Can you use a garden building as an office?



Date: 29/01/2024

Written by: Ryan Walsh


Are you thinking of ways to extend your home so you can gain a home office in Bristol? Then, this is the article for you; we will explain why so many homeowners are taking advantage of our low-cost garden buildings helping many homeowners to gain more living space.


Article contents:

What are the main benefits of owning a garden office

Why we are the company to hire when you require a garden room to be built in Bristol

Perhaps you already own a garden building, that may well be lets say currently a gym area. You may now wish to turn it into a place to complete your work and use it as a garden office instead? With some light building work this can easily be completed.

Alternatively, you might be reading this article and wondering whether or not you would like a garden office built, and you are currently weighing up the benefits of choosing other options, such as whether to instead add an extension to your home?

In either case, this is the article for you, it will provide you with helpful advice on why so many people are turning to us to have garden offices built.



Can a garden room be used as a home office during the winter?

A common misconception is that a garden room is a room that will be way too cold to use in the winter months. However, this might be true for some garden buildings, built by some other businesses, its not true about ours. So if incorporated into the building is really high quality, thick panel insulation is used, you will be obtaining a room that can be used throughout the seasons. That said, the insulation needs to be cut and sandwiched between the structural timbers really well, our builders always ensure this.

The insulation must also be cut flush and placed into the floor and ceiling.


Work all year around in absolute comfort.

So, as we mentioned, if the building is well insulated, you will obtain a room that’s easy to keep warm if we build it for you. With a few oil-filled radiators can often be sufficient for heating a large, well-insulated garden building. You can, therefore, write your work emails, talk to your staff, or perhaps complete that Excel spreadsheet, all in absolute comfort while working on your garden building built by us.


What are the main benefits of owning a luxury, well-built garden room?

Something to consider is that most of our garden buildings don’t need planning permission- therefore work could start very quickly if your hire us.

Therefore, it’s possible that after you appoint us to build the building, we can sometimes start work within a week.
Property extentions

However, with that said, if you were to add a property extension onto your home, and it’s a size that requires planning permission, then it could sometimes take many months for the council to write back with a decision.

So, if you’ve just started a business, you might not want to wait for the council to make a planning decision on whether or not you could build, let’s say, a dorma roof extension on your home.

So you could instead hire us to build a garden building, and we could start work on this straight away (depending on the design of the garden room). Some garden buildings will require planning permission.



Less noise

For all of us who have worked from home at some time in our lives, whether on a hybrid basis or perhaps full-time, a lot of us will have found it somewhat distracting place to complete work. Whether it’s the noise from other family members or maybe the noise from someone watching the television way too loudly, it can all get a bit, well annoying. Especially if you have a deadline you need to hit.

So, one of the main advantages and benefits of owning a garden building is it’s detached from the house. So, it offers a peaceful place where you can go, get your work done, and then when the working day is done and dusted, you can just pick up your laptop and walk straight back to the house when you finish.



Mix it up

So, we are all used to driving to, say, an office that’s in the city centre, and that’s our principal place of work. If we are lucky, sometimes there’s a gym in the building, but often, many workplaces don’t have this facility. So, why not dedicate part of the room at home to be your own fitness studio when building a garden office? A place to do yoga, a place to run, a place to do some free weights.


How to turn a garden room into an office

Consider these four elements when designing your perfect garden office:




So, there will be parts of any garden that have more natural light shining on that part of the garden throughout the day than on other parts of your lawn. You want to choose a part where the sun is not too bright, yet you’re not in the complete shade of your neighbour’s tree. Why not mark out that part of the garden and see how the sun shines on it? You might find it too bright say at midday, and wish to have it relocated to area where the rooms are illuminated, but your eyes are strained because of ultra-strong sunlight.



Don’t pick a company that installs super cheap insulation into the garden room, because the garden room might be offered at a rock-bottom price for sure, but what’s the point if you have to have the heating on constantly?

Have super thick, high-quality insulation added to the walls, floor and ceiling. This is the same type of insulation used in most cavities when a new extension is added to your house.

You will want the super thick insulation added.

So, choose a company that will supply you with good quality insulation, as in the winter, without this in some lower quality summerhouses; they can be too cold to be within.


Plenty of electrical sockets

If you use the room as a garden office, you don’t want just one plug socket.

So ensure the garden room has loads of sockets to power your laptop, printer, phone, etc.

Also, opt for a dimmer switch while we are on the subject of talking about electrical fittings and fixture installation. If you burning the midnight oil and working late, you will want the room to be lit really well. If it’s just dusk outside, you might not want it too bright, so choose a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting so your eyes don’t get as strained.


Roof light

So sure, adding a roof lantern will increase the cost when constructing the garden office, but think of the advantages. If you’re only going to be working in the garden office for just say an hour a day, then you might deem the extra expense not worth it.

Yet, if you, let’s say, run a business, and you’re going to be working in the room a lot, think of the extra light being channelled into the room from the roof lantern. It could better illuminate the whole room, making it a more welcoming and better space to work.


Are you looking for a company to build a garden room in Bristol?

We have a highly experienced sales team. They will walk you through the entire sales process and explain every option we have available so your obtain the garden room of your dreams. So why not talk to one of our team today?

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