breaks, but when you’re chatting to friends, doing the laundry and doing a bit of exercise, before you know it its 5:30 the days over, and well, you might be behind on tasks.
So, a garden room, can offer a quiet space to work, less distractions, so you can tick off those work tasks, and you might find your able to stay on track, in terms of getting more work completed.


Are garden offices warm in the winter?

Nice and warm in winter

Some garden offices, well, there just simply wooden sheds with windows- however our garden offices are built in a totally different way. We build our buildings for all around use, so we would recommend that an air-conditioning unit is added, and we often add electric heaters, plus panel insulation. When all of these are incorporated within the building, in any season, the building can be used, and the occupant kept cosy.



Noisy neighbours, knocks on the door from cold callers, someone watching the TV too loudly, it can all be a distraction, that stops you getting your work completed. Therefore, what’s needed is a quite space to work, so if you were to ask us, what’s the main benefit of having a garden office built, well, its that the room can be a great place to just focus on getting work done, with less distractions.


Can you put a price on peace and quiet?

So, sure, there’s no two ways about it, getting a garden office built, it’s a large outlay at the start. Yet when you’re sitting in the room, with an cup of tea in hand, your getting your work done, your not distracted, and at the end of the working day you just lock the room up, well you might have just wished you bought one sooner.


Why not give us a call?

Sometimes, a homeowner will think that the construction process, in terms of building the garden office may go on for months- yet, most of our buildings are built, ready for use in less than 3 weeks.

Plus, we have a large team of builders, 10 full time staff now working in the South West, so unlike some companies, you don’t have to be added to long waiting list, before we can start construction work. Because we have so many installers, sometimes, we offer a quote on the Friday, and if accepted over the weekend, sometimes, we are there the following Monday morning to start work!


We can build your dream garden room- here’s some pointers to help you gain the garden building of your dreams



Date: 20/11/2023

Designing a garden room to most homeowners is what a blank canvass is to an artist.

It’s a blank canvass, because you can design the building to your own tastes, to incorporate features that really make working or unwinding that all the more comfortable.

However, its bit like forking out on a new car, you’re going to want it to have everything you need, as otherwise, you may wish, well you had picked a different model. And here at Kingsley Build, well, we are all about total customer satisfaction.

So, lets, dive into some of what we think are the most important factors when designing your garden room.


How much time will you spend in the room?

So, this may sound a rather silly question at first, because you might think, well how long is a piece of string.
But generally speaking, if you’re going to be within the room for a long period, then you most definitely will want space dedicated for a bathroom.

If you’re like most people here in the U.K, and you can’t think of the thought of getting through the working day, without a nice cup of tea, well, you’re most likely going to need a kitchen.

If you’re going to use the building purely for work, say 50+ plus a week, then you might not care too much where the building is positioned.
However, if the room going to be used as a place to unwind, then you might want to think about elevating the building, so that the windows allow more of a view to the surrounding scenery.


Heating and cooling

Here in the U.K we all know it can get mighty cold during the winter, yet, a lot of people might not think about how they are going to cool the room?

Sure, you might think, I will just fold back the bi-folding doors, let the cool air flow in?

However, on a hot, stuffy summers day, a garden room, with a giant black roof, can attract the suns rays, plus, when there’s no wind, it might feel, well rather hot within the room.

So, why not therefore have a small air conditioning unit added, this wont cost that much extra, yet, if your going to be spending ample time in the building during the summer, then it’s a must.


Calculate the amount of internal space you need

So, often garden rooms are bought just on there overall dimensions, which makes perfect sense, yet what’s often forgotten is how much internal space there will be.

When you add the exterior cladding, the insulation, the structural timbers, the plasterboard, well, this can often dramatically eat into the amount of internal space.

So, if you were to have a small garden office built, and then you add thick insulation, which is often needed, well, you may well be left with an internal space, that’s simply not large enough to swing a cat.

So, you do need to obtain two sets of measurements from your garden room company, that is the exterior dimensions, but the internal size as well.
As otherwise, the room may feel cramped, and not somewhere you want to spend much time at all.


Blend into your surroundings or standout

Often customers sit at polar opposites on this issue, either they would quite like there garden room or office to stand out and be the centre of attention within their garden.

On the other hand, you might like the building to blend in, be discreet, or even be behind a large holly bush within the garden, so its totally out of sight?


Doesn’t have to be wood

So, when we think about garden buildings, often they are made from an entirely wood construction.
Yet, what about a building that’s made of brick or block, and then you could even have the building then clad with wood.

For example, the building could have the strength of a breeze block building, yet be clad with say red cedar wood.


