A comprehensive guide to purchasing a summerhouse



In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about purchasing a luxurious summerhouse.

For example, we recommend that you consider the shape of the building because you could have a rectangular, square or even circular design. You should also consider the size of the building and also if you want to partition the building into multiple rooms.

In this article we will talk about:

– What exactly is a summerhouse?
– How to go about designing your summerhouse
– Different types of cladding
– Different types of roofs
– What the foundations can be made from
– Door and window options
– Summerhouse shapes

So, what exactly is a summerhouse?

Summerhouses are often described under different names. For example, the building could be described as a garden office, garden room, or log cabin. These are all descriptions to describe a room that’s typically made of wood, freestanding within your garden, and which can be used for many different purposes. For example, it can be used as a cinema room right through to being used as a bar.
So, during the working week, the majority of the time, when our mobile phone rings, it’s for people wanting a garden office constructed.
What our customers use their garden room for can vary, between being used a home office or perhaps as a place to work out after work.

Entertaining guests


So more and more people want what is called a “garden bar” built. That is a place where you can ask friends and family over and enjoy a nice drink within a garden bar.
Often, this building incorporates a complete bathroom suite. It usually has a large bar area; you might even want to fix your spirits to the walls. Usually, a good quality sound system is installed as well, such as a good quality Bose sound system. So if you fancy a dance with your friends right into the early morning hours of the morning, this is perfectly possible within a garden bar built by us.

Set out where you want your garden room built

So do think quite long and hard about this, and we would recommend either using environmentally friendly spray paint or just simply marking out where you want the building to be built in your garden using say plant pots. We say that because you want to get accustomed for at least a week to how much space that garden room would occupy once its built.

What you don’t want, if you have a small garden, is to have a big garden room built, and then possibly regret it because you have then sacrificed so much space within your garden, or it’s blocking light to say your kitchen.

So what you do want is to have a garden building constructed, and you want it to be a perfect size so that you have the garden room built the way you want, but also so you are not sacrificing too much space within your garden.

Check if planning permission is needed

So the vast majority of the buildings we construct, hear in Bristol, don’t need planning permission because they come under whats called permitted development. But with that said, you still have to check because if you want a huge garden room built, or a tall building you might need planning permission.

For every single garden room that’s built, you should check with the garden room company whether planning permission is needed and an architect. The reason being, if you build a garden room, and planning permission should have been sought, and it wasn’t, you might be asked to take it down by the council. So always check with an architect first.

3-D designs
So sometimes, some of our customers want to visualise how their garden room looks before its built. Therefore, we can send you a set of designs, which show for the front side elevation and back elevations and side, within a PDF document.


Corner garden rooms

So like most large cities, many homeowners might not have large gardens. In which case, you might be thinking, do we have enough room to build a summerhouse?

So why not have a garden room this built right in the corner of your garden?

Corner garden rooms are often more compact. They take up less space because they fit up the corner of your garden, and they don’t take as much space as a rectangular garden room would.

Large insulated garden room


What you don’t want is to have a garden building constructed, and you freezing and shivering in the winter within it.

No matter how large an oil-filled radiator or a fan heater is installed within the room, you might struggle to keep warm without insulation.

The great thing about picking our company is our gardens rooms will always fully insulated.


Cladding styles

So, there are so many cladding options to choose from, such as ton and groove, interlocking boards, and softwood as well as hardwood boards.


Roof coverings

There’s only one roof option that we would really recommend and that’s EPDM roofs. This lasts a very long period; it can’t be walked upon because the roof won’t support the weight of a person, also if it is walked on it would pierce the actual EPDM roof. Yet if correctly maintained, can be a long-lasting roof covering as long as the roof is not walked upon.

Window and door options

Some companies will only offer you a few different sizes for the doors and windows. However, all of our windows and outdoors are bespoke, so you can have any size of windows or doors you would like added to your Bristol summerhouse.

Can you use a garden building as an office?



Date: 29/01/2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh


Are you thinking of ways to extend your home so you can gain a home office in Bristol? Then, this is the article for you; we will explain why so many homeowners are taking advantage of our low-cost garden buildings helping many homeowners to gain more living space.


