We now offer garden buildings that have Shou Sugi Ban cladding

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 21/12/2023


A trendy option for both garden fencing and cladding for the exterior of a garden room is “Shou Sugi Ban” exterior cladding. This timber has a distinctive appearance and looks great in any garden. You may have seen this type of cladding featured in many interior design magazines, which often featuring the customer’s garden rooms as well.
The Japanese have been using the Shou Sugi Ban process to help protect the wood for a very long period of time. Many homeowners now also use this timber to build garden fencing and clad the summerhouse as it has great appearance, and will become the focal point of any garden. This type of wood looks so different from other types of cladding; it has a great colour, and we think it looks great in any garden.

How is Shou Sugi Ban timber produced?
Shou Sugi Ban is produced by simply lightly charring the surface of the wood, which then produces this tremendous dark-coloured wood. The charring process also helps protect the wood as well.

Powder-coated grey aluminium framed windows and doors
Shou Sugi Ban timber is very dark, therefore powder coated grey aluminium doors and windows will compliment this type of exterior cladding. Therefore the garden room will simply look brilliant when you combine this cladding with dark grey aluminium framed windows and doors.

We can, therefore, clad the outside of your garden office or room using Shou Sugi Ban timber; plus, you may want the garden fence also to be made using the same wood, so it matches the exterior appearance of your summerhouse.

Quality timber
We have spent a lot of time working with different timber suppliers to ensure that they offer us top-quality wood. Our suppliers can also supply us with high-quality Shou Sugi Ban timber. This means you will receive a well-built garden room and a building that looks great from the outside and is built to last.

It helps to protect the wood
Charring the wood may seem like the wood is being damaged, but this process actually protects the wood. Making the timber more resistant to our weather, therefore, this is a great way of extending the life of the wood.

‍Here at Kingsley Build, we offer Shou Sugi Ban cladding, yet this is just one option of cladding that we can offer you. We also provide many different exterior cladding options, such as composite cladding, which comes in various colour options. We can offer less expensive softwood options, and then we offer our most costly yet luxurious option, which is many different types of hardwood.

Helpful staff
We employ very friendly and helpful staff, who are available to answer any questions that you might have. So, if you are unsure which cladding option to go for or whether you require planning permission for your new garden room, why not call us?

Garden Pods


Written by: Ryan Walsh




Garden pods offer a space you can use all year round because our buildings are bespoke; they can be built to any dimensions you like. These modular buildings allow you to tailor-make a building to suit your needs, so if you would like a garden bar, complete with toilets and a side room to watch the football- you got it; we can build it.


Garden pods are offered at sensible prices.

Whether you want to use the room for working the 9 to 5, entertaining with friends over a glass of gin, or simply a place to enjoy your hobby, a garden pod makes perfect sense. That’s because our buildings are sometimes cheaper compared to how much it would cost if you were to pay a builder to add a similar-sized extension to your home.


Many sizes available

We can build a low-maintenance garden room for you. We know that when you want a building constructed, say, as your place of work, you don’t want to have additional work to maintain it regularly. This is why we can recommend low-maintenance cladding (composite) for your garden pod and a long-life roof, so you get excellent value from the buildings we construct.


Can your garden pods be used all year round?

Here in Great Britain, we see all types of weather, from extreme heat to cold, so when you buy a garden pod, it needs to be durable and long-lasting but able to withstand heavy rain and cold days. This is why we fully insulate every building; we also add a breathable membrane, high-quality cladding, and insulation to help keep the building warm for longer.


Friendly staff

Our friendly sales staff can come out, have a chat with you about all the different options. We most likely have already built many garden pods near to where you live. Sometimes we are therefore able to contact our previous customers, and arrange a time, where you can have a quick look at the building. Once you have seen the quality, the workmanship, the fantastic build quality you are most likely going to want one of our buildings built for you.


We go the extra mile.

We don’t just offer brilliant prices on our garden pods; we go the extra mile to advise our customers on all options. For a meagre fee, we can also have a set of 3D designs created so you can see exactly what the building looks like before even one piece of wood gets cut. Our highly talented designers can create detailed designs so you can visualise how the garden room will look before it is built.


Will we need to gain planning permission to build a garden pod?

We don’t need to seek planning permission for the vast majority of the summerhouses we build. However, every building we make is unique, so we will need to chat with you about the size of the building and its use; then, we can advise you immediately whether we think you need to seek planning permission or not.


How long will it take your team to build a garden pod?

So it will take several months?

Well, most of the time, we can build a garden in a matter of weeks, depending on what features you want, so for example, if you want a green roof where you can grow many plants, it will take us a bit longer. But generally speaking, most buildings only take a short period of time; this is because we have kept recruiting more and more carpenters, who work very hard, meaning that due to the size of our workforce, we can build our garden buildings ultra quickly.


