Do you require a luxurious garden room to be built?


Date: 02/11/2023

Author: Ryan



Luxury Garden Rooms

We build garden rooms for customers that don’t settle for second best. There are your bog-standard garden buildings, and these are widely available, yet out buildings are a cut above, they are the cream of the crop. We build luxurious, bespoke buildings, where you will want to spend time unwinding or working within your luxury, hand crafted, built by our diligent team.

Hot-tubs, saunas, large panoramic windows, decking, large luxury bathrooms

When you hire our company to build a luxury garden room the sky is the limit, we can add a canopy extending out over and offering shelter for a large jacuzzi.

We build a huge garden room, which has ample internal room to have 2 separate bedrooms, also a large luxury bathroom suite.
As you see when you hire us, you have the building designed and then built the way you like.



What our customers really like, is we dedicate a lot of time, to listening to exactly how they want their garden building to look. Our sales team, are very friendly, they will over a nice cup of tea, listen exactly how you want the garden room to look, they will make notes, and they can if you would like arrange for 3D Drawings to be created.

Then, they can in a short amount of time, send the 3D Drawings to you, via PDF, then you can see exactly how the building could look. You may at this point, what to alter the design, possibly for example, you may want the decking to be larger, to swap a solid wood balustrade with glass, you may want to add for example a canopy to the side, and you may want a jacuzzi placed to the side of the building.

What’s great about hiring Kingsley, is the building can be built to any shape you like, rectangular buildings are the most popular, but we can built triangular, even round garden buildings.


Bring the idea to life

You may have seen a garden room on Facebook, on Tik Tok, on Instagram, and you really like the design of the building, well, we can build that exact building for you.

Perhaps has a large room, huge decking area, complete with bathroom, a kitchen, and huge floor to ceiling windows- we can build this for you.


One size doesn’t fit all

Sometimes a garden room company will have multiple staff, which roll off log cabins, summerhouse, garden rooms through a factory, and have the production process rolling off buildings on a production line.

And this perfectly suits some people, as the cost for such a building is often lower, however our company is different. We specialise in building luxury, well made garden rooms, which are built exactly the way the customer would like.



Why spend this Christmas in a lavish log cabin?

Christmas time is just around the corner, it won’t be long until all hear on the radio is festive songs- and will have a white Christmas this year?

Well, what about having a luxury log cabin built, so you can enjoy some time over the festive period, unwinding and really enjoying some time in your log cabin built by us.


Floor to ceiling windows

Do you live in an area within Bristol, where the ground is elevated and from your garden you have amazing views over the Bristol city? Or perhaps the countryside?

Why not have a log cabin built, and let’s say in one corner of the building, you could have floor to ceiling windows, where you could have a nice comfortable chair, or a reclining sofa, so you can look out over the views which surround your property.

We can take care of the painting, decorating, adding wall paper and flooring
Some of our customers would like us to also completely plaster the room, to then paint and decorate the entire room as well. Also, some of our customers, would like to add wall paper to a feature wall, and to add luxury hardwood flooring as well.

We can even add a flat screen television to the wall for you.
Therefore, all our customers need to do, is to add the furniture that they like, and then they can sit back and watch live sports, such as the football on a huge flat screen television.

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