Article contents:

What are the main benefits of owning a garden office

Why we are the company to hire when you require a garden room to be built in Bristol

Perhaps you already own a garden building, that may well be lets say currently a gym area. You may now wish to turn it into a place to complete your work and use it as a garden office instead? With some light building work this can easily be completed.

Alternatively, you might be reading this article and wondering whether or not you would like a garden office built, and you are currently weighing up the benefits of choosing other options, such as whether to instead add an extension to your home?

In either case, this is the article for you, it will provide you with helpful advice on why so many people are turning to us to have garden offices built.



Can a garden room be used as a home office during the winter?

A common misconception is that a garden room is a room that will be way too cold to use in the winter months. However, this might be true for some garden buildings, built by some other businesses, its not true about ours. So if incorporated into the building is really high quality, thick panel insulation is used, you will be obtaining a room that can be used throughout the seasons. That said, the insulation needs to be cut and sandwiched between the structural timbers really well, our builders always ensure this.

The insulation must also be cut flush and placed into the floor and ceiling.


Work all year around in absolute comfort.

So, as we mentioned, if the building is well insulated, you will obtain a room that’s easy to keep warm if we build it for you. With a few oil-filled radiators can often be sufficient for heating a large, well-insulated garden building. You can, therefore, write your work emails, talk to your staff, or perhaps complete that Excel spreadsheet, all in absolute comfort while working on your garden building built by us.


What are the main benefits of owning a luxury, well-built garden room?

Something to consider is that most of our garden buildings don’t need planning permission- therefore work could start very quickly if your hire us.

Therefore, it’s possible that after you appoint us to build the building, we can sometimes start work within a week.
Property extentions

However, with that said, if you were to add a property extension onto your home, and it’s a size that requires planning permission, then it could sometimes take many months for the council to write back with a decision.

So, if you’ve just started a business, you might not want to wait for the council to make a planning decision on whether or not you could build, let’s say, a dorma roof extension on your home.

So you could instead hire us to build a garden building, and we could start work on this straight away (depending on the design of the garden room). Some garden buildings will require planning permission.



Less noise

For all of us who have worked from home at some time in our lives, whether on a hybrid basis or perhaps full-time, a lot of us will have found it somewhat distracting place to complete work. Whether it’s the noise from other family members or maybe the noise from someone watching the television way too loudly, it can all get a bit, well annoying. Especially if you have a deadline you need to hit.

So, one of the main advantages and benefits of owning a garden building is it’s detached from the house. So, it offers a peaceful place where you can go, get your work done, and then when the working day is done and dusted, you can just pick up your laptop and walk straight back to the house when you finish.



Mix it up

So, we are all used to driving to, say, an office that’s in the city centre, and that’s our principal place of work. If we are lucky, sometimes there’s a gym in the building, but often, many workplaces don’t have this facility. So, why not dedicate part of the room at home to be your own fitness studio when building a garden office? A place to do yoga, a place to run, a place to do some free weights.


How to turn a garden room into an office

Consider these four elements when designing your perfect garden office:




So, there will be parts of any garden that have more natural light shining on that part of the garden throughout the day than on other parts of your lawn. You want to choose a part where the sun is not too bright, yet you’re not in the complete shade of your neighbour’s tree. Why not mark out that part of the garden and see how the sun shines on it? You might find it too bright say at midday, and wish to have it relocated to area where the rooms are illuminated, but your eyes are strained because of ultra-strong sunlight.



Don’t pick a company that installs super cheap insulation into the garden room, because the garden room might be offered at a rock-bottom price for sure, but what’s the point if you have to have the heating on constantly?

Have super thick, high-quality insulation added to the walls, floor and ceiling. This is the same type of insulation used in most cavities when a new extension is added to your house.

You will want the super thick insulation added.

So, choose a company that will supply you with good quality insulation, as in the winter, without this in some lower quality summerhouses; they can be too cold to be within.


Plenty of electrical sockets

If you use the room as a garden office, you don’t want just one plug socket.

So ensure the garden room has loads of sockets to power your laptop, printer, phone, etc.

Also, opt for a dimmer switch while we are on the subject of talking about electrical fittings and fixture installation. If you burning the midnight oil and working late, you will want the room to be lit really well. If it’s just dusk outside, you might not want it too bright, so choose a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting so your eyes don’t get as strained.