Choose a garden room company that can offer you 3D Designs

Its important to be able to visualise what the building will look like prior to it being built, as otherwise, you might have a building built, that you dislike as soon as construction work is finished.

You may have opted for example powder coated grey windows, a black EPDM roof, plus also dark composite building. And when the designs come back, you may not like how dark the building is.

You may which then to opt instead for light, natural wood cladding that you really like, so what’s great about choosing our company is, we can create a set of 3D designs, to help you to visualise what the garden room will look, prior to even a single drop of concrete is poured or wood cut.

You can the alter the 3D designs until you are happy with them.



If you’re sitting back, enjoying a can of fizzy pop, well watching the football highlights, well, your not going to want to feel, as through all your neighbours can look in, and see you while your unwinding watching the rugby / football match.

So do consider how large you want the windows to be, and on each elevation. We would recommend paying that bit more for blinds within the window panes, or just blinds to be added.

Also, often there will be a side wall or rear wall, where you are not overlooked, so why not have the largest window on that side?


Garden storage

Often a lot of homeowners will have a garage or shed demolished to make way for their new garden room. However, when that building is removed, often there’s then no where for say the lawn mower.

So we would recommend having a larger garden room built, which has a side storage room, so you can open the door, and place all your items within. This side storage, although its part of the main building, its separate from the main room as it will be separated by an internal wall.


Don’t let the work drag on forever and a day

So, some companies, not all, may take an initial deposit, start building work, that’s laying say the concrete base, and then you might not see anyone in terms of builders for weeks.

This may occur during the summer, when most garden room businesses are at their busiest, rather than losing the work, they may start the work, knowing full well, they cannot return for a long period.

So do agree a vague completion date, of course, its good to have some leniency – as bad weather such as down pours, boggy ground, or just it being so hot, its exhausting too work.

So, you do need, allow some extra time, yet do agree a rough completion date for the work.


Hire us, we have now built a huge number of garden buildings

A lot of garden room companies seem to go and come, one year here, then vanished. However, we now have been building garden rooms for 7 years. We build quality, and although a lot of work comes from Google, we also have many customers, who recommend us to their friends or family, and we then build a garden room for them also.

We have been proudly building high quality garden offices and rooms for 7 years, if you would like a summerhouse built why not call us?


A step-by-step guide to purchasing a garden building with us



Purchasing a garden room is a huge purchase for most homeowners, its one which if often involves the customers thinking carefully how they want each aspect of the building to look.

And we thought it would be a good idea to write a quick guide, explaining exactly how the process works in terms of us designing and building a garden room.


First step

Will planning permission be needed?

This is an important question to consider, because sometimes, not always, planning permission will be needed. If so, and planning permission is needed, then this could mean that several months may well be required, before the application is granted.

Thankfully however, we would say that most of the time, with most of the buildings we construct, planning permission is not needed.
The building can be built straight away, through planning laws, which are called “permitted development” of the building. This simply means, we can often just spend less than 10 minutes in your garden, and if you know the size building you want built, we can often just recommend if planning permission is required or not.

Often in a spacious garden, for most of our customers, we don’t need to seek planning permission, which is good news, as our builders could start work then as soon as you would like.


The design

There are quite literally hundreds of different variations to choose from, from different cladding options, which can be made from steel, wood or composite, through to which colour you want the window frames to be, there’s so many options.

So, what’s great about picking our company, is, you may have an interior design magazine, these often feature garden rooms that have been built, and you may say “I want it built exactly like that”- and that’s exactly what we can deliver for the client.


3-D Design

The next stage is, for a small additional cost, we can get 3-D designs created, these can incorporate the window choice, the door choice, the choice of cladding roofing and decking.

It can give an impression, of what the garden building could look like once it’s been built.
Often, the customer will like the design, say yes, please go ahead and build this building for me.

However, sometimes, the customer may come back and say, I don’t really like the look of the sedum roof, can be get rid of that, and please redesign the drawings so that there’s just a flat roof made from EPDM, and we can then change the drawings, and get these sent back to the customer, to see if they like the new design.


Designs approved

Then its time to get the building materials ordered and placed within the garden.

We often place the wood, roofing items, windows, doors, the exterior cladding in a place within the customers property. If they have for example, a dry garage this would be perfect.

This enables all the exact building materials to be ordered from Travis Perkins, once delivered, our builders can start work.

Often work starts by pouring concrete for the foundations, however, sometimes the customer may have opted for “ground screws”- so this means, that we use a separate company to install these, and they will start to install these for you.


Painting and decorating

Right at the end of the construction process, for an additional cost, we can paint and decorate the room for you.


