Why our garden offices offer the perfect place to work if your working from home?




More and more job advertisements are posted on various job websites such as “Indeed” which advertise wanting to recruit people for “hybrid jobs”.

We know from first-hand experience that more people are currently working from home than ever before.
Therefore, There is enormous demand for “garden office pods” and “garden offices” to be built. Our company builds both all over the United Kingdom.

Happy employees

If you were to speak to most employees, the last thing that they want after a long day at work is to be stuck in rush hour traffic after a long day. Therefore, many people now want to be hybrid working, this means some working at home and some at the office. This is where the garden office offers the perfect solution, a quiet place to complete while at home.

Get more work completed in peace and quiet

Working from home, well, it is sometimes not that easy to do. With the television on too loud in the background, people asking you questions when your trying to take a work call, and all whilst other family members chat in the kitchen which is distracting you. This is why homeowners often need a garden office built, os they require a quiet place to work.

Our team can sometimes build A garden office pod in less than two weeks, with a starting price 18k. They offer fantastic value for money.


Could you get more done?

A lot of people often like that hybrid working which allows you to catch up with work colleagues, have meetings and meet their clients whilst at the office. Yet, often a lot people also like to work in their garden office, which allows a quieter place to get work done with no distractions. So a garden office can be your place to complete all your work in total peace and quiet.

Escape from the city

Working in the city has its pluses; there are often many good places to eat, and you can meet friends at lunch and perhaps have a pint after work before hopping on the next train back home.

However, it is busy and noisy working in the city, and you often need a break from working in hustle and bustle for too long. So, depending on the house’s location, you could work within a garden room why may have amazing views. For example, you might live on top of a hill and have amazing views over miles after miles of countryside- so why not work in a garden office built by us, it can offer a tranquil place to work, well enjoying looking out over the countryside.


Gym/garden office

If you were to chat with most office workers these days, they can often be found in one of two places during a weekday. That’s, of course, at the office or at the gym. Well, the problem with that is, often, there’s so much time wasted in the mornings and after being stuck in traffic trying to get to either location.

Yet, when you own a garden office/gym, well, you will have a room where you have enough space to get your work done and your workout with your exercise equipment as well.


Meet your clients within your garden office

Again, much time can be wasted driving to the city centre or catching a train to meet a client in the city centre. Sometimes, if you, for example, are self-employed, you could meet your clients in your garden office. This, therefore, helps you save time, as you are not driving to meet your customers.


Huge bi-folding doors / sliding doors to let the fresh air in
One of the massive drawbacks of working within the city, say within a huge towering tower block, is well, the air inside the office can often be rather stuffy sometimes. Especially in the older say concrete 70’s office blocks which sometimes have less than adequate ventilation. So, when a worker does switch from working in the large office in the city, for a nice, well-built garden office, well, breathing fresher air, might be the reason they hired us to build the building.

So, if you would like a garden office built, why not call us?


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