A step-by-step guide to purchasing a garden building with us



Purchasing a garden room is a huge purchase for most homeowners, its one which if often involves the customers thinking carefully how they want each aspect of the building to look.

And we thought it would be a good idea to write a quick guide, explaining exactly how the process works in terms of us designing and building a garden room.


First step

Will planning permission be needed?

This is an important question to consider, because sometimes, not always, planning permission will be needed. If so, and planning permission is needed, then this could mean that several months may well be required, before the application is granted.

Thankfully however, we would say that most of the time, with most of the buildings we construct, planning permission is not needed.
The building can be built straight away, through planning laws, which are called “permitted development” of the building. This simply means, we can often just spend less than 10 minutes in your garden, and if you know the size building you want built, we can often just recommend if planning permission is required or not.

Often in a spacious garden, for most of our customers, we don’t need to seek planning permission, which is good news, as our builders could start work then as soon as you would like.


The design

There are quite literally hundreds of different variations to choose from, from different cladding options, which can be made from steel, wood or composite, through to which colour you want the window frames to be, there’s so many options.

So, what’s great about picking our company, is, you may have an interior design magazine, these often feature garden rooms that have been built, and you may say “I want it built exactly like that”- and that’s exactly what we can deliver for the client.


3-D Design

The next stage is, for a small additional cost, we can get 3-D designs created, these can incorporate the window choice, the door choice, the choice of cladding roofing and decking.

It can give an impression, of what the garden building could look like once it’s been built.
Often, the customer will like the design, say yes, please go ahead and build this building for me.

However, sometimes, the customer may come back and say, I don’t really like the look of the sedum roof, can be get rid of that, and please redesign the drawings so that there’s just a flat roof made from EPDM, and we can then change the drawings, and get these sent back to the customer, to see if they like the new design.


Designs approved

Then its time to get the building materials ordered and placed within the garden.

We often place the wood, roofing items, windows, doors, the exterior cladding in a place within the customers property. If they have for example, a dry garage this would be perfect.

This enables all the exact building materials to be ordered from Travis Perkins, once delivered, our builders can start work.

Often work starts by pouring concrete for the foundations, however, sometimes the customer may have opted for “ground screws”- so this means, that we use a separate company to install these, and they will start to install these for you.


Painting and decorating

Right at the end of the construction process, for an additional cost, we can paint and decorate the room for you.


Handover to the client

Then its simply time to handover the new room to the client, and to make sure we don’t leave any wood, plastics or waste in the client’s garden.

We therefore, tidy up and any waste we place in the skip outside.


Off-hire the waste skip

Then the final part, is for us to call the skip hire company, in order to get the skip taken away and sent back to the skip hire company.


Would you like a garden room built?

We have now built a large number of garden offices and rooms across the city of Bristol. Its more than likely we have built a building a short distance from where you live, sometimes our previous clients are so happy with their garden building, that we have constructed for them, they are more than happy to show someone around the building that’s interested in buying one.

What’s great about this is, some garden room companies have large showrooms, but these buildings are new, and often built indoors. Because our customers are sometimes happy for someone to have a quick look at the building, you get to see the building, that’s perhaps now 3 years old, so you get to see exactly what the building looks like once its weathered, and you will see that our buildings still look brilliant even when they have been used daily for a long period of time.


Would you like a garden building built?

Why not give us a ring? We have a full-time sales person, who now works 6 days a week, who’s happy to book you in for a free quote, but also to answer any questions you may have.

So, if you want a garden bar, garden office or garden gym built, we are the company to call


A step-by-step guide to how we build our garden rooms

We have written a step-by-step guide to how we build our garden buildings within the city of Bath and also within in Bristol.




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