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Garden bedroom

Date: 01/11/2023
Author: Ryan

3rd May 2022


You may have on a regular basis friends or family around, yet, they may not live local?

Therefore, rather than them having to book a local hotel, every time they come to stay, why not offer your garden bedroom. It could come complete with Wi-fi, an ensuite bathroom, heated floors, it can be made to be very comfortable.


Dust during construction

So, if you compare the construction process of a garden building, to a say a loft conversion, the loft conversion will often create more disruption for the homeowners.

There will often need to be scaffolding around the building for several weeks, there will often be vibrations through the house, as power tools are used to build the loft conversion, and often a lot of dust from cutting masonry, wood and also roof slates.

So, therefore a garden room can often be built, at the end of your garden, or in another location within your garden, causing minimal disruption to the homeowner.


Rising to the top

We are fast becoming one of the most well-known garden room companies in the fantastic city of Bristol. With a lot of positive Google My Business reviews, plus a highly experienced team, and also we build every single week fantastic quality garden buildings, which when we add to our social media on Facebook or Instagram, it can instantly be seen the quality of our buildings is simply fantastic.

How much does a garden bedroom cost?

Prices do vary, because we would need to come out, and have a chat with you about dimensions, and how you want the building built.
Prices vary between a starting price for a garden bedroom of £25,000.00 and £75,000.00 depending on the size of the building we are construction.


What about security of the building?

We can install good quality doors, for an additional price we can also install CCTV, so from your smartphone you get alerts if someone walks up to the garden building.

What about all of the ground works, connecting the soil pipe and the water can you complete this work for us?

How can we make our garden bedroom a nice and comfortable space for our guests?

We can build an enormous, truly large garden room, with different internal rooms. The building could have two main bedrooms, an ensuite and a huge living room, with a bar area. It could be made as comfortable a good quality and luxurious hotel.

Why not have underfloor heating, huge quality televisions, top quality sound system, triple glazing to make it even quieter inside the room.
Then you might to adda super comfortable bed, why not have a nice latex mattress, these mattress are very comfortable.



Why not add a hot tub to the side?

Why not add a huge canopy, and also we can install a top quality, really good hot tub, so your guests can have a nice glass of champagne, and jump into the hot tub to unwind on a summers evening.
Why not have a sauna?

A lot of people living in Bristol like to have a nice sauna, so you could have a side room that can be used as a sauna, and you could have a hot tub as well, therefore making the garden room more luxurious.


Just like a luxurious hotel

Why not have a main room, with floor to ceiling windows, you may have panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. Combine this with a large bedroom and ensuite, your guests, might wake up, sleepy eyed, and think wow, we are in a luxury hotel, when in matter of fact they are only a few steps away from your house.


Sound proofing for extra piece and quiet

Busy cities like Bristol never come to a stop, therefore, there’s always noise being generated from road noise, through to a local business getting stock delivered. Therefore, your guests wont want to have a room that’s nice and quiet, so we would recommend having sound proofing added to the room.


As cool as a cucumber

If you’re going to ask your friends or your family to stay in your garden bedroom, you will want them to have a cool, and comfortable nights sleep during the summer. Therefore, its rather essential to have air conditioning added, otherwise, the room might be hot and stuffy, and your guests might wake up, having a restless night’s sleep.

Why Choose a Garden Bedroom?

A loft conversion is often mighty expensive, a property extension is often the same, so a garden room can sometimes be built at a fraction of the cost, and offer comfortable, good quality accommodation for your friends or family to stay within.


Is a garden room really a suitable bedroom?

We can build a garden bedroom, so that it can be heated, by switching on electric heaters, it can have underfloor heating. Plus, we could also add an air conditioning system to the building. As well as this, a luxury bathroom could be added, with large mirror, shower, toilet and wash hand basin. Other options include underfloor heating, large windows, sound insulation to name just a few of the options we can offer you.


Why not add fold-up beds

What’s great about purchasing a garden room, is it could be used for dual purposes, so let’s provide an example.
With large screen televisions on the wall, and good quality fold-up beds, the room can quickly be turned to be used as guest accommodation.
Yet, during the week, when not be used as accommodation, the beds could be folded up, offering a large space to perhaps enjoy doing an hour or yoga. Or perhaps, the room could be used as a garden office.

The room could have a huge bathroom, so whether your guests are using it as guest accommodation, or perhaps you’re using the room during the week to get some work completed, you could use the room for many different uses.


Quick and easy install

So, if you were to hire a local builder to build a property extension, well sometimes the construction work can go for quite a while. Yet when you hire us to build a garden room, we can build a large room in matter of weeks.

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