We can build a timber frame extension onto your home


We can build an extension, whether freestanding, such as a garden room or a timber frame building, directly adjoining onto your home. We can make the framework using timber, strengthening the structure.

We have built many property extensions, and our timber frame extensions some our customers a lot, when compared to using stone, brick or breezeblocks. Plus, the whole building can be built quickly, as we have so many carpenters working as part of our team.

Do you build property extensions?



We can build property extensions using timber, yet if the client prefers, we can also build using bricks or breeze blocks. We have an estimator, who can have a look at the plans, and offer you a quote in a short period of time. So if you thinking about getting your property extended in Bath or within the city of Bristol, we are the construction company to call.


Can we design the whole building how we like, or is it already partially made?


So, we mostly build garden rooms, yet we also build property extensions. Yet, with that said the structures we build are always bespoke. Some companies, own industrial units in Bristol, say on Avonmouth docks, and sometimes the garden room can be partially made, and then put into a flat pack to be delivered to the customer’s house. We don’t build our garden rooms like this. Instead, every building is bespoke, and we work closely with the client to ensure they get a building built exactly the way they would like.
How do we obtain a quote?


Timber is a sustainable building material.

Whether building a garden room or an extension of your home, we can use a lot of timber during the construction- all the wood will be FSC pressure-treated timber.

This is often referred to as “green timber” by some builders, that’s been pressure treated; this building material is sustainable because it can be replanted and grown. We use FSC timber, so the wood comes from carefully managed forests.


So, why purchase a timber frame extension from us:

There are several good reasons to purchase timber frame extensions from us. The main reason is speed; our carpenters can build a large timber frame extension in a relatively short time using FSC wood so the wood will be sourced in an eco-friendly way. Then we can add large bi-folding doors, and perhaps you would like a roof lantern, this is a popular design, which a lot of our customers opt for.


Quick to build

Although our buildings are not already preassembled in a factory, our expert team can still quickly build them. We can make a large extension onto a house or a luxury and bespoke garden room relatively quickly. Every building we produce is custom-made, which means we will have to offer you an estimate of how long it will take us to build the structure.

Most garden rooms we now construct can be built in less than three weeks from start to finish. This is if the building is built using ground screws. Laying a concrete base, might take a bit longer.
For example, more intricate garden rooms and buildings with a bathroom, where a lot of groundwork is needed, may take us longer to build.


Energy efficient

What’s great about having a timber frame extension or a garden room built by us is we can offer a massive range of different insulation options. This can range from panel insulation, sheep’s wool, and fibreglass.

We can also offer hemp insulation as well.


Modern or traditional finish

We can build a garden building or an extension onto your home, which caters for any style; for example, if you want an ultra-modern appearance, why not opt for composite cladding? Why not opt for hardwood cladding for a more traditional exterior appearance? Oak is expensive, yet it looks brilliant, and when you have this covered to the outside of the building, it will look great and enhance the appearance of your garden.

Just imagine sipping a nice refreshing drink in the middle of summer, and you can look at the extension added to your home, which is clad with a nice luxury hardwood, such as oak.


How much does a timber frame extension cost to add to our home?

Every extension that we build in the city of Bristol, onto our customer’s homes is different. So, we can arrange for a video call to take place, say over Skype, or visit your home- where we can gain an understanding of the building you want constructed. We will then need to consider which windows, doors, and cladding you want, then we provide you with a quote.


How large will the garden building or the extension be?

As you might expect, a lot more wood, steel, and glazing will be needed when building large garden rooms and extensions in Bristol. We will need to calculate these costs and get you a quote. We aim to always get back to our customers as quickly as possible with a quote, so if you want an estimate, give us a quick call.


How intricate will the build be

Suppose the client wants, for example, a large roof lantern that is aluminium-framed. They want substantial bi-folding doors fitted. These can push the price up yet look brilliant; if the customer wants a less expensive option, then we can use French doors, which are cheaper than bi-folding doors. Yet we can design and build any building or garden room. With a large team of tradesmen now working for us, we can now make any building. We also cater to most budgets, with summerhouse prices starting from 18k, and some of the extensions we build can sometimes be more than 100k in Bristol.

Property extensions typically vary between 25k and 70k depending on the design.


We do offer free quotes, so why not call us?

Brick, wood or metal

Even though most of this article has been dedicated to describing building buildings made from timber, we can create extensions to your house made of brick, breeze block or wood.

Some structures, the more modern extensions and homes, are sometimes even steel-framed with large glass panels. We can build these property extensions also.

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