Are your garden buildings built in an environmentally friendly way?


Garden rooms are now one of the most commonly used ways to obtain more living space. Often a fraction of the price of a conventual extension added to a home, yet, you can obtain ample living room.

Yet, because there is a huge amount of building materials which are needed to construct a large room, you might currently be on Google looking for a company which can build a “eco-garden room”– which is simply building, which is designed and built in such a way it has less impact on the environment.

So, grab a cup of tea, and why not let us explain why we are one of the most popular eco-garden room builders in the whole of Bristol.
FSC timber or better still reclaimed timber can be used.

So, reclaimed timber, is often wood that’s bought either directly from a demolition company locally or perhaps a local salvage yard.

This wood otherwise might have ended up as biomass, yet instead, because the timber has been salvaged, and resold, it could be used to construct your garden building, and is just as good as new timber.

Alternatively, some customer might want new wood, and we can supply FSC timber, which simply means the wood has come from forests, often from Eastern Europe, where the forests are carefully managed, so that the wood is being replaced, and new trees are being grown, to replace the ones which are cut down to make timber.

So, these forests, are being sustainably managed, and you can be rest assured that all the timber we buy is FSC approved wood.


Made to last

We arguably live in a throw away culture, if something doesn’t work, we simply throw it away and get online and buy a replacement item.
Yet this throw away culture create so much waste, so many drives to the local council recycling tip and the need to hire waste skips.

What you don’t want is to purchase a really cheap summerhouse, which just doesn’t last the test of time. It might be drafty, cold, damp inside, and say after say less that 3 years on use, you might be fed up with how much its costing to heat, and you deem the room as a waste of space in your garden, that could be put to better use, if the building was demolished. So, this creates waste, which causes more incineration or more land fill waste.

So instead, we like the philosophy of building something so its better quality, made to last, offering better value for money. This is why, when you call us, often we are not the cheapest garden room builder often by some margin, but what we can offer is quality buildings.


Insulation is key

So, if you have say three electric radiators switched on say 9 to 5pm every single day, and all that heat is escaping through the roof, the walls, and floor, well, this is not energy efficient at all. Your electric bill is likely to be sky-high, and may make you scream when you read the figure which is owed.

So, its most definitely, worth hiring a garden room company, which will cram the entire building with insulation. Its also important to have a conversation with the builder about which insulation they are going to be using, there’s so many types, from rolls of fibreglass insulation, we don’t tend to use this option. There’s also a 100% natural options, that’s sheep’s wool, yet we think one of the best options is thick, very thick panel insulation, just simply because, it can be cut neatly, placed tight to the structural timbers, which are holding up the building, and it has excellent thermal insulation properties.


Less commuting

So, its important to build a garden room, so it has less impact on the environment. Yet, its also important to say, that when you own a garden office or building, you might not have to get the car and travel so much to a place of work in Bristol. Therefore, potentially saving you thousands on diesel and petrol, of course this depends on how much you travel.

So, there’s the cost saving to not buying so many fossil fuels, but that walk to your garden office, rather than using the car to drive to a place of work, also helps protect the environment.


Would you like an eco-garden room built?

If you would like an eco-garden room built, then why not talk to the experts, we can come and offer you a free quote, anytime you like.




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