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A lot of us like to visit the cinema’s as often as we can, that immersive experience of watching say an action, horror or comedy can offer a welcome break after a week at work.

Yet, cinemas, well they run to their own schedules of times and, well for lot of, we may want to watch films when we want.
This is what a cinema room can offer, a cinema room, a place to go and unwind when you want afterwork.

So, whether its Mrs Doubt Fire or a Jason Statham action film, a cinema room can make a great place to just go and unwind.
Things to think about when purchasing a garden cinema?




So, you might be having surround sound speakers added to the room, which may sound simply fantastic!
Yet, when your blasting says an action film at top volume, well, your neighbours may not appreciate this at all.

So, we would recommend that if you’re thinking about getting a cinema room built, to have sound proofing added to the walls, and ceiling, to try and contain some of that noise- trust us, your neighbours will thank us for this, when you decide to watch a comedy at 12pm on a Friday at full volume.



So, you’re most likely going to want to watch films as much in the winter as you are the summer.
In matter of fact, because it cold, wet and dark outside, well, you might end up using your cinema room more in the winter than the summer.

So, its crucial that the building is built with ample amounts of insulation.

If the building doesn’t have ample amounts of insulation, well, its likely to be a very cold room, even with the heating on, it may quickly escape, and be a very costly room to keep warm.

So, so consider sheep’s wools insulation, rock wool or panel insulation.



Internal room

It’s important if you’re going to use the room as a cinema room, that there’s enough distance between you and the screen or the projector. Otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy that action film, if you are sat too close to the screen.

So, consider having a larger garden room built, so you have ample distance between you and the screen.



Some garden room companies don’t install the electrics, they ask the customer to hire their own electrician.
However, we can install all of the electrics for you.



So, when your half way through a film, and you need the toilet, well, you won’t want to go running through the garden, to get back to use the main toilet in the house.

So, we would always recommend, paying that bit more, just to have a lavatory, extractor fan, wash hand basin, and an electric towel rail fitted.



Something we would say some people overlook when comparing garden rooms, and the quotes provided by their respected manufactures is the roof.

However, it’s really the roof that dictates the longevity of the building, in terms of, if the roof starts to leak, after say a year, and starts to seep into the plasterboard and internal timbers, the whole room will smell of damp.

So, you do need a good roof, one that will last a long period, but most importantly, you want a roof guaranteed to last. So, you have then the total peace of mind, that if there are any issues, the company should come back and repair the roof for you.


Windows and blinds

If the room is going to be used as a cinema room, then we would recommend having windows and doors fitted, where within the panes of glass are high quality blinds.

So, for example if you’re watching a film during the daytime, you can simply close the blinds, and enjoy watching your film.


How we can help

We have now built so many garden buildings, these buildings are used for such a wide range of purposes, from practicing golf, using a golf simulator through to being used as a home gym. Prices start from as low as 18k.

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