Handover to the client

Then its simply time to handover the new room to the client, and to make sure we don’t leave any wood, plastics or waste in the client’s garden.

We therefore, tidy up and any waste we place in the skip outside.


Off-hire the waste skip

Then the final part, is for us to call the skip hire company, in order to get the skip taken away and sent back to the skip hire company.


Would you like a garden room built?

We have now built a large number of garden offices and rooms across the city of Bristol. Its more than likely we have built a building a short distance from where you live, sometimes our previous clients are so happy with their garden building, that we have constructed for them, they are more than happy to show someone around the building that’s interested in buying one.

What’s great about this is, some garden room companies have large showrooms, but these buildings are new, and often built indoors. Because our customers are sometimes happy for someone to have a quick look at the building, you get to see the building, that’s perhaps now 3 years old, so you get to see exactly what the building looks like once its weathered, and you will see that our buildings still look brilliant even when they have been used daily for a long period of time.


Would you like a garden building built?

Why not give us a ring? We have a full-time sales person, who now works 6 days a week, who’s happy to book you in for a free quote, but also to answer any questions you may have.

So, if you want a garden bar, garden office or garden gym built, we are the company to call


A step-by-step guide to how we build our garden rooms

We have written a step-by-step guide to how we build our garden buildings within the city of Bath and also within in Bristol.




Here’s why a garden office pod can offer a great place to work


Date: 15/11/2023


Garden Office Pods

A garden office pod can offer a very affordable way to obtain an extra room, where you can work, plus it comes with the benefits that the building is completely detached from your house. This means it can offer a quiet space to get work done.

What’s great about picking our garden room company, is that the entire building is built to the specification you want. Simply meaning that you can get your garden office set up the way you would like.

For example, you might want a large window positioned on a certain wall, just Infront of where your desk will be, so you can look out while you’re working.



When you’re busy working in the house, there are often plenty of distractions. Somebody might be speaking to loudly on the phone, or the smell of tomato-based pasta dish cooking within the kitchen might be making your stomach rumble? There might somebody wanting you to help them with some house chores?

These are all distractions, which could make you less productive, but if you have a garden office, the building is detached, it can offer a peaceful and quiet place to get your work completed away from the house.


We build bespoke garden offices

A lot of jobs that are advertised, say on Indeed now actually specify that they want the employee to work from home on a full time or a part time basis. Before it used to be hard work having to drive back and for an office, during rush hours, but a lot of companies now at least offer hybrid working so you don’t have to commute back and fore work.

Therefore, what you can do is have a well-built, quality garden office pod built by us, but allows a great place for you to get your work done, while enjoying looking out over your garden at all of the flowers and plants.


Could make your property more saleable

Let’s say that there are three similar properties for sale on RightMove on the same street that you live on, yet yours has a garden office pod- so you might have the edge over the other people who are trying to sell their house on your street.

For example, somebody looking to buy a house, might be working from home themselves, so they say right, we are buying that house rather than the other ones on the street, simply because that one has a garden office.



What exactly is a garden office pod?

There are many names that are used to describe a garden building, from a “garden gym” right through to a summerhouse.
All of these descriptions relate to a building that often freestanding (detached).

So the garden building is often totally detached from the house, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from a place to work, to a place to simply sit down and enjoy a nice gin and tonic in the afternoon.

Therefore, “garden office pod”, is often just the description given to a building, that is often quite compact, and used as a place of work


You don’t need to have a large garden to own a garden room

Sometimes, when a shopper looks on social media say on Instagram, they will often see various UK garden room companies advertising huge massive garden rooms being built. The type that could easily cost in excess of 40k.

Often the person seeing these huge garden rooms being built, say in Instagram might think well that company might not be able to build a compact garden office within my garden.

Yet even if you have a small garden, let’s say that you have a new property, that has a relatively small garden, then we are often able to still fit a garden office pod within a small garden.

It might mean that our hard-working labourers, will have to dismantle say old wooden garden shed, and break up the patio slabs with a sledgehammer, in order to create a space for the new building to be built, yet we can complete this work for you.
Often our compact garden rooms will fit within most small gardens.



Enhance your garden

Some people are put off from having a summerhouse built, because they think that they will have a huge garden building that will simply take up too space within the garden.

They might think the garden room will look overpowering and take up too much of the garden.
However there are clever ways that we can design and build your garden room, so it blends into its surroundings, for example, why not opt for green cladding?


Will we have to wait an eternity for planning permission to be granted?

Often, the vast majority of our garden offices, are normally built, under what is called “permitted development”.
However, it’s important to check, it’s important to check with your local council whether planning permission is needed or not. To do this you might need to talk to an architect or simply talk to us and we will be able to offer you advice.


