Will you be remote working this winter? Why not purchase a garden office from us?



How people work in the U.K has changed massively in recent years. Sure, we have rush hour traffic, with all the hustle and bustle that comes with getting to the office on time. But, for a lot of us, things have changed, no longer working the 9-5 in an office block, a lot of us are now working more from home.

Online meetings are now the norm, which can help save so much time, as who wants to be driving an hour each way to get to the meeting?
Yet working from home, well that can come with its own issues, such as constant distractions from other members of family. For example, you might be diligently getting your excel spreadsheet ready, yet, a someone wants to keep talking to you about something on the t.v last night.

A fully insulated, well built garden office, constructed by Kingsley offers the perfect solution, for those that want a quiet, peaceful place, where they can go, with a nice cup of coffee in hand, and get their work done.

A unique workspace

Some workspaces are not inspiring places to be, set in an large office, with artificial light, and stuffy air.
So, a garden office, well, its your blank canvass, you can have the room as large as you like, within the constraints of planning permission of course. Yet, you can have your artwork on the wall, and have the building built around you.

Why not have some gym equipment in the corner, so you can work out when you want?

Why not have a quality sound system, a really high-quality set of speakers, so if you fancy 10 minutes of listening to your favourite track then why not?


Could you simply get more done?

So, for those of us that work from home, the day does seem to go pretty quickly. And sure, its good to take breaks, but when you’re chatting to friends, doing the laundry and doing a bit of exercise, before you know it its 5:30 the days over, and well, you might be behind on tasks.
So, a garden room, can offer a quiet space to work, less distractions, so you can tick off those work tasks, and you might find your able to stay on track, in terms of getting more work completed.


Are garden offices warm in the winter?

Nice and warm in winter

Some garden offices, well, there just simply wooden sheds with windows- however our garden offices are built in a totally different way. We build our buildings for all around use, so we would recommend that an air-conditioning unit is added, and we often add electric heaters, plus panel insulation. When all of these are incorporated within the building, in any season, the building can be used, and the occupant kept cosy.



Noisy neighbours, knocks on the door from cold callers, someone watching the TV too loudly, it can all be a distraction, that stops you getting your work completed. Therefore, what’s needed is a quite space to work, so if you were to ask us, what’s the main benefit of having a garden office built, well, its that the room can be a great place to just focus on getting work done, with less distractions.


Can you put a price on peace and quiet?

So, sure, there’s no two ways about it, getting a garden office built, it’s a large outlay at the start. Yet when you’re sitting in the room, with an cup of tea in hand, your getting your work done, your not distracted, and at the end of the working day you just lock the room up, well you might have just wished you bought one sooner.


Why not give us a call?

Sometimes, a homeowner will think that the construction process, in terms of building the garden office may go on for months- yet, most of our buildings are built, ready for use in less than 3 weeks.

Plus, we have a large team of builders, 10 full time staff now working in the South West, so unlike some companies, you don’t have to be added to long waiting list, before we can start construction work. Because we have so many installers, sometimes, we offer a quote on the Friday, and if accepted over the weekend, sometimes, we are there the following Monday morning to start work!


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