Roof light

So sure, adding a roof lantern will increase the cost when constructing the garden office, but think of the advantages. If you’re only going to be working in the garden office for just say an hour a day, then you might deem the extra expense not worth it.

Yet, if you, let’s say, run a business, and you’re going to be working in the room a lot, think of the extra light being channelled into the room from the roof lantern. It could better illuminate the whole room, making it a more welcoming and better space to work.


Are you looking for a company to build a garden room in Bristol?

We have a highly experienced sales team. They will walk you through the entire sales process and explain every option we have available so your obtain the garden room of your dreams. So why not talk to one of our team today?

Small Garden Offices


The benefits of owning a small garden office



Garden offices offer a great to work; these buildings can provide a quiet place to get work done that’s totally detached from your house.

Perhaps you’re currently finding that, at this moment in time, there are too many distractions within your home whilst working? Maybe, when you’re trying to work, other family members might be attempting to talk to you, therefore distracting you from getting your work completed on time?

Therefore you will undoubtably want to complete your work in a nice, quiet and peaceful room.

This is exactly what the garden office can offer, especially if there has been quality soundproofing add throughout the building.


Small garden office

In most inner-city areas, some properties might have a relatively small garden.
However, building a garden office is still often feasible, even in the smallest of gardens.

If your property has no rear access via a lane or side gate, we can often still bring the building materials through the corridor and into the garden to start construction work.

Therefore, the point that we are trying to make is that we can build a garden office in most gardens even if theres not enough room in your garden to swing a cat.



Just like when you’re on an aeroplane, the interior designers of the aircraft often have to make the most of every available space onboard.

Every inch is therefore cleverly designed, to get the maxium out of that space, and therefore not room is wasted. Thus, this means that the chair, the storage, and the items, such as the toilets, are all really cleverly designed to ensure that every space is cleverly used.

Now, this same concept must be applied when designing and building a garden office, in that if we are building a garden office in a small garden, we have to make the best use of our space.

We have to design the garden office carefully, so there are walls are thinner perhaps, although we can build a building that follows the contours of the garden.


Corner garden

Just as you have a garden shed in the corner of your garden, you could have a lovely corner garden room built that makes the best use of the available space in your garden.



We can install lighting, doors, internal electrics even the flooring

What’s great about our company is that we don’t give you just a shell of a garden room, and then other contractors have to finish off constructing the building.

Instead, we can take care of every detail; we can install the flooring and even offer to paint and decorate the room for you.

Will we require planning permission?

Quite often, but most certainly not always, the garden rooms that we build often don’t need planning permission from the local council.

However, with that said, sometimes, planning permission will be required to be granted for some garden rooms. It depends on the design that you want built and where you live.

The great thing is, our estimator can come out and has a chat and perhaps over a biscuit and a cup of tea with you, they can quickly ascertain whether permission will be needed.


Helping you to separate family life from work

If you’re working from the kitchen table currently, and you have to clear everything away to make way for the evening supper, what this means is that this can get rather annoying especially when you just need another hour to finish off your work.
Also, if you’re working in the house, somebody might be playing a musical instrument loudly, talking too loudly, or cooking something tasty in the kitchen, but with the radio turned up a bit too loud- this can all distract you from getting your work done.

So if you want to separate your personal life from your work, why not get a garden office built by our highly skilled carpenters?

Make sure the building is insulated

At the time of writing, storms are blowing all across the United Kingdom. It’s more than chilly outside, and the trees have no leaves on them right now, so if you were to have an uninsulated garden building constructed, well, it might be like stepping into a fridge freezer.

So, this needs to be avoided; to do this, ample insulation must be crammed into every single part of the building. A builder needs to take their time, to carefully cut and install insulation to ensure that the building is more energy-efficient and, once warmed up, retains that nice warm air for a bit longer.

Environmentally friendly

More and more of us are becoming conscious of our impact on the environment, and rightly so.
Building a garden room involves using a lot of building materials, especially timber. Therefore, these must be carefully sourced; the timber must come from carefully managed forests, for example, forests which the FSC manages.

All of our timber comes from carefully managed forests.


Super long guarantee period

We can offer you a long guarantee on our garden buildings, but it depends significantly on the options you choose. For example, we can deliver different guarantee periods depending on the roof option you choose.
If you were to talk to our builders, they often recommend opting for a rubber roof. We can build this for you.


