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Date: 20/11/2023

Designing a garden room to most homeowners is what a blank canvass is to an artist.

It’s a blank canvass, because you can design the building to your own tastes, to incorporate features that really make working or unwinding that all the more comfortable.

However, its bit like forking out on a new car, you’re going to want it to have everything you need, as otherwise, you may wish, well you had picked a different model. And here at Kingsley Build, well, we are all about total customer satisfaction.

So, lets, dive into some of what we think are the most important factors when designing your garden room.


How much time will you spend in the room?

So, this may sound a rather silly question at first, because you might think, well how long is a piece of string.
But generally speaking, if you’re going to be within the room for a long period, then you most definitely will want space dedicated for a bathroom.

If you’re like most people here in the U.K, and you can’t think of the thought of getting through the working day, without a nice cup of tea, well, you’re most likely going to need a kitchen.

If you’re going to use the building purely for work, say 50+ plus a week, then you might not care too much where the building is positioned.
However, if the room going to be used as a place to unwind, then you might want to think about elevating the building, so that the windows allow more of a view to the surrounding scenery.


Heating and cooling

Here in the U.K we all know it can get mighty cold during the winter, yet, a lot of people might not think about how they are going to cool the room?

Sure, you might think, I will just fold back the bi-folding doors, let the cool air flow in?

However, on a hot, stuffy summers day, a garden room, with a giant black roof, can attract the suns rays, plus, when there’s no wind, it might feel, well rather hot within the room.

So, why not therefore have a small air conditioning unit added, this wont cost that much extra, yet, if your going to be spending ample time in the building during the summer, then it’s a must.


Calculate the amount of internal space you need

So, often garden rooms are bought just on there overall dimensions, which makes perfect sense, yet what’s often forgotten is how much internal space there will be.

When you add the exterior cladding, the insulation, the structural timbers, the plasterboard, well, this can often dramatically eat into the amount of internal space.

So, if you were to have a small garden office built, and then you add thick insulation, which is often needed, well, you may well be left with an internal space, that’s simply not large enough to swing a cat.

So, you do need to obtain two sets of measurements from your garden room company, that is the exterior dimensions, but the internal size as well.
As otherwise, the room may feel cramped, and not somewhere you want to spend much time at all.


Blend into your surroundings or standout

Often customers sit at polar opposites on this issue, either they would quite like there garden room or office to stand out and be the centre of attention within their garden.

On the other hand, you might like the building to blend in, be discreet, or even be behind a large holly bush within the garden, so its totally out of sight?


Doesn’t have to be wood

So, when we think about garden buildings, often they are made from an entirely wood construction.
Yet, what about a building that’s made of brick or block, and then you could even have the building then clad with wood.

For example, the building could have the strength of a breeze block building, yet be clad with say red cedar wood.


Choose a garden room company that can offer you 3D Designs

Its important to be able to visualise what the building will look like prior to it being built, as otherwise, you might have a building built, that you dislike as soon as construction work is finished.

You may have opted for example powder coated grey windows, a black EPDM roof, plus also dark composite building. And when the designs come back, you may not like how dark the building is.

You may which then to opt instead for light, natural wood cladding that you really like, so what’s great about choosing our company is, we can create a set of 3D designs, to help you to visualise what the garden room will look, prior to even a single drop of concrete is poured or wood cut.

You can the alter the 3D designs until you are happy with them.



If you’re sitting back, enjoying a can of fizzy pop, well watching the football highlights, well, your not going to want to feel, as through all your neighbours can look in, and see you while your unwinding watching the rugby / football match.

So do consider how large you want the windows to be, and on each elevation. We would recommend paying that bit more for blinds within the window panes, or just blinds to be added.

Also, often there will be a side wall or rear wall, where you are not overlooked, so why not have the largest window on that side?


Garden storage

Often a lot of homeowners will have a garage or shed demolished to make way for their new garden room. However, when that building is removed, often there’s then no where for say the lawn mower.

So we would recommend having a larger garden room built, which has a side storage room, so you can open the door, and place all your items within. This side storage, although its part of the main building, its separate from the main room as it will be separated by an internal wall.


Don’t let the work drag on forever and a day

So, some companies, not all, may take an initial deposit, start building work, that’s laying say the concrete base, and then you might not see anyone in terms of builders for weeks.

This may occur during the summer, when most garden room businesses are at their busiest, rather than losing the work, they may start the work, knowing full well, they cannot return for a long period.

So do agree a vague completion date, of course, its good to have some leniency – as bad weather such as down pours, boggy ground, or just it being so hot, its exhausting too work.

So, you do need, allow some extra time, yet do agree a rough completion date for the work.


Hire us, we have now built a huge number of garden buildings

A lot of garden room companies seem to go and come, one year here, then vanished. However, we now have been building garden rooms for 7 years. We build quality, and although a lot of work comes from Google, we also have many customers, who recommend us to their friends or family, and we then build a garden room for them also.

We have been proudly building high quality garden offices and rooms for 7 years, if you would like a summerhouse built why not call us?


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