Will it be freezing within the room during the winter?

With some garden room companies, the building has a thin outer wall, which simply means that there’s nothing to keep jack frost out of the building.

However, our buildings are different, there’s exterior cladding, there is a breathable membrane, then there’s thick insulation, then there’s plasterboard. Then you can add on top of that, electric heaters which can quickly raise the temperature within the building.


More affordable than you might think

You might want a garden office built, yet when you’ve spent some time on Facebook, you might think such a building will cost a lot to build, and you haven’t got the budget?

You might originally that such a building will cost 50k or perhaps 60k?

But what if we were to tell you that we build garden office pods, which have a starting price of just £18,000- that’s right we can build a quality building, at this low price.


Larger buildings available

This whole article has been dedicated to explaining the benefits of owning a compact and small garden office- but that’s not the only type of buildings that we construct.

We also construct much larger garden buildings as well.


Why not start designing your garden office with us today?

What’s great about hiring us, is we have a design team.

Our garden room design team will meet you in person or have a chat with you over the phone to see how you would like your garden office to be constructed.

Once they’ve written down the exact specification that you would like built, they can then start to begin creating 3-D drawings, this is to see if you like the design of your garden room prior to it being built.

Over a cup of refreshing tea, you might think, I don’t really like that colour of cladding, it’s too dark, I don’t want composite grey cladding any more on my garden room.

In which case you can simply talk to our design team, they will explain all the different options that we offer, we can then also redesign the design and send it back to you to see if you like that colour of cladding instead.


Built to last

There are some UK garden room companies, that may even offer you a cheaper price than £18,000, but what you do have to consider is how long the building last?

With some companies, they might not offer insulation, or to install the electrics, or they might just install single glazed glass.

We don’t do not do any of this, we can install the electrics, we had quality insulation, and every building that we have constructed has double glazing fitted.


Why not get a quote today?

We can often turn a quote around within 48 hours

we also build the following garden buildings

– Garden bars
– Cinema rooms
– Home gyms that

Would you like a garden cinema built?



A lot of us like to visit the cinema’s as often as we can, that immersive experience of watching say an action, horror or comedy can offer a welcome break after a week at work.

Yet, cinemas, well they run to their own schedules of times and, well for lot of, we may want to watch films when we want.
This is what a cinema room can offer, a cinema room, a place to go and unwind when you want afterwork.

So, whether its Mrs Doubt Fire or a Jason Statham action film, a cinema room can make a great place to just go and unwind.
Things to think about when purchasing a garden cinema?




So, you might be having surround sound speakers added to the room, which may sound simply fantastic!
Yet, when your blasting says an action film at top volume, well, your neighbours may not appreciate this at all.

So, we would recommend that if you’re thinking about getting a cinema room built, to have sound proofing added to the walls, and ceiling, to try and contain some of that noise- trust us, your neighbours will thank us for this, when you decide to watch a comedy at 12pm on a Friday at full volume.



So, you’re most likely going to want to watch films as much in the winter as you are the summer.
In matter of fact, because it cold, wet and dark outside, well, you might end up using your cinema room more in the winter than the summer.

So, its crucial that the building is built with ample amounts of insulation.

If the building doesn’t have ample amounts of insulation, well, its likely to be a very cold room, even with the heating on, it may quickly escape, and be a very costly room to keep warm.

So, so consider sheep’s wools insulation, rock wool or panel insulation.



Internal room

It’s important if you’re going to use the room as a cinema room, that there’s enough distance between you and the screen or the projector. Otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy that action film, if you are sat too close to the screen.

So, consider having a larger garden room built, so you have ample distance between you and the screen.



Some garden room companies don’t install the electrics, they ask the customer to hire their own electrician.
However, we can install all of the electrics for you.



So, when your half way through a film, and you need the toilet, well, you won’t want to go running through the garden, to get back to use the main toilet in the house.

So, we would always recommend, paying that bit more, just to have a lavatory, extractor fan, wash hand basin, and an electric towel rail fitted.



Something we would say some people overlook when comparing garden rooms, and the quotes provided by their respected manufactures is the roof.

However, it’s really the roof that dictates the longevity of the building, in terms of, if the roof starts to leak, after say a year, and starts to seep into the plasterboard and internal timbers, the whole room will smell of damp.

So, you do need a good roof, one that will last a long period, but most importantly, you want a roof guaranteed to last. So, you have then the total peace of mind, that if there are any issues, the company should come back and repair the roof for you.


Windows and blinds

If the room is going to be used as a cinema room, then we would recommend having windows and doors fitted, where within the panes of glass are high quality blinds.