Make working from home even more comfortable

If you are busy working, say from the kitchen table; and you want somewhere to work more comfortably. Why not give us a ring? We have built countless garden offices across the south-west of England. They are of fabulous quality. We can take care of the construction process for you from start to finish.

Why our garden offices offer the perfect place to work if your working from home?




More and more job advertisements are posted on various job websites such as “Indeed” which advertise wanting to recruit people for “hybrid jobs”.

We know from first-hand experience that more people are currently working from home than ever before.
Therefore, There is enormous demand for “garden office pods” and “garden offices” to be built. Our company builds both all over the United Kingdom.

Happy employees

If you were to speak to most employees, the last thing that they want after a long day at work is to be stuck in rush hour traffic after a long day. Therefore, many people now want to be hybrid working, this means some working at home and some at the office. This is where the garden office offers the perfect solution, a quiet place to complete while at home.

Get more work completed in peace and quiet

Working from home, well, it is sometimes not that easy to do. With the television on too loud in the background, people asking you questions when your trying to take a work call, and all whilst other family members chat in the kitchen which is distracting you. This is why homeowners often need a garden office built, os they require a quiet place to work.

Our team can sometimes build A garden office pod in less than two weeks, with a starting price 18k. They offer fantastic value for money.


Could you get more done?

A lot of people often like that hybrid working which allows you to catch up with work colleagues, have meetings and meet their clients whilst at the office. Yet, often a lot people also like to work in their garden office, which allows a quieter place to get work done with no distractions. So a garden office can be your place to complete all your work in total peace and quiet.

Escape from the city

Working in the city has its pluses; there are often many good places to eat, and you can meet friends at lunch and perhaps have a pint after work before hopping on the next train back home.

However, it is busy and noisy working in the city, and you often need a break from working in hustle and bustle for too long. So, depending on the house’s location, you could work within a garden room why may have amazing views. For example, you might live on top of a hill and have amazing views over miles after miles of countryside- so why not work in a garden office built by us, it can offer a tranquil place to work, well enjoying looking out over the countryside.


Gym/garden office

If you were to chat with most office workers these days, they can often be found in one of two places during a weekday. That’s, of course, at the office or at the gym. Well, the problem with that is, often, there’s so much time wasted in the mornings and after being stuck in traffic trying to get to either location.

Yet, when you own a garden office/gym, well, you will have a room where you have enough space to get your work done and your workout with your exercise equipment as well.


Meet your clients within your garden office

Again, much time can be wasted driving to the city centre or catching a train to meet a client in the city centre. Sometimes, if you, for example, are self-employed, you could meet your clients in your garden office. This, therefore, helps you save time, as you are not driving to meet your customers.


Huge bi-folding doors / sliding doors to let the fresh air in
One of the massive drawbacks of working within the city, say within a huge towering tower block, is well, the air inside the office can often be rather stuffy sometimes. Especially in the older say concrete 70’s office blocks which sometimes have less than adequate ventilation. So, when a worker does switch from working in the large office in the city, for a nice, well-built garden office, well, breathing fresher air, might be the reason they hired us to build the building.

So, if you would like a garden office built, why not call us?


We now also build corner garden rooms (composite & wood)



Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 19th of January 2024


Corner Garden Rooms

What are the benefits of purchasing a corner garden room?



There are a lot of homeowners that might own a small garden.

For example, you might have a lovely five-bedroom house, yet if it’s a brand-new built house, this often means the garden is relatively small sometimes.

Therefore, the homeowner might think that a large, imposing composite garden room will look out of place within such a small garden.

However, what is great about our company is that every single garden building is built to order; it’s tailor-made.


Bespoke garden buildings

This means that every building will suit your garden perfectly. The whole building is tailor-made to suit your garden, like a well-fitted suit.

So whether you want the gin bar built, right in the corner of your garden, or perhaps a place where you can work to meet clients, why not call us?

We now have over eight years of experience building composite corner garden rooms.


Save space

In some gardens, you can’t even swing a cat, which is an old-fashioned way of saying there’s not much room at all!

