Do you build garden yoga studios?



We can build a quality garden yoga studio for you

Sometimes doing yoga say in the local gym is not ideal, because sometimes there will be other classes on at the same time blasting loud music. What you want instead is a nice quiet place, ideally looking out over the natural landscape, such as fields.
This is why we think a garden yoga room is brilliant place to do yoga, but also, you could have a huge building built, and you could even run yoga classes from the garden building.

Do you have view of the sea, countryside or woodlands, this would make a fantastic place to build a garden building


Large windows

Often when a homeowner wants a room built to do yoga, often they want a room which has lots of sun light beaming through the windows, making the room light and airy. So we can build large windows, and you can have the windows positioned in a location, where you will receive the most sunlight throughout the day.

For example, you want a large corner window, extending from the ceiling to the floor, allowing ample amounts of sunlight through, as you enjoy doing your yoga.


You can use your garden building all year around if it’s built by us

Sometimes, a homeowner that’s wants a yoga studio built, sometimes they quickly make a purchase of a summerhouse for 7 thousand pounds, but then sometimes quickly discover that the room is not insulated, its absolutely freezing in the building, and you don’t want to be in the room doing yoga, its so cold, its drafty, it’s a damp, so in our view some low-cost summerhouses, are a total false economy.
Our garden buildings are often much more expensive, than the low cost, build it yourself, type summerhouses. Yet, we believe that our buildings offer much better value for money, simply because they are better insulated, and much easier to keep nice and warm in the winter.

We can install good quality, hard wearing, hard wood floor

So, we would recommend if you want a garden yoga room built, to opt for quality hardwood flooring, we would recommend a good quality block flooring, or perhaps oak hardwood flooring, because this type of flooring is hardwearing, its durable, and its ideal for use in a garden yoga room.

We can paint the walls in green colour

When your enjoying doing the yoga, you will like to look out over your garden, and watch the trees swaying the wind.
And in keeping with the outdoors, being green colour lawn, trees and plants, why not have a nice colour green painted on the walls. We have painters and decorators that can paint the inside of the garden yoga room for you.


Why not add a bathroom to your garden yoga studio?

Quite often, a lot of our customers, they use the garden room as a place to work out, to lift weights, to use a rowing machine and to do yoga as well.

Quite often they will spend considerable amount of time after work, working out, and also on the weekends. Therefore, why not have a complete bathroom added to the garden yoga studio?

Then after you have finished working out, you can have a nice refreshing shower in your garden room, and you will feel invigorated.


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