So, for example if you’re watching a film during the daytime, you can simply close the blinds, and enjoy watching your film.


How we can help

We have now built so many garden buildings, these buildings are used for such a wide range of purposes, from practicing golf, using a golf simulator through to being used as a home gym. Prices start from as low as 18k.

We can work with your fitness instructor create perfect garden gym


Garden gyms are simply in huge demand throughout the country. We receive countless e-mails each week to build fitness studios up and down the U.K.

We now travel right throughout the county building bespoke garden gyms for our customers.

We can work with your personal instructor or your yoga instructor, who can help us to design a gym. The room can be insulated, air conditioned and heated, so it can be used throughout the seasons.

Bespoke garden rooms


You might require a certain width of garden room built, this so that you can place a large dumbbell rack within the garden gym.
Alternatively you might be a yoga instructor, and want to run some classes from home? So you need a large fitness studio built in your garden?


Large windows making the space light and airy

You might also want a floor to ceiling glass windows installed- so that you can place a treadmill in front of the window allowing paramomic views over the surrounding countryside.

We can work with your personal trainer / yoga instructor to help design your garden gym.


We can work with your personal instructor, to help design the internal layout of your gym.

We can also discuss with the gym equipment manufacturers, as well as your fitness instructor as well as to discuss how high you want the ceilings to be, in order to fit all of the gym equipment within the room.


Have you built many garden gyms / yoga studios?


Yes, we have built garden gyms now right throughout the South West.



What are the benefits of owning a garden gym?


When you talk most motivated and also the most committed exercise fanatics, such as body builders, they will often tell you that it’s all too easy sometimes just the skip going to the gym. Perhaps work commitments get in the way, or its just a cold and wet winters evening, and the person doesn’t fancy working out that night.

A garden gym however makes it easier to keep committed to the workout routine

A garden gym makes it much more convenient to work out whenever you want

However, when you own your own gym equipment at home, it just makes it so much easier to start to exercising and work out whenever you like. So, instead of skipping that day at the gym, because its so easy to fit a quick workout in, because the gym equipment is at the end of the garden, you might find that by owning your own garden gym, you end up working out much more regularly.


Help save you time and also expense


A lot of time is spent by us stuck in dense traffic, just annoyed with how slow the cars are moving. Which can mean when you add it up, perhaps 5+ wasted in traffic, driving to the local gym.

And obviously being stuck in traffic, can be a total waste of time. Because it might take some people over an hour to get to the gym after work.

However, when you hire Kingsley and our expert team of garden room builders, then we can build a garden room for you in a short period of time, that you can use when you like, and you never have to drive to your local gym again.


Outdoor fitness area

Often a homeowner may have a fitness instructor coming around to their house, say around three times a week.
Sometimes the fitness instructor will often want to also exercise with the customer within the garden and to say push ups on the lawn.
You might therefore want your garden completely landscaped, and we also landscaping services as well. This way you can exercise in the garden gym when its wet and cold, yet when its warm, you might want to work out in your garden?


Built for comfort


When you go to some large gyms after work, sometimes they will have all of the gym equipment in large warehouse, such as light industrial units.

The problem with that is that these gyms can be extremely cold during the winter months, because the building is so large its difficult to keep warm, and they can feel a bit hot and stuffy during the summer working out in a greenhouse. So temperate can differ so much in a large gym.

We can build climate-controlled garden rooms


When you purchase a garden gym from us, we can work with you to recommend different air-conditioning units and also install heating options as well, so that you can have the building set at a temperature that you like

Would you like a luxurious garden gym built?


Perhaps you just like to do yoga a few times a week within your garden gym? Alternatively, perhaps you are a bodybuilder and you want a large gym built in your garden so you can spend every evening in their working on your biceps. We can help by building a well made, affordable, top quality garden gym for you.


Are your garden buildings built in an environmentally friendly way?


Garden rooms are now one of the most commonly used ways to obtain more living space. Often a fraction of the price of a conventual extension added to a home, yet, you can obtain ample living room.

Yet, because there is a huge amount of building materials which are needed to construct a large room, you might currently be on Google looking for a company which can build a “eco-garden room”– which is simply building, which is designed and built in such a way it has less impact on the environment.

So, grab a cup of tea, and why not let us explain why we are one of the most popular eco-garden room builders in the whole of Bristol.
FSC timber or better still reclaimed timber can be used.

So, reclaimed timber, is often wood that’s bought either directly from a demolition company locally or perhaps a local salvage yard.

This wood otherwise might have ended up as biomass, yet instead, because the timber has been salvaged, and resold, it could be used to construct your garden building, and is just as good as new timber.