Thankfully, we have a large team of labourers, and they can demolish an old wooden shed that might be rotting away in the corner of your garden. You might not have used that’s all a rickety, wooden shed for long a time because the roof might even collapsed. Therefore, there is point you’re trying to fix it, and therefore the shed is wasted space in a garden.


We can remove any old sheds/garages

Therefore, our team of hard-working, diligent labourers will throw that old wooden shed into a skip for you, thus creating space to build a compact, well-built and long-lasting corner Garden room for you.

Especially if the buildings are made of composite, they will last a long period of time.

Right across the brilliant and fantastic city, more people are calling us and e-mailing us than ever before for corner garden rooms to be constructed by our builders. That’s because a corner garden room makes good use of the corner of a garden.



Are you buildings weatherproof and extremely durable?

There will always be hundreds, if not thousands, of companies selling really cheap, rock-bottom-priced summerhouses.

Often, these don’t last very long if they are cheaply made. The floor, for example, might be made of flimsy OSB board, which is built on top of the wet grass sometimes! This is not the way to build a summerhouse. Therefore, the floor could even become a health and safety issue because the customer might fall through the floor if the wood becomes rotten. So avoid buying cheap, poorly built buildings.

However, sometimes also, the exterior cladding is sometimes made from softwood, and if it’s not treated with, say, a wood preservative it can become extremely porous to our damp weather conditions, it might become wet and rot quickly.


What shape garden buildings can you construct?


We can construct the following shape garden buildings:

  • L-shaped
  • Circler
  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • L-shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Garden rooms complete with a roof terrace


Why pick our company?

We also have a highly diligent team of builders. Before any work starts, we can send in as many labourers as are needed to help clear the way for the space where the building will be built.

So even if you have many bramble bushes, you might have a tree in the way, an old greenhouse, or even a brick-built garage; we can demolish it all to make way for your new composite garden room.

So, if you have a space in your garden and you want it cleared, we can do that work for you.




Nice and warm- all our buildings are fully insulated

At the current time of writing, it’s absolutely freezing outside. Cars are covered in thick layers of frost, houses have icicles hanging from the guttering, and you also have a lot of people wearing very ski winter jackets when walking down the road.

Therefore, if you are going to be working from, say, your Apple laptop in the garden room, let’s say within your garden office, then the building will need to be very well insulated.

That’s in order to keep Jack Frost out and keep the nice warm air within the building. We can therefore bring in our electricians in to install the electric heaters for you.


Our labourers can also install thick layers of insulation.



To keep the room warm for longer, you will need good quality, long-lasting and thick insulation added to the sidewalls and the floor.

Then, you require an extra thick slab of insulation to be placed into the roof; otherwise, all the heat generated by the electric radiators will escape straight away and through the ceiling. This is not energy efficient, the heating bill on an uninsulated garden room, well will be a lot. So make sure the construction company adds thick insulation to every wall, the roof, and the floor.

There is another reason why so many homeowners call us: we have such a strong reputation for building well-built and very well-insulated summerhouses.

So with the simple flick of a switch, you can switch on the electric heater, it can be nice and warm inside the garden room, making it nice place to work. That’s even in the middle of winter when it’s below zero degrees outside.



What do people use their corner garden rooms for?

You might be currently considering whether it’s worth forking out for a garden building, and you might even be comparing the cost with what it would cost to call a local builder to add an extension to your home?

Often, a garden room we built costs less than building an extension onto your house.

Also, the possibilities regarding what you could use the garden building for are pretty endless.


For example, our customers have use the buildings, for the following uses:

– Gin/wine bar

–        Cinema room

–        Home office

–        Gym

–        Place to simply read books, and have a giant bookshelf built


For example, perhaps you want to wake up, have a sip on an espresso coffee, and then use the room to exercise and improve your fitness.

You could place, therefore, numerous pieces of gym equipment into your garden gym.

Perhaps on the other hand you want us to build a caller summerhouse, so it becomes your place you can read a good book on a summer evening. Alternatively, you might work very long hours, full-time, perhaps even 50 hours plus per week. You could use this room therefore as your garden office.



Guest bedroom/corner summerhouse

So many people ask us to build a garden room because they often want to create a place where they can have family and friends can sleep over and use the building as a guest bedroom.

You could you even have toilets and a shower installed depending on the size of the building? So when family members come over, they have somewhere where they can stay, helping save on hotel costs.



