Are you thinking of having a Garden Office Pod built in 2024?


Date: 04/01/2024

Garden Office Pods



Many homeowners don’t want the upheaval, not to mention the cost of having to move house.

Yet, so many people do need a quiet workplace—a room to run their business or complete those work tasks. They want a comfortable room, yet sometimes don’t want to pay the prices some construction companies want to say add a dorma loft conversion onto the roof.

Yet, you may have even contacted a garden room company for a quote also, and the quotes have come back sky-high.

For example the quotes might have been 30k, 40k, 50k and has forced you to shelf the idea of building a garden room for a while.

But don’t delay what can be done today.

We can build a “garden office pod”- these are made at a fraction of the price of a lot of larger garden rooms. These buildings can be built at a starting price of just 18k, you could be working in a well-insulated room, sipping a nice cup of tea, and you will have obtained a nice place to work in your garden.


What are the advantages of owning a garden office pod:

– Quick to build
– Offers a quiet space to work
– You can look out over your garden while working
– Well insulated

Separate home life from working life

Imagine this moment: a work call comes through, and management want an Excel document to be brought forward, the deadline is now this work needs to be delivered by Friday.

So, you are under enormous amounts of stress and need to complete this work urgently. So what would help is a quiet room, an office that offers a place you can work, with no distractions.

This is what we would say is the main benefit of owning a garden office pod is that it can offer a quiet place, so you can concentrate on getting your work done.

Why are garden office pods so affordable?

The reason why our garden office pods have soared in popularity is because they are affordable- with a starting price of 18k they offer brilliant value.

What makes them so affordable is the room is compact, not large, yet at the same time, it’s often a size that’s ideally suited for just one person to work in the room comfortably. It can be well insulated, plus it can have super large windows to let in a lot of natural light in.
Because the building is small, this means it can be built relatively quickly. So this means that the building can be made with a starting price of just 18k.



What garden office designs are you able to build?

Bespoke garden buildings

The reason why our garden room company has continued to grow every single year is that we focus on building bespoke garden rooms.

Therefore, our buildings are not ready-made or flat-pack; this allows us to listen instead precisely what our customers want to make and then build it for them.

So, the customer can state precisely how large the windows are to be, what cladding they want, and what colours they want the internal walls to be.


Have you already built many garden office pods in Bristol?

Over the last three years, most of the garden buildings we build are used as a home office.

Our garden offices have become very popular with customers wanting an affordable solution to help them work from home.

We offer some of the best prices, so for example, because our garden office pods start from just 18k- these continue to be one of the most popular types of garden rooms that we build in South England.


What if we have a garage / shed in the way of where we want the new garden room to be built?

Well, often, we are able to work with a demolition contractor that we can recommend that can take away the old garage or shed for you. Also, sometimes, if the concrete base, which is often described as the slab is in good condition, occasionally, if the concrete is in good condition, we can build the garden room on top of it which helps you to save money on the construction costs of the garden room.

We can take care of everything- from groundworks to painting the inside of the building

Contacting many different companies for quotes, in order to finish the garden room, and get the building into a position where you can move the furniture in and start working in the room, does take time- that’s if you pick some other companies.

However, we secure so many orders in S.West England because we have in-house plasterers, electricians and ground workers. Meaning we can take care of everything for you.

So included in the quote is all you will need to get the garden room to the point where you can move your furniture in and start working straight after we have finished the construction work.


Why pay more?

We offer some of the best prices on garden rooms. One of our most popular garden building types is the garden office pod. It’s very affordable, and the best part is how fast we can construct the whole building. From start to finish, we can often build the entire construction often in just 3 weeks.


Will we have to wait long to receive a quote?

Seb and Kingsley offer free quotations; we can offer to visit your home anywhere in Bristol. After a few minutes of discussing the dimensions and cladding options we offer, we can provide you with a free quotation.

So why not call us today?


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