What are your garden pods used for?

Our garden pods are used for various purposes, from gin bars to places where a husband and wife are starting a new business venture and using the building as a garden office. Because our buildings can be built so quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and we can take care of everything, such as installing the water and electrics, why not call Kingsley Build today for a free quote:


How we can build a perfect garden office for you

If you work for a company and perhaps work long hours from home? Well, 9-5 every day is a long time to work within your garden office if your not warm and comfortable. If you are self-employed or run own business, the hours you work, well might be much longer than that. So, it’s crucial that if you are considering having a garden office built, it’s not run of the mill type of garden room; it needs something spectacular, that’s well-built and built for optimum levels of comfort.


Here’s how we can build an extra comfortable garden office for you:

– We can install quality air-conditioning system
– We can install high quality oil filled radiators which can be switched on or off using a smart phone
– Extra thick quality insulation helps keep warm air in and cold air out
– Large windows fitted with agon gas help you to get a light airy feel to whole room while they windows still be energy efficient

So, to make your garden office as comfortable as possible, we recommend incorporating some of the following into your own garden office.


A garden office can help you achieve a better work-life balance

So, first things first, you might currently be weighing up if a garden office is worth the expense?

So, let us tell you what we think is main benefit of building a garden office is, and that it can help separate your work life from your home life.


Helps you switch off from work

If you work from home, you might keep opening your laptop and responding to e-mails late into the evening. Does this sound familiar? Well, sooner or later, through all that overworking, you may incur burnout.

If you’re working from home while your partner cooks a meal or pops out for a bit of shopping, if you’re running your own company well, you might think, let’s do another 30 minutes of work.

The problem is this can affect your home life and can easily lead to burnout if you work crazy long hours, and the lines between your personal life and work life can get blurred if you are working from say the kitchen table, so much so that you don’t allow yourself anytime to wind down before bed.


So how can a garden office help with this?

It’s a bit like the feeling when you drive away from the office at work at say 5:30pm. You will unlikely want to return at 7 pm once you’ve been home. You wont want drive back to work, switch on the lights, and start working until late.

This is the same for those who own a garden office; once you switch off the lights, lock all the doors and windows, and switch on the alarm system, that signals typically that the working day is finished so you can switch off, go to house enjoy nice glass of wine.

Then, after a short walk to the house, you can enjoy time with your family; therefore, there’s a clear distinction between family life and work life, that’s when you own a garden officewhich may help you get the balance right.


Make the room super comfortable

So, who’s worked for a company, and the office might have felt rather cold, drafty, and a bit whiffy with mould from that leaking roof no one has repaired?

Sometimes, some employees have to endure such working conditions, yet a garden office is your space to design and build how you want.

Put your own stamp on the garden room, add some art on the walls, top of the range speakers into the celling, and super comfortable side room for when you meet clients, with large sofa and table?

Push the boat out- why not add a kitchen to your garden office?

So why not have a great kitchen area for making teas and coffees?


Make it light and airy, helping to reduce eye strain

So, who’s worked in an office where overhead is just a mass of fluorescent light bulbs? Some might be flickering, there’s no natural light, and your eyes, well they may hurt at the end of each working day!

Yet, when our garden room company builds a garden office for you, we can install extra large aluminium framed windows, which can extend from floor to ceiling, and allowing more light to enter your garden office while you work.

Kitchen area

We can install a kitchen area for you within your garden office. This could be just a tiny kitchen with enough room to make teas and perhaps a microwave oven to heat up your food.

If, instead, you would like us to build a large garden office, you may want a huge kitchen area with a sink and integrated appliances, such as a dishwasher. You may also want a huge fridge and freezer, making it easier to make meals whilst working.


Gym area

So, for a lot of people, they may either go to the gym before work or immediately after. Yet, there are bound to be those days when you feel less energetic and want to skip that workout? So, why not have a gym area built into your garden office instead? You may find it much easier to start working out when you like, helping you get into a more consistent exercise routine, say just before lunch everyday?

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for homeowners who want a garden office built, to also incorporate a gym area. Why not also think about pushing the boat out and having a sauna built to the side of the building as well?
This way, when you’ve finished work, sending all those your work e-mails, it could then be your time to unwind within your own sauna?


We have now built many garden offices.

We have a super busy team who are busy driving all over West England, from Exeter down to Bristol, every week building our garden offices. Our customers like the fact that the garden buildings we produce are built to a very high standard. They are well built, made to last, and built how you would like them. So whether you want a garden office pod built, which can often be built in less than three weeks and cost 18k, or you may wish for a more luxurious option which can range in price up to 80k depending on the size of the building we are constructing. We can help. We now have over 7 years’ experience building our bespoke handmade garden rooms, so why not give us a call?

