Absolute “must haves” when purchasing a garden office

Us Brits, well we sure do work a lot, for some of us 40+ and we’re about to start our own company and we are entrepreneurs, well much longer than that for some of us.

So, if a garden office is going to be the main place you are going to work, well, its important that the room is made as comfortable as possible.

Here’s our list of absolute “must haves” when purchasing a garden office


Small kitchen area

Britain was built off the back of a refreshing cup of tea, its true, no matter how much work we have to do, no matter how tall that mountain seems, it all seems possible after a refreshing cup of tea.

Yet, what you don’t want is just a little cupboard with a tea bags, some sugar and milk, of course may do the job, but tea and you deserve more, you deserve a small kitchen area- after all that milk needs to be kept cool.

So, if you have just sketched down on a piece of paper the dimensions of your garden office, extend that some more for the kitchen. And if you run out of space, in terms of the width of your garden room, due to the garden wall being in the way, fear not, its time to think about getting an L-shaped garden room built.

That bit of extra space, could have a few kitchen cabinets, a fridge, and yes, the all-important kettle.


Air conditioning

Work and time stop for no one, it all keeps marching on.

And when you have a lot of work to complete in your garden office, you’re not going to want to feel as though your getting cooked.

You don’t want to emerge from the garden office, so hot and sweaty your neighbour shouts “have you just bought a sauna for your garden”- which won’t help the situation.

So, instead your going to want to be as cool as a cucumber, nice and cool, when completing your work, so much so, you can get your work done in absolute comfort, while sipping on a fizzy beverage.


Insulation- you want the room crammed with the stuff

So, some companies offer fantastic offers on their website to build a garden room, some great prices, “we can build a new garden room in a day for 10,000”- great, but what if come winter, your so cold, you feel you may have frost bite being in there for too long.

Being frozen, is not going to put you in the best mood to get much work done.

So, you need insulation, but not any old cheap insulation, no, no, no, you need ultra thick insulation, crammed into the walls and floor, and ceiling, so even with the smallest of heaters you feel the room become nice and warm in a short space of time.

Lots of natural light

It’s important to have a think about where the garden office will be placed in your garden. You’re going to want it to be illuminated, by natural sun light, so think about where you get as much sunlight into the room as possible. On those short winter days, you’re not going to want to work under artificial light all day, so we recommend the following:

Consider positioning the garden room to get much light as possible


Think about adding sky-lights

Think about having bi-folding doors, yet the doors should have blinds within them, so you adjust how bright you want the room to be.


A toilet

So, when your away, on a piece of work, you may need a toilet break, and its not ideal, to keep having to unlock the garden room, run down the garden, into the house, to use toilet there.

So even you have a small garden office built, we can often build a room, doesn’t have to be very big, you can a small wash hand basin, with hot and cold water, a hand dryer, a compact toilet, and also a towel rail, to keep your towels nice and warm.


Doors which are a piece of cake to open

So, these are important details think about when purchasing a garden office, that’s because, its well and good a garden room company making their buildings look amazing on the website.

Yet, when you’re living and working in the building daily, well, you might find there’s some problems with the design.

You might find that the doors are difficult to open, it may require a big nudge to start to fold back the bi-folding doors. Or they might not fit the frame that well, with large gaps, with cold air constantly flowing through the bi-folds, causing it to be freezing in the room, even though you may have the heating switched up to the absolute max.

So, its these small details that matter, so how do we ensure you are getting a quality garden room?

Well, we have gone through massive amount of effort, to find suppliers, that supply us with quality building materials. We have been out to meet many window and door suppliers, we now exclusively use one company, that we know, offers us quality window and door every time we place an order with them.



So, when you’re completing your work, you often will need to take a break, enjoy a nice cup of coffee. Yet you won’t want to spend the whole day working in your garden office, so why not have a huge decked area, complete with nice glass balustrades, with a patio table and chairs, so you can sit out on the composite decking, take in the views, while sipping on a nice espresso coffee


Long lasting

So, whether your spending 30 thousand or 70 thousand with us, we completely understand that the building needs to be long lasting, well made, good quality. This is why we offer an extra long guarantee, some garden offices don’t come with guarantees like we offer, and sure, there are often companies which are cheaper than us. Yet, so many people ask us to build their garden office, because they have read our many business reviews, and they know they will be obtaining a good quality room, that comes with an extra long guarantee.


Keep the warmth for much longer

Energy prices have gone through the roof, some people get very nervous when opening their latest energy bill, and with good reason, as electric and gas is now expensive. So, this might be one reason why some households in Bristol don’t buy a garden building, because they may think that to heat a detached garden building, using electric heating will cost too much.

And its true, electric is expensive at the moment, yet, because energy costs so much, this is why the building has to be designed with energy efficiency in mind. Some garden room companies, don’t think like this, they just, aim to offer the cheapest price they can, and sell in bulk to many homeowners.

However, prefer to sell more energy efficient buildings, and we do this, by adding insulation, we have a chat with our customers, we say to them, which insulation option would you like?

Then we explain that we add sheep’s wool, which is 100% natural, long lasting, very good insulating properties. Then there’s Rockwool, again really good quality, easy to install, plus there’s also panel insulation as well.

So you have one of these, or all of these, used when building your garden office, so you are kept nice and warm in building. So sure, you still need to consume electric to heat the room, but the room is more energy efficient, so because of the quality insulation, crammed into the walls, this simply helps to keep the room warmer, and you may not need to have the electric oil filled radiators on as much as would have, because your top quality insulation installed.


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