Garden offices are becoming very popular.


If you work from home, purchasing an insulated garden office from us is worth considering. We can build a garden room for just 18 grand. You might want it to be clad with composite cladding, which will cost a bit more but will mean that the cladding is very low maintenance.


We can also build a circular garden building.

This might not necessarily make the best use of the space available in your garden, but it can provide a great-looking garden building if it has a circular design. For example, if it’s clad with, let’s say, luxurious Canadian red Cedar and the sun is beaming on the building, the circular garden room can look brilliant in any garden.


A garden room with a rooftop terrace

Now let’s say you live in the fantastic area of Clifton, a beautiful part of Bristol.

You might want to have a roof terrace built on the roof by us. You might need to gain planning permission for this, but once it’s been granted by the local council, you will have a place where you can sit out in the summer evening and perhaps enjoy a nice bottle of wine on your roof terrace, built on top of your garden room.


Harvest the sun’s energy.

Why not add multiple solar panels to the roof of your garden building?

For example, why not put high-quality and high-powered solar panels onto the roof so that you can start to harvest the sun’s energy?


Would you like a garden building constructed?

We have built a vast number of high-quality, bespoke and luxurious garden buildings right across England.

We have a friendly team that can come out, meet you and over a cup of tea and discuss precisely how you would like the building to be created.

Our in-house architect will work out a quote for you; usually, we can turn the quote around within 48 hours. If you want a summerhouse built, call the experts at Kingsley Build.



We can build a timber frame extension onto your home


We can build an extension, whether freestanding, such as a garden room or a timber frame building, directly adjoining onto your home. We can make the framework using timber, strengthening the structure.

We have built many property extensions, and our timber frame extensions some our customers a lot, when compared to using stone, brick or breezeblocks. Plus, the whole building can be built quickly, as we have so many carpenters working as part of our team.

Do you build property extensions?



We can build property extensions using timber, yet if the client prefers, we can also build using bricks or breeze blocks. We have an estimator, who can have a look at the plans, and offer you a quote in a short period of time. So if you thinking about getting your property extended in Bath or within the city of Bristol, we are the construction company to call.


Can we design the whole building how we like, or is it already partially made?


So, we mostly build garden rooms, yet we also build property extensions. Yet, with that said the structures we build are always bespoke. Some companies, own industrial units in Bristol, say on Avonmouth docks, and sometimes the garden room can be partially made, and then put into a flat pack to be delivered to the customer’s house. We don’t build our garden rooms like this. Instead, every building is bespoke, and we work closely with the client to ensure they get a building built exactly the way they would like.
How do we obtain a quote?


Timber is a sustainable building material.

Whether building a garden room or an extension of your home, we can use a lot of timber during the construction- all the wood will be FSC pressure-treated timber.

This is often referred to as “green timber” by some builders, that’s been pressure treated; this building material is sustainable because it can be replanted and grown. We use FSC timber, so the wood comes from carefully managed forests.


So, why purchase a timber frame extension from us:

There are several good reasons to purchase timber frame extensions from us. The main reason is speed; our carpenters can build a large timber frame extension in a relatively short time using FSC wood so the wood will be sourced in an eco-friendly way. Then we can add large bi-folding doors, and perhaps you would like a roof lantern, this is a popular design, which a lot of our customers opt for.


Quick to build

Although our buildings are not already preassembled in a factory, our expert team can still quickly build them. We can make a large extension onto a house or a luxury and bespoke garden room relatively quickly. Every building we produce is custom-made, which means we will have to offer you an estimate of how long it will take us to build the structure.

Most garden rooms we now construct can be built in less than three weeks from start to finish. This is if the building is built using ground screws. Laying a concrete base, might take a bit longer.
For example, more intricate garden rooms and buildings with a bathroom, where a lot of groundwork is needed, may take us longer to build.


Energy efficient

What’s great about having a timber frame extension or a garden room built by us is we can offer a massive range of different insulation options. This can range from panel insulation, sheep’s wool, and fibreglass.

We can also offer hemp insulation as well.


Modern or traditional finish

We can build a garden building or an extension onto your home, which caters for any style; for example, if you want an ultra-modern appearance, why not opt for composite cladding? Why not opt for hardwood cladding for a more traditional exterior appearance? Oak is expensive, yet it looks brilliant, and when you have this covered to the outside of the building, it will look great and enhance the appearance of your garden.

