Here’s why a garden office pod can offer a great place to work


Date: 15/11/2023


Garden Office Pods

A garden office pod can offer a very affordable way to obtain an extra room, where you can work, plus it comes with the benefits that the building is completely detached from your house. This means it can offer a quiet space to get work done.

What’s great about picking our garden room company, is that the entire building is built to the specification you want. Simply meaning that you can get your garden office set up the way you would like.

For example, you might want a large window positioned on a certain wall, just Infront of where your desk will be, so you can look out while you’re working.



When you’re busy working in the house, there are often plenty of distractions. Somebody might be speaking to loudly on the phone, or the smell of tomato-based pasta dish cooking within the kitchen might be making your stomach rumble? There might somebody wanting you to help them with some house chores?

These are all distractions, which could make you less productive, but if you have a garden office, the building is detached, it can offer a peaceful and quiet place to get your work completed away from the house.


We build bespoke garden offices

A lot of jobs that are advertised, say on Indeed now actually specify that they want the employee to work from home on a full time or a part time basis. Before it used to be hard work having to drive back and for an office, during rush hours, but a lot of companies now at least offer hybrid working so you don’t have to commute back and fore work.

Therefore, what you can do is have a well-built, quality garden office pod built by us, but allows a great place for you to get your work done, while enjoying looking out over your garden at all of the flowers and plants.


Could make your property more saleable

Let’s say that there are three similar properties for sale on RightMove on the same street that you live on, yet yours has a garden office pod- so you might have the edge over the other people who are trying to sell their house on your street.

For example, somebody looking to buy a house, might be working from home themselves, so they say right, we are buying that house rather than the other ones on the street, simply because that one has a garden office.



What exactly is a garden office pod?

There are many names that are used to describe a garden building, from a “garden gym” right through to a summerhouse.
All of these descriptions relate to a building that often freestanding (detached).

So the garden building is often totally detached from the house, and can be used for a wide range of purposes, from a place to work, to a place to simply sit down and enjoy a nice gin and tonic in the afternoon.

Therefore, “garden office pod”, is often just the description given to a building, that is often quite compact, and used as a place of work


You don’t need to have a large garden to own a garden room

Sometimes, when a shopper looks on social media say on Instagram, they will often see various UK garden room companies advertising huge massive garden rooms being built. The type that could easily cost in excess of 40k.

Often the person seeing these huge garden rooms being built, say in Instagram might think well that company might not be able to build a compact garden office within my garden.

Yet even if you have a small garden, let’s say that you have a new property, that has a relatively small garden, then we are often able to still fit a garden office pod within a small garden.

It might mean that our hard-working labourers, will have to dismantle say old wooden garden shed, and break up the patio slabs with a sledgehammer, in order to create a space for the new building to be built, yet we can complete this work for you.
Often our compact garden rooms will fit within most small gardens.



Enhance your garden

Some people are put off from having a summerhouse built, because they think that they will have a huge garden building that will simply take up too space within the garden.

They might think the garden room will look overpowering and take up too much of the garden.
However there are clever ways that we can design and build your garden room, so it blends into its surroundings, for example, why not opt for green cladding?


Will we have to wait an eternity for planning permission to be granted?

Often, the vast majority of our garden offices, are normally built, under what is called “permitted development”.
However, it’s important to check, it’s important to check with your local council whether planning permission is needed or not. To do this you might need to talk to an architect or simply talk to us and we will be able to offer you advice.


Will it be freezing within the room during the winter?

With some garden room companies, the building has a thin outer wall, which simply means that there’s nothing to keep jack frost out of the building.

However, our buildings are different, there’s exterior cladding, there is a breathable membrane, then there’s thick insulation, then there’s plasterboard. Then you can add on top of that, electric heaters which can quickly raise the temperature within the building.


More affordable than you might think

You might want a garden office built, yet when you’ve spent some time on Facebook, you might think such a building will cost a lot to build, and you haven’t got the budget?

You might originally that such a building will cost 50k or perhaps 60k?

But what if we were to tell you that we build garden office pods, which have a starting price of just £18,000- that’s right we can build a quality building, at this low price.


Larger buildings available

This whole article has been dedicated to explaining the benefits of owning a compact and small garden office- but that’s not the only type of buildings that we construct.

We also construct much larger garden buildings as well.


Why not start designing your garden office with us today?

What’s great about hiring us, is we have a design team.

Our garden room design team will meet you in person or have a chat with you over the phone to see how you would like your garden office to be constructed.

Once they’ve written down the exact specification that you would like built, they can then start to begin creating 3-D drawings, this is to see if you like the design of your garden room prior to it being built.

Over a cup of refreshing tea, you might think, I don’t really like that colour of cladding, it’s too dark, I don’t want composite grey cladding any more on my garden room.

In which case you can simply talk to our design team, they will explain all the different options that we offer, we can then also redesign the design and send it back to you to see if you like that colour of cladding instead.


Built to last

There are some UK garden room companies, that may even offer you a cheaper price than £18,000, but what you do have to consider is how long the building last?

With some companies, they might not offer insulation, or to install the electrics, or they might just install single glazed glass.

We don’t do not do any of this, we can install the electrics, we had quality insulation, and every building that we have constructed has double glazing fitted.


Why not get a quote today?

We can often turn a quote around within 48 hours

we also build the following garden buildings

– Garden bars
– Cinema rooms
– Home gyms that

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