We now also build corner garden rooms (composite & wood)



Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 19th of January 2024


Corner Garden Rooms

What are the benefits of purchasing a corner garden room?



There are a lot of homeowners that might own a small garden.

For example, you might have a lovely five-bedroom house, yet if it’s a brand-new built house, this often means the garden is relatively small sometimes.

Therefore, the homeowner might think that a large, imposing composite garden room will look out of place within such a small garden.

However, what is great about our company is that every single garden building is built to order; it’s tailor-made.


Bespoke garden buildings

This means that every building will suit your garden perfectly. The whole building is tailor-made to suit your garden, like a well-fitted suit.

So whether you want the gin bar built, right in the corner of your garden, or perhaps a place where you can work to meet clients, why not call us?

We now have over eight years of experience building composite corner garden rooms.


Save space

In some gardens, you can’t even swing a cat, which is an old-fashioned way of saying there’s not much room at all!

Thankfully, we have a large team of labourers, and they can demolish an old wooden shed that might be rotting away in the corner of your garden. You might not have used that’s all a rickety, wooden shed for long a time because the roof might even collapsed. Therefore, there is point you’re trying to fix it, and therefore the shed is wasted space in a garden.


We can remove any old sheds/garages

Therefore, our team of hard-working, diligent labourers will throw that old wooden shed into a skip for you, thus creating space to build a compact, well-built and long-lasting corner Garden room for you.

Especially if the buildings are made of composite, they will last a long period of time.

Right across the brilliant and fantastic city, more people are calling us and e-mailing us than ever before for corner garden rooms to be constructed by our builders. That’s because a corner garden room makes good use of the corner of a garden.



Are you buildings weatherproof and extremely durable?

There will always be hundreds, if not thousands, of companies selling really cheap, rock-bottom-priced summerhouses.

Often, these don’t last very long if they are cheaply made. The floor, for example, might be made of flimsy OSB board, which is built on top of the wet grass sometimes! This is not the way to build a summerhouse. Therefore, the floor could even become a health and safety issue because the customer might fall through the floor if the wood becomes rotten. So avoid buying cheap, poorly built buildings.

However, sometimes also, the exterior cladding is sometimes made from softwood, and if it’s not treated with, say, a wood preservative it can become extremely porous to our damp weather conditions, it might become wet and rot quickly.


What shape garden buildings can you construct?


We can construct the following shape garden buildings:

  • L-shaped
  • Circler
  • Hexagonal
  • Square
  • L-shaped
  • Rectangular
  • Garden rooms complete with a roof terrace


Why pick our company?

We also have a highly diligent team of builders. Before any work starts, we can send in as many labourers as are needed to help clear the way for the space where the building will be built.

So even if you have many bramble bushes, you might have a tree in the way, an old greenhouse, or even a brick-built garage; we can demolish it all to make way for your new composite garden room.

So, if you have a space in your garden and you want it cleared, we can do that work for you.




Nice and warm- all our buildings are fully insulated

At the current time of writing, it’s absolutely freezing outside. Cars are covered in thick layers of frost, houses have icicles hanging from the guttering, and you also have a lot of people wearing very ski winter jackets when walking down the road.

Therefore, if you are going to be working from, say, your Apple laptop in the garden room, let’s say within your garden office, then the building will need to be very well insulated.

That’s in order to keep Jack Frost out and keep the nice warm air within the building. We can therefore bring in our electricians in to install the electric heaters for you.


Our labourers can also install thick layers of insulation.



To keep the room warm for longer, you will need good quality, long-lasting and thick insulation added to the sidewalls and the floor.

Then, you require an extra thick slab of insulation to be placed into the roof; otherwise, all the heat generated by the electric radiators will escape straight away and through the ceiling. This is not energy efficient, the heating bill on an uninsulated garden room, well will be a lot. So make sure the construction company adds thick insulation to every wall, the roof, and the floor.

There is another reason why so many homeowners call us: we have such a strong reputation for building well-built and very well-insulated summerhouses.

So with the simple flick of a switch, you can switch on the electric heater, it can be nice and warm inside the garden room, making it nice place to work. That’s even in the middle of winter when it’s below zero degrees outside.



What do people use their corner garden rooms for?

You might be currently considering whether it’s worth forking out for a garden building, and you might even be comparing the cost with what it would cost to call a local builder to add an extension to your home?

Often, a garden room we built costs less than building an extension onto your house.

Also, the possibilities regarding what you could use the garden building for are pretty endless.


For example, our customers have use the buildings, for the following uses:

– Gin/wine bar

–        Cinema room

–        Home office

–        Gym

–        Place to simply read books, and have a giant bookshelf built


For example, perhaps you want to wake up, have a sip on an espresso coffee, and then use the room to exercise and improve your fitness.

You could place, therefore, numerous pieces of gym equipment into your garden gym.

Perhaps on the other hand you want us to build a caller summerhouse, so it becomes your place you can read a good book on a summer evening. Alternatively, you might work very long hours, full-time, perhaps even 50 hours plus per week. You could use this room therefore as your garden office.



Guest bedroom/corner summerhouse

So many people ask us to build a garden room because they often want to create a place where they can have family and friends can sleep over and use the building as a guest bedroom.

You could you even have toilets and a shower installed depending on the size of the building? So when family members come over, they have somewhere where they can stay, helping save on hotel costs.



Garden offices are becoming very popular.


If you work from home, purchasing an insulated garden office from us is worth considering. We can build a garden room for just 18 grand. You might want it to be clad with composite cladding, which will cost a bit more but will mean that the cladding is very low maintenance.


We can also build a circular garden building.

This might not necessarily make the best use of the space available in your garden, but it can provide a great-looking garden building if it has a circular design. For example, if it’s clad with, let’s say, luxurious Canadian red Cedar and the sun is beaming on the building, the circular garden room can look brilliant in any garden.


A garden room with a rooftop terrace

Now let’s say you live in the fantastic area of Clifton, a beautiful part of Bristol.

You might want to have a roof terrace built on the roof by us. You might need to gain planning permission for this, but once it’s been granted by the local council, you will have a place where you can sit out in the summer evening and perhaps enjoy a nice bottle of wine on your roof terrace, built on top of your garden room.


Harvest the sun’s energy.

Why not add multiple solar panels to the roof of your garden building?

For example, why not put high-quality and high-powered solar panels onto the roof so that you can start to harvest the sun’s energy?


Would you like a garden building constructed?

We have built a vast number of high-quality, bespoke and luxurious garden buildings right across England.

We have a friendly team that can come out, meet you and over a cup of tea and discuss precisely how you would like the building to be created.

Our in-house architect will work out a quote for you; usually, we can turn the quote around within 48 hours. If you want a summerhouse built, call the experts at Kingsley Build.



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