We can work with your fitness instructor create perfect garden gym


Garden gyms are simply in huge demand throughout the country. We receive countless e-mails each week to build fitness studios up and down the U.K.

We now travel right throughout the county building bespoke garden gyms for our customers.

We can work with your personal instructor or your yoga instructor, who can help us to design a gym. The room can be insulated, air conditioned and heated, so it can be used throughout the seasons.

Bespoke garden rooms


You might require a certain width of garden room built, this so that you can place a large dumbbell rack within the garden gym.
Alternatively you might be a yoga instructor, and want to run some classes from home? So you need a large fitness studio built in your garden?


Large windows making the space light and airy

You might also want a floor to ceiling glass windows installed- so that you can place a treadmill in front of the window allowing paramomic views over the surrounding countryside.

We can work with your personal trainer / yoga instructor to help design your garden gym.


We can work with your personal instructor, to help design the internal layout of your gym.

We can also discuss with the gym equipment manufacturers, as well as your fitness instructor as well as to discuss how high you want the ceilings to be, in order to fit all of the gym equipment within the room.


Have you built many garden gyms / yoga studios?


Yes, we have built garden gyms now right throughout the South West.



What are the benefits of owning a garden gym?


When you talk most motivated and also the most committed exercise fanatics, such as body builders, they will often tell you that it’s all too easy sometimes just the skip going to the gym. Perhaps work commitments get in the way, or its just a cold and wet winters evening, and the person doesn’t fancy working out that night.

A garden gym however makes it easier to keep committed to the workout routine

A garden gym makes it much more convenient to work out whenever you want

However, when you own your own gym equipment at home, it just makes it so much easier to start to exercising and work out whenever you like. So, instead of skipping that day at the gym, because its so easy to fit a quick workout in, because the gym equipment is at the end of the garden, you might find that by owning your own garden gym, you end up working out much more regularly.


Help save you time and also expense


A lot of time is spent by us stuck in dense traffic, just annoyed with how slow the cars are moving. Which can mean when you add it up, perhaps 5+ wasted in traffic, driving to the local gym.

And obviously being stuck in traffic, can be a total waste of time. Because it might take some people over an hour to get to the gym after work.

However, when you hire Kingsley and our expert team of garden room builders, then we can build a garden room for you in a short period of time, that you can use when you like, and you never have to drive to your local gym again.


Outdoor fitness area

Often a homeowner may have a fitness instructor coming around to their house, say around three times a week.
Sometimes the fitness instructor will often want to also exercise with the customer within the garden and to say push ups on the lawn.
You might therefore want your garden completely landscaped, and we also landscaping services as well. This way you can exercise in the garden gym when its wet and cold, yet when its warm, you might want to work out in your garden?


Built for comfort


When you go to some large gyms after work, sometimes they will have all of the gym equipment in large warehouse, such as light industrial units.

The problem with that is that these gyms can be extremely cold during the winter months, because the building is so large its difficult to keep warm, and they can feel a bit hot and stuffy during the summer working out in a greenhouse. So temperate can differ so much in a large gym.

We can build climate-controlled garden rooms


When you purchase a garden gym from us, we can work with you to recommend different air-conditioning units and also install heating options as well, so that you can have the building set at a temperature that you like

Would you like a luxurious garden gym built?


Perhaps you just like to do yoga a few times a week within your garden gym? Alternatively, perhaps you are a bodybuilder and you want a large gym built in your garden so you can spend every evening in their working on your biceps. We can help by building a well made, affordable, top quality garden gym for you.


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