Just imagine sipping a nice refreshing drink in the middle of summer, and you can look at the extension added to your home, which is clad with a nice luxury hardwood, such as oak.


How much does a timber frame extension cost to add to our home?

Every extension that we build in the city of Bristol, onto our customer’s homes is different. So, we can arrange for a video call to take place, say over Skype, or visit your home- where we can gain an understanding of the building you want constructed. We will then need to consider which windows, doors, and cladding you want, then we provide you with a quote.


How large will the garden building or the extension be?

As you might expect, a lot more wood, steel, and glazing will be needed when building large garden rooms and extensions in Bristol. We will need to calculate these costs and get you a quote. We aim to always get back to our customers as quickly as possible with a quote, so if you want an estimate, give us a quick call.


How intricate will the build be

Suppose the client wants, for example, a large roof lantern that is aluminium-framed. They want substantial bi-folding doors fitted. These can push the price up yet look brilliant; if the customer wants a less expensive option, then we can use French doors, which are cheaper than bi-folding doors. Yet we can design and build any building or garden room. With a large team of tradesmen now working for us, we can now make any building. We also cater to most budgets, with summerhouse prices starting from 18k, and some of the extensions we build can sometimes be more than 100k in Bristol.

Property extensions typically vary between 25k and 70k depending on the design.


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Brick, wood or metal

Even though most of this article has been dedicated to describing building buildings made from timber, we can create extensions to your house made of brick, breeze block or wood.

Some structures, the more modern extensions and homes, are sometimes even steel-framed with large glass panels. We can build these property extensions also.

Here’s why you should purchase a bespoke garden building rather than a flat-pack version


So, sure, a million and one businesses are offering low-cost DIY flat-pack garden buildings. At first glance, they may seem astonishingly good value, yet hold your horses for just a second, and do make sure you consider a bespoke garden room as well.
The reason for this is bespoke garden buildings we think can offer excellent value if they are built to a very high standard. Here’s why we believe that:


Make better use of the space you have available



You might want your dream garden building built into the far corner of your garden- say where the old green house used to be.
And customers will often want to make the best use of every square inch of their garden- so they don’t waste the room they have avaliable. So, you often don’t want to compromise by having a DIY garden room that doesn’t make best use out of the space you have available.

What’s great about choosing us is that we can measure the area where you want the garden building to be built. Then, we can make the building to the exact dimensions that you want. So whether it’s a triangular or just a plain, square-shaped building, we can build it for you to whatever size you would like.


How much do your bespoke garden rooms cost?


Well, you are most likely to be impressed by our prices as well, that because we can offer a bespoke garden building with a starting price of just 18k. These buildings are made to last, with quality roofs, doors, and exterior cladding- they therefore offer fantastic value.



Some businesses offer just soft wood exterior cladding, limiting the customer’s options to just using say thermowood, Pine or Douglas Fir.

However, choose our business, and you are quite literally spoilt for choice; we can apply any cladding you would like. So, perhaps the garden building will be built close to your house, which is say a thatched cottage, so why not pick a lovely hardwood exterior cladding?

On the other hand, your home may be relatively new, with a much more modern appearance, of smooth rendered walls. So why not have a garden building built which matches? Why not opt for, say, composite cladding?

A lovely light grey that will compliment the style of your home if your house has a more modern design.
Have internal rooms built.

So, let’s say you want one room dedicated to improving your fitness and another room to use as your work out space.
What’s great about hiring us is you can place internal walls where you want. The problem with choosing flat-pack garden rooms is sometimes the design is fixed, meaning they don’t come with interior walls and doors.

However, our buildings are bespoke. This means you may want say 75% of the building used as your home office. The remainder of the building could be a room with a large T.V, a treadmill, and free weights- so that area could be used as your home gym.



Different heating and cooling options

Here in Great Britain, it’s safe to say our temperature fluctuates alot. From having to scrape ice off our cars in winter to sitting by a fan in summer to just cool down!

So this means that when building a garden room, we must consider heating and cooling options.

Now, the super cheap summerhouses that can be bought at a low cost online often leave the garden room’s cooling and heating to the customer to sort out.