Alternatively, some customer might want new wood, and we can supply FSC timber, which simply means the wood has come from forests, often from Eastern Europe, where the forests are carefully managed, so that the wood is being replaced, and new trees are being grown, to replace the ones which are cut down to make timber.

So, these forests, are being sustainably managed, and you can be rest assured that all the timber we buy is FSC approved wood.


Made to last

We arguably live in a throw away culture, if something doesn’t work, we simply throw it away and get online and buy a replacement item.
Yet this throw away culture create so much waste, so many drives to the local council recycling tip and the need to hire waste skips.

What you don’t want is to purchase a really cheap summerhouse, which just doesn’t last the test of time. It might be drafty, cold, damp inside, and say after say less that 3 years on use, you might be fed up with how much its costing to heat, and you deem the room as a waste of space in your garden, that could be put to better use, if the building was demolished. So, this creates waste, which causes more incineration or more land fill waste.

So instead, we like the philosophy of building something so its better quality, made to last, offering better value for money. This is why, when you call us, often we are not the cheapest garden room builder often by some margin, but what we can offer is quality buildings.


Insulation is key

So, if you have say three electric radiators switched on say 9 to 5pm every single day, and all that heat is escaping through the roof, the walls, and floor, well, this is not energy efficient at all. Your electric bill is likely to be sky-high, and may make you scream when you read the figure which is owed.

So, its most definitely, worth hiring a garden room company, which will cram the entire building with insulation. Its also important to have a conversation with the builder about which insulation they are going to be using, there’s so many types, from rolls of fibreglass insulation, we don’t tend to use this option. There’s also a 100% natural options, that’s sheep’s wool, yet we think one of the best options is thick, very thick panel insulation, just simply because, it can be cut neatly, placed tight to the structural timbers, which are holding up the building, and it has excellent thermal insulation properties.


Less commuting

So, its important to build a garden room, so it has less impact on the environment. Yet, its also important to say, that when you own a garden office or building, you might not have to get the car and travel so much to a place of work in Bristol. Therefore, potentially saving you thousands on diesel and petrol, of course this depends on how much you travel.

So, there’s the cost saving to not buying so many fossil fuels, but that walk to your garden office, rather than using the car to drive to a place of work, also helps protect the environment.


Would you like an eco-garden room built?

If you would like an eco-garden room built, then why not talk to the experts, we can come and offer you a free quote, anytime you like.




Absolute “must haves” when purchasing a garden office

Us Brits, well we sure do work a lot, for some of us 40+ and we’re about to start our own company and we are entrepreneurs, well much longer than that for some of us.

So, if a garden office is going to be the main place you are going to work, well, its important that the room is made as comfortable as possible.

Here’s our list of absolute “must haves” when purchasing a garden office


Small kitchen area

Britain was built off the back of a refreshing cup of tea, its true, no matter how much work we have to do, no matter how tall that mountain seems, it all seems possible after a refreshing cup of tea.

Yet, what you don’t want is just a little cupboard with a tea bags, some sugar and milk, of course may do the job, but tea and you deserve more, you deserve a small kitchen area- after all that milk needs to be kept cool.

So, if you have just sketched down on a piece of paper the dimensions of your garden office, extend that some more for the kitchen. And if you run out of space, in terms of the width of your garden room, due to the garden wall being in the way, fear not, its time to think about getting an L-shaped garden room built.

That bit of extra space, could have a few kitchen cabinets, a fridge, and yes, the all-important kettle.


Air conditioning

Work and time stop for no one, it all keeps marching on.

And when you have a lot of work to complete in your garden office, you’re not going to want to feel as though your getting cooked.

You don’t want to emerge from the garden office, so hot and sweaty your neighbour shouts “have you just bought a sauna for your garden”- which won’t help the situation.

So, instead your going to want to be as cool as a cucumber, nice and cool, when completing your work, so much so, you can get your work done in absolute comfort, while sipping on a fizzy beverage.


Insulation- you want the room crammed with the stuff

So, some companies offer fantastic offers on their website to build a garden room, some great prices, “we can build a new garden room in a day for 10,000”- great, but what if come winter, your so cold, you feel you may have frost bite being in there for too long.

Being frozen, is not going to put you in the best mood to get much work done.

So, you need insulation, but not any old cheap insulation, no, no, no, you need ultra thick insulation, crammed into the walls and floor, and ceiling, so even with the smallest of heaters you feel the room become nice and warm in a short space of time.

