A comprehensive guide to purchasing a summerhouse



In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about purchasing a luxurious summerhouse.

For example, we recommend that you consider the shape of the building because you could have a rectangular, square or even circular design. You should also consider the size of the building and also if you want to partition the building into multiple rooms.

In this article we will talk about:

– What exactly is a summerhouse?
– How to go about designing your summerhouse
– Different types of cladding
– Different types of roofs
– What the foundations can be made from
– Door and window options
– Summerhouse shapes

So, what exactly is a summerhouse?

Summerhouses are often described under different names. For example, the building could be described as a garden office, garden room, or log cabin. These are all descriptions to describe a room that’s typically made of wood, freestanding within your garden, and which can be used for many different purposes. For example, it can be used as a cinema room right through to being used as a bar.
So, during the working week, the majority of the time, when our mobile phone rings, it’s for people wanting a garden office constructed.
What our customers use their garden room for can vary, between being used a home office or perhaps as a place to work out after work.

Entertaining guests


So more and more people want what is called a “garden bar” built. That is a place where you can ask friends and family over and enjoy a nice drink within a garden bar.
Often, this building incorporates a complete bathroom suite. It usually has a large bar area; you might even want to fix your spirits to the walls. Usually, a good quality sound system is installed as well, such as a good quality Bose sound system. So if you fancy a dance with your friends right into the early morning hours of the morning, this is perfectly possible within a garden bar built by us.

Set out where you want your garden room built

So do think quite long and hard about this, and we would recommend either using environmentally friendly spray paint or just simply marking out where you want the building to be built in your garden using say plant pots. We say that because you want to get accustomed for at least a week to how much space that garden room would occupy once its built.

What you don’t want, if you have a small garden, is to have a big garden room built, and then possibly regret it because you have then sacrificed so much space within your garden, or it’s blocking light to say your kitchen.

So what you do want is to have a garden building constructed, and you want it to be a perfect size so that you have the garden room built the way you want, but also so you are not sacrificing too much space within your garden.

Check if planning permission is needed

So the vast majority of the buildings we construct, hear in Bristol, don’t need planning permission because they come under whats called permitted development. But with that said, you still have to check because if you want a huge garden room built, or a tall building you might need planning permission.

For every single garden room that’s built, you should check with the garden room company whether planning permission is needed and an architect. The reason being, if you build a garden room, and planning permission should have been sought, and it wasn’t, you might be asked to take it down by the council. So always check with an architect first.

3-D designs
So sometimes, some of our customers want to visualise how their garden room looks before its built. Therefore, we can send you a set of designs, which show for the front side elevation and back elevations and side, within a PDF document.


Corner garden rooms

So like most large cities, many homeowners might not have large gardens. In which case, you might be thinking, do we have enough room to build a summerhouse?

So why not have a garden room this built right in the corner of your garden?

Corner garden rooms are often more compact. They take up less space because they fit up the corner of your garden, and they don’t take as much space as a rectangular garden room would.

Large insulated garden room


What you don’t want is to have a garden building constructed, and you freezing and shivering in the winter within it.

No matter how large an oil-filled radiator or a fan heater is installed within the room, you might struggle to keep warm without insulation.

The great thing about picking our company is our gardens rooms will always fully insulated.


Cladding styles

So, there are so many cladding options to choose from, such as ton and groove, interlocking boards, and softwood as well as hardwood boards.


Roof coverings

There’s only one roof option that we would really recommend and that’s EPDM roofs. This lasts a very long period; it can’t be walked upon because the roof won’t support the weight of a person, also if it is walked on it would pierce the actual EPDM roof. Yet if correctly maintained, can be a long-lasting roof covering as long as the roof is not walked upon.

Window and door options

Some companies will only offer you a few different sizes for the doors and windows. However, all of our windows and outdoors are bespoke, so you can have any size of windows or doors you would like added to your Bristol summerhouse.

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