However, we know that the clients we work with in the fantastic city of Bristol will want a garden building that’s ready for use as soon as our builders have finished sawing, nailing and screwing the structure together.

So the solution is to hire us, and we can talk you through the various heating and cooling options that we can offer. For example, we can install underfloor heating and top-of-the-range air conditioning units; when you choose us, the world is your oyster. So you can have a nice, heated and cooled garden room.


Are you thinking of having a Garden Office Pod built in 2024?


Date: 04/01/2024

Garden Office Pods



Many homeowners don’t want the upheaval, not to mention the cost of having to move house.

Yet, so many people do need a quiet workplace—a room to run their business or complete those work tasks. They want a comfortable room, yet sometimes don’t want to pay the prices some construction companies want to say add a dorma loft conversion onto the roof.

Yet, you may have even contacted a garden room company for a quote also, and the quotes have come back sky-high.

For example the quotes might have been 30k, 40k, 50k and has forced you to shelf the idea of building a garden room for a while.

But don’t delay what can be done today.

We can build a “garden office pod”- these are made at a fraction of the price of a lot of larger garden rooms. These buildings can be built at a starting price of just 18k, you could be working in a well-insulated room, sipping a nice cup of tea, and you will have obtained a nice place to work in your garden.


What are the advantages of owning a garden office pod:

– Quick to build
– Offers a quiet space to work
– You can look out over your garden while working
– Well insulated

Separate home life from working life

Imagine this moment: a work call comes through, and management want an Excel document to be brought forward, the deadline is now this work needs to be delivered by Friday.

So, you are under enormous amounts of stress and need to complete this work urgently. So what would help is a quiet room, an office that offers a place you can work, with no distractions.

This is what we would say is the main benefit of owning a garden office pod is that it can offer a quiet place, so you can concentrate on getting your work done.

Why are garden office pods so affordable?

The reason why our garden office pods have soared in popularity is because they are affordable- with a starting price of 18k they offer brilliant value.

What makes them so affordable is the room is compact, not large, yet at the same time, it’s often a size that’s ideally suited for just one person to work in the room comfortably. It can be well insulated, plus it can have super large windows to let in a lot of natural light in.
Because the building is small, this means it can be built relatively quickly. So this means that the building can be made with a starting price of just 18k.



What garden office designs are you able to build?

Bespoke garden buildings

The reason why our garden room company has continued to grow every single year is that we focus on building bespoke garden rooms.

Therefore, our buildings are not ready-made or flat-pack; this allows us to listen instead precisely what our customers want to make and then build it for them.

So, the customer can state precisely how large the windows are to be, what cladding they want, and what colours they want the internal walls to be.


Have you already built many garden office pods in Bristol?

Over the last three years, most of the garden buildings we build are used as a home office.

Our garden offices have become very popular with customers wanting an affordable solution to help them work from home.

We offer some of the best prices, so for example, because our garden office pods start from just 18k- these continue to be one of the most popular types of garden rooms that we build in South England.


What if we have a garage / shed in the way of where we want the new garden room to be built?

Well, often, we are able to work with a demolition contractor that we can recommend that can take away the old garage or shed for you. Also, sometimes, if the concrete base, which is often described as the slab is in good condition, occasionally, if the concrete is in good condition, we can build the garden room on top of it which helps you to save money on the construction costs of the garden room.

We can take care of everything- from groundworks to painting the inside of the building

Contacting many different companies for quotes, in order to finish the garden room, and get the building into a position where you can move the furniture in and start working in the room, does take time- that’s if you pick some other companies.

However, we secure so many orders in S.West England because we have in-house plasterers, electricians and ground workers. Meaning we can take care of everything for you.

So included in the quote is all you will need to get the garden room to the point where you can move your furniture in and start working straight after we have finished the construction work.


Why pay more?

We offer some of the best prices on garden rooms. One of our most popular garden building types is the garden office pod. It’s very affordable, and the best part is how fast we can construct the whole building. From start to finish, we can often build the entire construction often in just 3 weeks.


Will we have to wait long to receive a quote?

Seb and Kingsley offer free quotations; we can offer to visit your home anywhere in Bristol. After a few minutes of discussing the dimensions and cladding options we offer, we can provide you with a free quotation.

So why not call us today?