Lots of natural light

It’s important to have a think about where the garden office will be placed in your garden. You’re going to want it to be illuminated, by natural sun light, so think about where you get as much sunlight into the room as possible. On those short winter days, you’re not going to want to work under artificial light all day, so we recommend the following:

Consider positioning the garden room to get much light as possible


Think about adding sky-lights

Think about having bi-folding doors, yet the doors should have blinds within them, so you adjust how bright you want the room to be.


A toilet

So, when your away, on a piece of work, you may need a toilet break, and its not ideal, to keep having to unlock the garden room, run down the garden, into the house, to use toilet there.

So even you have a small garden office built, we can often build a room, doesn’t have to be very big, you can a small wash hand basin, with hot and cold water, a hand dryer, a compact toilet, and also a towel rail, to keep your towels nice and warm.


Doors which are a piece of cake to open

So, these are important details think about when purchasing a garden office, that’s because, its well and good a garden room company making their buildings look amazing on the website.

Yet, when you’re living and working in the building daily, well, you might find there’s some problems with the design.

You might find that the doors are difficult to open, it may require a big nudge to start to fold back the bi-folding doors. Or they might not fit the frame that well, with large gaps, with cold air constantly flowing through the bi-folds, causing it to be freezing in the room, even though you may have the heating switched up to the absolute max.

So, its these small details that matter, so how do we ensure you are getting a quality garden room?

Well, we have gone through massive amount of effort, to find suppliers, that supply us with quality building materials. We have been out to meet many window and door suppliers, we now exclusively use one company, that we know, offers us quality window and door every time we place an order with them.



So, when you’re completing your work, you often will need to take a break, enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Yet you won’t want to spend the whole day working in your garden office, so why not have a huge decked area, complete with nice glass balustrades, with a patio table and chairs, so you can sit out on the composite decking, take in the views, while sipping on a nice espresso coffee


Long lasting

So, whether your spending 30 thousand or 70 thousand with us, we completely understand that the building needs to be long lasting, well made, good quality. This is why we offer an extra long guarantee, some garden offices don’t come with guarantees like we offer, and sure, there are often companies which are cheaper than us. Yet, so many people ask us to build their garden office, because they have read our many business reviews, and they know they will be obtaining a good quality room, that comes with an extra long guarantee.


Keep the warmth for much longer

Energy prices have gone through the roof, some people get very nervous when opening their latest energy bill, and with good reason, as electric and gas is now expensive. So, this might be one reason why some households in Bristol don’t buy a garden building, because they may think that to heat a detached garden building, using electric heating will cost too much.

And its true, electric is expensive at the moment, yet, because energy costs so much, this is why the building has to be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Some garden room companies, don’t think like this, they just, aim to offer the cheapest price they can, and sell in bulk to many homeowners.

However, prefer to sell more energy efficient buildings, and we do this, by adding insulation, we have a chat with our customers, we say to them, which insulation option would you like?

Then we explain that we add sheep’s wool, which is 100% natural, long lasting, very good insulating properties. Then there’s Rockwool, again really good quality, easy to install, plus there’s also panel insulation as well.

So you have one of these, or all of these, used when building your garden office, so you are kept nice and warm in building. So sure, you still need to consume electric to heat the room, but the room is more energy efficient, so because of the quality insulation, crammed into the walls, this simply helps to keep the room warmer, and you may not need to have the electric oil filled radiators on as much as would have, because your top quality insulation installed.


What are garden buildings often used for?


Date: 06/11/2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Here at Kingsley Build, we have been building luxury and well-made garden rooms now for well over 7 years now. During this time we have built our buildings across the U.K we have been busy bee’s building our garden buildings for our customers.


We build the following garden buildings:

Garden offices
Garden bars
Garden rooms

Because the buildings we build can vary so much in terms of shape, design and also size, well, a lot of people will be wondering what defines a garden room, as a garden room? What’s for example the difference between a log cabin and one of these buildings?

For example, when someone is on looking for a local company, to build a garden room, they may describe them as a log cabin, as a garden office or as a “posh shed”.

Here’s some of the things we would recommend thinking about when purchasing a garden building:


Has to be designed for use all year around


You don’t want to purchase a log cabin, that’s a bit like owning a convertible sports car here in the U.K- and what do we mean by that?

Well, with a convertible car, there’s often only part of the year you can enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, and a nice warm breeze on your face because our summers are relatively short.

Then the rest of the year, its absolutely freezing, so the roof is kept up, and the folding roof, well its unusable.

And with some garden rooms, well they might be unusable in the winter, if there’s not enough insulation placed into every wall and good quality windows are not used.

So, you will want a building you can use throughout the different seasons, so top of the list of things to think about when purchasing a garden room, is it correctly insulated, and how is the building cooled in the summer, and heated in the winter?


