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Garden pods offer a space you can use all year round because our buildings are bespoke; they can be built to any dimensions you like. These modular buildings allow you to tailor-make a building to suit your needs, so if you would like a garden bar, complete with toilets and a side room to watch the football- you got it; we can build it.


Garden pods are offered at sensible prices.

Whether you want to use the room for working the 9 to 5, entertaining with friends over a glass of gin, or simply a place to enjoy your hobby, a garden pod makes perfect sense. That’s because our buildings are sometimes cheaper compared to how much it would cost if you were to pay a builder to add a similar-sized extension to your home.


Many sizes available

We can build a low-maintenance garden room for you. We know that when you want a building constructed, say, as your place of work, you don’t want to have additional work to maintain it regularly. This is why we can recommend low-maintenance cladding (composite) for your garden pod and a long-life roof, so you get excellent value from the buildings we construct.


Can your garden pods be used all year round?

Here in Great Britain, we see all types of weather, from extreme heat to cold, so when you buy a garden pod, it needs to be durable and long-lasting but able to withstand heavy rain and cold days. This is why we fully insulate every building; we also add a breathable membrane, high-quality cladding, and insulation to help keep the building warm for longer.


Friendly staff

Our friendly sales staff can come out, have a chat with you about all the different options. We most likely have already built many garden pods near to where you live. Sometimes we are therefore able to contact our previous customers, and arrange a time, where you can have a quick look at the building. Once you have seen the quality, the workmanship, the fantastic build quality you are most likely going to want one of our buildings built for you.


We go the extra mile.

We don’t just offer brilliant prices on our garden pods; we go the extra mile to advise our customers on all options. For a meagre fee, we can also have a set of 3D designs created so you can see exactly what the building looks like before even one piece of wood gets cut. Our highly talented designers can create detailed designs so you can visualise how the garden room will look before it is built.


Will we need to gain planning permission to build a garden pod?

We don’t need to seek planning permission for the vast majority of the summerhouses we build. However, every building we make is unique, so we will need to chat with you about the size of the building and its use; then, we can advise you immediately whether we think you need to seek planning permission or not.


How long will it take your team to build a garden pod?

So it will take several months?

Well, most of the time, we can build a garden in a matter of weeks, depending on what features you want, so for example, if you want a green roof where you can grow many plants, it will take us a bit longer. But generally speaking, most buildings only take a short period of time; this is because we have kept recruiting more and more carpenters, who work very hard, meaning that due to the size of our workforce, we can build our garden buildings ultra quickly.


What are your garden pods used for?

Our garden pods are used for various purposes, from gin bars to places where a husband and wife are starting a new business venture and using the building as a garden office. Because our buildings can be built so quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and we can take care of everything, such as installing the water and electrics, why not call Kingsley Build today for a free quote:


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