What are garden buildings often used for?


Date: 06/11/2023

Author: Ryan Walsh


Here at Kingsley Build, we have been building luxury and well-made garden rooms now for well over 7 years now. During this time we have built our buildings across the U.K we have been busy bee’s building our garden buildings for our customers.


We build the following garden buildings:

Garden offices
Garden bars
Garden rooms

Because the buildings we build can vary so much in terms of shape, design and also size, well, a lot of people will be wondering what defines a garden room, as a garden room? What’s for example the difference between a log cabin and one of these buildings?

For example, when someone is on Google.co.uk looking for a local company, to build a garden room, they may describe them as a log cabin, as a garden office or as a “posh shed”.

Here’s some of the things we would recommend thinking about when purchasing a garden building:


Has to be designed for use all year around


You don’t want to purchase a log cabin, that’s a bit like owning a convertible sports car here in the U.K- and what do we mean by that?

Well, with a convertible car, there’s often only part of the year you can enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, and a nice warm breeze on your face because our summers are relatively short.

Then the rest of the year, its absolutely freezing, so the roof is kept up, and the folding roof, well its unusable.

And with some garden rooms, well they might be unusable in the winter, if there’s not enough insulation placed into every wall and good quality windows are not used.

So, you will want a building you can use throughout the different seasons, so top of the list of things to think about when purchasing a garden room, is it correctly insulated, and how is the building cooled in the summer, and heated in the winter?


So, what exactly is a garden room?

Most of the garden buildings we construct, are completely detached from the main house, therefore a completely freestanding structure.
What’s important to know, is because the building is freestanding, detached from the homes central heating system, the building must be able to withstand our wet, windy and often warm summer days. So, cooling and heating the building, as well as the overall energy efficiency of the building must be considered. Some companies do want to focus you on the size of the building, then the price.

So, for example, 3 x 3 garden room complete with “cedar front facia”- which is great, but its really the energy efficiency, the overall build quality which will dictate whether this building is useable say in the middle of winter.


Often a much more cost-effective solution when compared to loft conversions or conservatories.

So, often most homeowners will know that building supplies, especially wood, has increased substantially over recent years.
Therefore, what a general builder now wants, for that company to build a loft conversion, or a rear extension, may simply be totally unaffordable to some homeowners. So, this is where the homeowner starts to consider a garden room, it can offer a large room, that can be heated, used for a wide range of purposes, can sometimes be built in the fraction of the time, of say a loft conversion, with less noise, dust and disruption to the household, such as not having scaffolding around the building.

So, this is just another reason why garden buildings are now so popular.


Many of the building materials are what you would use to build a new home

So, it is fair to say, that some garden room businesses, they do buy the cheapest insulation, roofing materials, flooring they possibly can, all in the name of saving a few quid here and there.

Well, we are on the complete opposite end of that spectrum, the windows and bi-folding doors are exactly the same you would fit when building an extension onto your home. The insulation is the same in most modern home construction, and the wood, is top quality FSC approved timber.


What are the most common uses for your garden buildings?


A garden office

We would that the vast of enquiries we receive every single week, are from homeowners enquiring about getting a garden office built.
Often the homeowners want a freestanding building, that’s well built, fully insulated, and offers a place where the homeowner can simply take their laptop and start working within the room when they want. Often the homeowner will want a small kitchen added, so they make hot beverages as well.


A garden gym

So, when we visit a local gym, often there’s a lot of disadvantages to sharing a gym with other people. For example, you have to wait sometimes a long time before the gym equipment you want becomes available.

Then there’s the choice of music that often blasted at high volume, not everybody after a long day a work, wants to listen to dance music turned up to max.

Then there’s the fact that at some gyms, the equipment is regularly cleaned, a treadmill could actually be covered sweat!
So, this is where a garden gym offers so many advantages, no expensive members, you choose the music you like to listen to, and no dusty, gym equipment covered in sweat, because its your equipment, only used by you, so much easier to keep clean, rather than equipment at the local gym, where over 100 people might used that piece of gym equipment that week!

Live sporting events and a cinema room

We get regularly asked to build cinema rooms, which often also used, as a place to have friends and family over to watch a live sporting event. For example, Tyson Fury might be having a boxing match, so you may want your friends over, for a drink and to watch the boxing within your garden room built by us?

So, what makes a garden room a brilliant place to watch live sporting events?

Well, you have top quality sound system added to the building, a huge, massive high-quality projector to watch the live sporting events on.

You could also have a ensuite bathroom, as well also having comfortable reclining chairs, so you and all your friends can watch the football for example in absolute comfort.


Will Planning permission be needed?

Often planning permission for the vast majority of the summerhouses, our construction company builds, often can be built, without any planning permission. That’s because, they can be often built under permitted development, yet, with that said, its so important that you do check with an architect, or the local council whether planning is needed.

Because what happen is, if the building is built without planning permission, and planning permission is needed, then what can happen is that the local council, could ask the person to take the building down. Its important therefore to gain planning permission first.


Installed and fully constructed often in less than 3 weeks

So, our garden buildings are built completely in your garden, they are not therefore partially built in a warehouse, and then just bolted together in your garden. Instead since our company started over 7 years ago, our company director, a Kingsley Hyden Jones instead wanted to build bespoke garden rooms, where we come out meet the customer, have a cup of tea and chat, then we can then start to create 3D Designs, showing how the garden room could look.

The main advantage of this is, you control the design of the building, from how large you want the doors to be, to whether you want decking built or not.


Minimal disruption

So, if you were to contact a local builder, and he want to add a loft conversion on your house, there might be a lot of banging, just and vibrations through the house as they do there work.

Yet with a garden building, the building can be assembled at the end of your garden, often creating practically no disruption to the homeowner. Plus, we don’t often need access to the customers house, if you have a side access to your garden, we can just use the side access and bring the building materials around the side of your house, meaning customer often hasn’t got to take time off work, because we don’t often need to walk through your house.

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