Here’s why you should purchase a bespoke garden building rather than a flat-pack version


So, sure, a million and one businesses are offering low-cost DIY flat-pack garden buildings. At first glance, they may seem astonishingly good value, yet hold your horses for just a second, and do make sure you consider a bespoke garden room as well.
The reason for this is bespoke garden buildings we think can offer excellent value if they are built to a very high standard. Here’s why we believe that:


Make better use of the space you have available



You might want your dream garden building built into the far corner of your garden- say where the old green house used to be.
And customers will often want to make the best use of every square inch of their garden- so they don’t waste the room they have avaliable. So, you often don’t want to compromise by having a DIY garden room that doesn’t make best use out of the space you have available.

What’s great about choosing us is that we can measure the area where you want the garden building to be built. Then, we can make the building to the exact dimensions that you want. So whether it’s a triangular or just a plain, square-shaped building, we can build it for you to whatever size you would like.


How much do your bespoke garden rooms cost?


Well, you are most likely to be impressed by our prices as well, that because we can offer a bespoke garden building with a starting price of just 18k. These buildings are made to last, with quality roofs, doors, and exterior cladding- they therefore offer fantastic value.



Some businesses offer just soft wood exterior cladding, limiting the customer’s options to just using say thermowood, Pine or Douglas Fir.

However, choose our business, and you are quite literally spoilt for choice; we can apply any cladding you would like. So, perhaps the garden building will be built close to your house, which is say a thatched cottage, so why not pick a lovely hardwood exterior cladding?

On the other hand, your home may be relatively new, with a much more modern appearance, of smooth rendered walls. So why not have a garden building built which matches? Why not opt for, say, composite cladding?

A lovely light grey that will compliment the style of your home if your house has a more modern design.
Have internal rooms built.

So, let’s say you want one room dedicated to improving your fitness and another room to use as your work out space.
What’s great about hiring us is you can place internal walls where you want. The problem with choosing flat-pack garden rooms is sometimes the design is fixed, meaning they don’t come with interior walls and doors.

However, our buildings are bespoke. This means you may want say 75% of the building used as your home office. The remainder of the building could be a room with a large T.V, a treadmill, and free weights- so that area could be used as your home gym.



Different heating and cooling options

Here in Great Britain, it’s safe to say our temperature fluctuates alot. From having to scrape ice off our cars in winter to sitting by a fan in summer to just cool down!

So this means that when building a garden room, we must consider heating and cooling options.

Now, the super cheap summerhouses that can be bought at a low cost online often leave the garden room’s cooling and heating to the customer to sort out.

However, we know that the clients we work with in the fantastic city of Bristol will want a garden building that’s ready for use as soon as our builders have finished sawing, nailing and screwing the structure together.

So the solution is to hire us, and we can talk you through the various heating and cooling options that we can offer. For example, we can install underfloor heating and top-of-the-range air conditioning units; when you choose us, the world is your oyster. So you can have a nice, heated and cooled garden room.


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