How can we design a garden room so that it is built in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way?


Date: 22/11/2023




Its crucial that we all play our role in protecting the planet, so when a garden building is being built its important to consider the following:

Which building materials can we use, that are more environmentally friendly?
Which building materials will last the longest, ensuring durability
Which building materials need less maintenance, so less chemicals can be used to coat say the exterior wood?


Sustainable architecture

A garden room in our view, shouldn’t be something that’s purchased cheaply and then starts to fall apart in a relatively short space of time.

Its often a building that the owner will spend considerable time within the building, either working, or perhaps spending a lot of say their retirement enjoying a hobby, such as listening to music and taking in the view that surrounds the owner’s property.

Therefore, the building needs to be cleverly designed.

-It needs to incorporate building materials which have less impact on the environment during their manufacturing process
– Needs to insulate the building to make the building more energy efficient

Built to be as energy efficient as possible



Let’s say your home in Bristol is surrounded by countryside, rolling hills, large fields, and some woodland.
Your garden building is going to be a freestanding structure, every side exposed to the wind, rain and hail.
It needs to not just be able to keep the water out, but be very energy efficient, as otherwise, it will cost a huge amount to keep the electric heaters on constantly.

Recycled materials / reclaimed building materials

Steel sheets



Steel is often made from recycled steel, and it can be used to clad the sides of the garden room that might not get seen that often.

For example, the back, and the two sides can be clad with steel sheets, not only does this lessen the amount of wood that is needed to build the building, but also, metal sheets last a long time, need practically no maintenance.




Secondly, we would recommend wherever possible to use composite cladding, decking and facia boards.
We would encourage you to use composite that’s made using recycled plastics.


Reclaimed timber

Dotted all across Bristol are reclamation yards, and most people think, that within these yards, there’s just Victorian chimney pots, flag stones, and old post boxes.

Yet a lot of these yards do sell, reclaimed timber, so this is often a fraction of the price of new timber, yet, if it wasn’t purchased, it might have been put through a machine and made into biomass.

So, by purchasing reclaimed timber, this is a good decision if you want to help to protect the planet, because, the timber might have otherwise be burnt, for energy generation.

The timber bought in reclamation yards is normally perfectly good, and can be used to build the structural timbers, which are used to construct the garden room.


Renewable energy

Some of the garden buildings we build are large, therefore they will have a big roof, that’s often just made from a large sheet of rubber.

Yet, why not add solar panels, so you can start to generate electricity?


Water harvesting


You could have downpipes, which lead to a water butt, this is very simple to do, yet can help to store water, so you can use this to water the plants


Material Selection



Its absolutely crucial, that each wall, ceiling and floor is well insulated, if not the building will often be too cold to use in the winter months.

To ensure the room can be kept at a comfortable temperature, we would recommend sheeps wool insulation is used or panel insulation.


Experienced builders



The whole building should be well built, and built to last. If its not, if low quality building materials are used, then the building will often start to leak.

The water leaks may well be small, but ingress of water into the wooden OSB boards, can cause the roof to collapse, black spores to develop inside which are dangerous to health.

This is why its important every part of the building is well built.


Let us help you to design a eco-friendly garden room

We can build a garden building which is built to be ecofriendly. We can add solar panels, water buts, for water harvesting.

We can add sheep’s wool insulation to the walls, we can use reclaimed timber, as well as composite cladding boards, which are made using recycled plastics.

If you would like to discuss how you would like your garden room to be built, then why not call us?


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