Which roofing options do you offer?

When you see most garden rooms that are pictured on social media, for example on Instagram or Facebook the building will typically will have an EPDM / Rubber flat roof.

By far, we would say that the most commonly used type of flat roof, used to build most garden rooms is a rubber roof or EPDM roof for sure- in matter most of our Bristol based customers insist on this option. However, when you contact our company, we can have a quick chat with you and explain the different options we can offer you over the phone.

Not only does the roof serve a functional purpose in protecting you and the contents of the building from the elements, but it can also help enhance your garden , by having a more decorative roof, for example, one constructed using cedar wooden tiles.

So, why not have a garden room built, that has a roof made of natural slate, wood or even steel?



What are the benefits of choosing a rubber roof or EPDM roof?

So we would say in excess of 75% of our customers opt for a rubber roof. This is often not chosen for the roofs appearance but due to the longevity a EPDM roof can offer.

What we mean by that is that a rubber roof will last long and need very little maintenance- if any at all. However, its important to know, this type of roof can’t be walked upon, that’s because you could puncture the rubber with say the grit that may well be on the sole of your shoe.
We would also say that many commercial roofs are now built using EPDM or rubber roofing as it’s more commonly referred to because this type of roof is inexpensive, quick to build, and very good at protecting the building from the rain.


Can you build a garden office or room with a roof that has wooden tiles?

When you think of a garden room, it will often be the centre of attention within your garden.
As you look out at the back of your property, lets say from the kitchen window, often the garden building will the building you will see the most. Therefore, some customers will want to spend that bit more on getting a roof built, that has a more ashetically appealing apperance, such as roof made using cedar wood.

Therefore, we can build a pitched roof and use wooden tiles made out of cedarwood.

This will look brilliant, and as the Cedar ages, the wood will change colour.


Do you offer to building “living roofs” or “green roofs”?

This is one of our most expensive roofing options, yet it’s one that some customers want because it can really enhance their garden.
It can allow plants and flowers to be built at a high elevation, allowing the garden room to blend more into its surroundings. That’s because as the plants grow, the roof can blend into the surrounding greenery of the trees and vegetation.

A living roof, for those that do not know is basically a flat roof, where you can grow plants; there will also be an integrated drainage system as well to allow water to soak away.

Now as you can imagine the extra weight of all that soil on top of the roof; it’s absolutely imperative that it’s reinforced and that the whole building is made extra strong, to be able to withhold the weight of that roof.

Making the roof structurally strong increases the cost, so opting for this roof is a more expensive option.

You might want, for example, to be growing wildflowers on the roof of your garden room.


Can you build a roof using Welsh slate?

Here in Great Britain, we still produce very high-quality Welsh slate. This type of roof has a fantastic appearance, and if you were to talk to most roofers, they would say that we here in Britain still make some of the best slate in the world.
Therefore not only does Welsh slate look fantastic on any roof, but it’s also very long-lasting and will provide excellent protection from the elements.


Would you like a roof made using metal sheeting?

We would say this is not a hugely popular option, yet its still a great roof, in terms of being relatively low cost to build and also long lasting.
We would say a steel roof, such as a roof made using corrugated steel sheets, is often used on garage roof, and not so often used as a roof on a garden room.

Some people like this industrial appearance; so you may want a pitched roof made of metal sheeting?
It’s important to note that metal sheeting also comes in different designs; you can have corrugated iron sheeting, which is galvanised and relatively simple in terms of how it’s constructed.

Then, there are more complicated types of metal sheeting with a sandwiched layer of insulation built into them.

We can, therefore, offer you so many different roofing options to choose from:

As you can see, there are so many different options regarding which roof option you want added to your garden room.
For example, you could have a living roof where wildflowers / plants can be grown o the roof, right through to industrial-style metal sheet roofing.


Why not produce your own energy?

Last but not least, we would highly recommend thinking about whether or not on your garden building you would like solar panels fitted to the roof.

As we all know, energy prices at the moment are pretty high, therefore the prospect of having a garden building constructed that needs more lighting and heating, well you might be worried about the running costs of purchasing a garden building?

However, you could add solar panels on the roof, which could harvest the sun’s rays and turn them into electricity.
You are, therefore, helping to protect the planet; you are also producing your own electricity, and we can easily add solar panels to the roof of any garden building.



Six days a week, we are busy offering free quotations to our customers to build our luxurious garden buildings. You might want to meet us in the morning, evening, or even on a Saturday? We can then supply you with a free quotation.
To book an appointment where we can come and see you and offer you a free quotation, then why not call us?