So, what exactly is a garden room?

Most of the garden buildings we construct, are completely detached from the main house, therefore a completely freestanding structure.
What’s important to know, is because the building is freestanding, detached from the homes central heating system, the building must be able to withstand our wet, windy and often warm summer days. So, cooling and heating the building, as well as the overall energy efficiency of the building must be considered. Some companies do want to focus you on the size of the building, then the price.

So, for example, 3 x 3 garden room complete with “cedar front facia”- which is great, but its really the energy efficiency, the overall build quality which will dictate whether this building is useable say in the middle of winter.


Often a much more cost-effective solution when compared to loft conversions or conservatories.

So, often most homeowners will know that building supplies, especially wood, has increased substantially over recent years.
Therefore, what a general builder now wants, for that company to build a loft conversion, or a rear extension, may simply be totally unaffordable to some homeowners. So, this is where the homeowner starts to consider a garden room, it can offer a large room, that can be heated, used for a wide range of purposes, can sometimes be built in the fraction of the time, of say a loft conversion, with less noise, dust and disruption to the household, such as not having scaffolding around the building.

So, this is just another reason why garden buildings are now so popular.


Many of the building materials are what you would use to build a new home

So, it is fair to say, that some garden room businesses, they do buy the cheapest insulation, roofing materials, flooring they possibly can, all in the name of saving a few quid here and there.

Well, we are on the complete opposite end of that spectrum, the windows and bi-folding doors are exactly the same you would fit when building an extension onto your home. The insulation is the same in most modern home construction, and the wood, is top quality FSC approved timber.


What are the most common uses for your garden buildings?


A garden office

We would that the vast of enquiries we receive every single week, are from homeowners enquiring about getting a garden office built.
Often the homeowners want a freestanding building, that’s well built, fully insulated, and offers a place where the homeowner can simply take their laptop and start working within the room when they want. Often the homeowner will want a small kitchen added, so they make hot beverages as well.


A garden gym

So, when we visit a local gym, often there’s a lot of disadvantages to sharing a gym with other people. For example, you have to wait sometimes a long time before the gym equipment you want becomes available.

Then there’s the choice of music that often blasted at high volume, not everybody after a long day a work, wants to listen to dance music turned up to max.

Then there’s the fact that at some gyms, the equipment is regularly cleaned, a treadmill could actually be covered sweat!
So, this is where a garden gym offers so many advantages, no expensive members, you choose the music you like to listen to, and no dusty, gym equipment covered in sweat, because its your equipment, only used by you, so much easier to keep clean, rather than equipment at the local gym, where over 100 people might used that piece of gym equipment that week!

Live sporting events and a cinema room

We get regularly asked to build cinema rooms, which often also used, as a place to have friends and family over to watch a live sporting event. For example, Tyson Fury might be having a boxing match, so you may want your friends over, for a drink and to watch the boxing within your garden room built by us?

So, what makes a garden room a brilliant place to watch live sporting events?

Well, you have top quality sound system added to the building, a huge, massive high-quality projector to watch the live sporting events on.

You could also have a ensuite bathroom, as well also having comfortable reclining chairs, so you and all your friends can watch the football for example in absolute comfort.


Will Planning permission be needed?

Often planning permission for the vast majority of the summerhouses, our construction company builds, often can be built, without any planning permission. That’s because, they can be often built under permitted development, yet, with that said, its so important that you do check with an architect, or the local council whether planning is needed.

Because what happen is, if the building is built without planning permission, and planning permission is needed, then what can happen is that the local council, could ask the person to take the building down. Its important therefore to gain planning permission first.


Installed and fully constructed often in less than 3 weeks

So, our garden buildings are built completely in your garden, they are not therefore partially built in a warehouse, and then just bolted together in your garden. Instead since our company started over 7 years ago, our company director, a Kingsley Hyden Jones instead wanted to build bespoke garden rooms, where we come out meet the customer, have a cup of tea and chat, then we can then start to create 3D Designs, showing how the garden room could look.

The main advantage of this is, you control the design of the building, from how large you want the doors to be, to whether you want decking built or not.


Minimal disruption

So, if you were to contact a local builder, and he want to add a loft conversion on your house, there might be a lot of banging, just and vibrations through the house as they do there work.

Yet with a garden building, the building can be assembled at the end of your garden, often creating practically no disruption to the homeowner. Plus, we don’t often need access to the customers house, if you have a side access to your garden, we can just use the side access and bring the building materials around the side of your house, meaning customer often hasn’t got to take time off work, because we don’t often need to walk through your house.