Small Garden Offices


The benefits of owning a small garden office



Garden offices offer a great to work; these buildings can provide a quiet place to get work done that’s totally detached from your house.

Perhaps you’re currently finding that, at this moment in time, there are too many distractions within your home whilst working? Maybe, when you’re trying to work, other family members might be attempting to talk to you, therefore distracting you from getting your work completed on time?

Therefore you will undoubtably want to complete your work in a nice, quiet and peaceful room.

This is exactly what the garden office can offer, especially if there has been quality soundproofing add throughout the building.


Small garden office

In most inner-city areas, some properties might have a relatively small garden.
However, building a garden office is still often feasible, even in the smallest of gardens.

If your property has no rear access via a lane or side gate, we can often still bring the building materials through the corridor and into the garden to start construction work.

Therefore, the point that we are trying to make is that we can build a garden office in most gardens even if theres not enough room in your garden to swing a cat.



Just like when you’re on an aeroplane, the interior designers of the aircraft often have to make the most of every available space onboard.

Every inch is therefore cleverly designed, to get the maxium out of that space, and therefore not room is wasted. Thus, this means that the chair, the storage, and the items, such as the toilets, are all really cleverly designed to ensure that every space is cleverly used.

Now, this same concept must be applied when designing and building a garden office, in that if we are building a garden office in a small garden, we have to make the best use of our space.

We have to design the garden office carefully, so there are walls are thinner perhaps, although we can build a building that follows the contours of the garden.


Corner garden

Just as you have a garden shed in the corner of your garden, you could have a lovely corner garden room built that makes the best use of the available space in your garden.



We can install lighting, doors, internal electrics even the flooring

What’s great about our company is that we don’t give you just a shell of a garden room, and then other contractors have to finish off constructing the building.

Instead, we can take care of every detail; we can install the flooring and even offer to paint and decorate the room for you.

Will we require planning permission?

Quite often, but most certainly not always, the garden rooms that we build often don’t need planning permission from the local council.

However, with that said, sometimes, planning permission will be required to be granted for some garden rooms. It depends on the design that you want built and where you live.

The great thing is, our estimator can come out and has a chat and perhaps over a biscuit and a cup of tea with you, they can quickly ascertain whether permission will be needed.


Helping you to separate family life from work

If you’re working from the kitchen table currently, and you have to clear everything away to make way for the evening supper, what this means is that this can get rather annoying especially when you just need another hour to finish off your work.
Also, if you’re working in the house, somebody might be playing a musical instrument loudly, talking too loudly, or cooking something tasty in the kitchen, but with the radio turned up a bit too loud- this can all distract you from getting your work done.

So if you want to separate your personal life from your work, why not get a garden office built by our highly skilled carpenters?

Make sure the building is insulated

At the time of writing, storms are blowing all across the United Kingdom. It’s more than chilly outside, and the trees have no leaves on them right now, so if you were to have an uninsulated garden building constructed, well, it might be like stepping into a fridge freezer.

So, this needs to be avoided; to do this, ample insulation must be crammed into every single part of the building. A builder needs to take their time, to carefully cut and install insulation to ensure that the building is more energy-efficient and, once warmed up, retains that nice warm air for a bit longer.

Environmentally friendly

More and more of us are becoming conscious of our impact on the environment, and rightly so.
Building a garden room involves using a lot of building materials, especially timber. Therefore, these must be carefully sourced; the timber must come from carefully managed forests, for example, forests which the FSC manages.

All of our timber comes from carefully managed forests.


Super long guarantee period

We can offer you a long guarantee on our garden buildings, but it depends significantly on the options you choose. For example, we can deliver different guarantee periods depending on the roof option you choose.
If you were to talk to our builders, they often recommend opting for a rubber roof. We can build this for you.


Make working from home even more comfortable

If you are busy working, say from the kitchen table; and you want somewhere to work more comfortably. Why not give us a ring? We have built countless garden offices across the south-west of England. They are of fabulous quality. We can take care of the construction process for you from start to finish.

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