We also build golf simulator garden rooms.


Date: 19/02/2024

Those who love playing a game of golf will know that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the game if the weather is terrible. Yet, with a garden room and a similar state-of-the-art golf course, you can practise in any weather, as you will be indoors, in a nice warm and dry room.


Practice whenever you want

What’s great about picking our company is the building can be built to any dimensions you like. So, if you want a truly massive building so you can practice golf, then we can build that for you. Plus, why not have a kitchen and a bathroom installed so you can go and fetch yourself a refreshing cuppa whenever you want to?


Large garden rooms

Most golf simulators require a large room so that we can build a massive building for you. Plus, we can construct the building to any shape you would like, so perhaps you would want the building to be as long as possible, rectangular, and built towards one side of your garden; then, we can make this for you.

Why not add a bar?


Insulated golf simulator

It’s essential that the building has a perfect heating system. You will want to use your golf similarly in all weather conditions, whether freezing or hot. So our team can build a golf simulator with heating and air conditioning. This means you can focus on your game of golf.


Built to last

Golf simulators, depending on the brand, can be rather expensive. So, to house your golf simulator, you will want a high-quality building that definitely comes with a long-lasting roof. We usually use EPDM roofs to help our buildings last longer.


Bespoke Garden Golf Simulator Rooms

We can come out and meet you; we can measure up the area in your garden where you want the building built. We can then write back to you within five days with a quote.


How much does a garden golf simulator room cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of the garden room, the cladding, and whether you want us to install the heating and air conditioning.
For even more comfort, some customers may want underfloor heating as well. Also, some may wish to build a side room that acts as a bar. The bar could, therefore, be a great place to meet your friends and have a drink after playing a game of golf in your golf simulator.


Do I need planning permission for a golf simulator garden room?

For most summerhouses we build, the customers often do not seek planning permission. However, this is not for all garden rooms. Sometimes, planning permission is needed if the building exceeds a certain height or you live in a conservation area. When we meet you and have a good idea of the design you want to build, we can often tell the customer whether planning permission will be needed.


Which golf simulators can be installed in my garden golf room?

How do we obtain a quote for your company to build a golf simulator?
Our company now builds golf simulators all across West England. We can offer you a free quote; we aim to write back to our customers within a working week with a full quote breakdown. Why not call us today/


Golf simulators Bristol

Our company now builds garden rooms, which can be used as a golf simulator garden room.

Will my garden room/office need to have foundations installed?


In short, the answer to this question is yes. A garden building needs to have its weight supported to prevent structural movement. If the building were to be built directly on top of the soil, it would likely move, potentially becoming unsafe.

Foundations also have other purposes; a damp-proof membrane often made from plastic stops the water coming through the concrete slab. Therefore, a well-built concrete base can improve the longevity of the building.


What types of foundations can your construction company build?

When our estimator comes out, they will have a quick walk around your garden. They will be looking at how the soil is: is it draining away, or is water being held by the ground because the soil is mostly clay?

Then we will need to have a discussion with you about the size of the garden room and what you like built inside. The structure will weigh a lot if it’s a large garden room, complete with a bathroom. This weight needs to be adequately supported; we, therefore, typically recommend a concrete slab.

However, as the article will go on to explain, there are other options, there are ground screws.

Let’s have a look at the different types of foundations we can offer you in Bristol:


We can build a concrete slab

This is typically the more expensive option for building a foundation. Yet, it’s a perfect option. Yet often, a mini-digger is needed to level the ground, so side or rear access to the property will be required.

We can bring a Kubota or a JCB excavator into your garden to level the ground. We can then arrange for the concrete to be delivered and poured.

Some customers will not want a concrete base, as it does have an environmental impact. Producing concrete causes CO2; when you consider that an excavator has to use a grading bucket to grade off the ground, it can disturb the soil and the ecosystem, such as roots, worms and plants.

A more environmentally friendly option is to opt for ground screws.

A ground screw is simply a giant screw, so there’s no need to bring an excavator into the garden. There is also no need to use a grading bucket often to grade off the soil.


Concrete plinths

We here at Kingsley Build don’t tend to use this type of foundation. However, some companies do. Instead of building a large concrete slab, individual plinths are made, like columns that hold up the building. We don’t tend to use this option.


Ground screws

Ground screws are very popular; we use them a lot at our garden room company. However, many other companies are also using this option as well.

The benefits are fast the ground screws are quick and easy to install. Using a powerful drill, the screws are driven deep into the ground.

The screws are significant and, therefore, able to take a lot of weight. Plus, they are often much cheaper to install than concrete.
Getting concrete into a garden can be labour-intensive, or using a pump truck can be expensive.

Ground screws, on the other hand, these much easier to install. The ground screws can be easily carried into your garden, as they are relatively lightweight?

Are you thinking of getting a garden office built in Bristol?

If you’re considering building a garden office, why not talk to us? We have already created many luxury garden rooms throughout the city of Bristol.


So, if you would like a free quote, why not give us a ring today?

Will my garden room/office require foundations?

We answer whether a garden room or office requires foundations. We explain the benefits of choosing ground screws.

Will we be required to obtain planning permission in order to build a new garden office?

If you are wondering whether or not you need to seek permission from the local council to build a garden office, then this is the blog post for you.


Is planning permission required when building a garden office?


Just like when you make alterations to your home, for example adding a dormer loft conversion or perhaps a new property extension onto the back of your house, you need to seek planning permission to do so from the local council before building work can even start.

However, garden buildings are slightly different because sometimes, occasionally, they don’t need to seek planning permission from the local council. So sometimes, our builders can start work straight away once the customer approves the quote.

That’s if the build comes under what is called permitted development.



We can offer a free 30-minute consultation

Often, we need to come out to measure how large the buildings will be, discuss, drainage, water supply, how we can bring a electrical supply to the building. We also offer our guidance on whether we think planning will be needed from Bristol City Council or not.

We also need to understand what you use the garden room for, for example, whether it’s an office or somebody will occasionally live in the building?

We can offer recommendations to you to whether planning permission is required. Once we have met you and visited the garden, we can recommend whether planning permission is needed or not.

Therefore, every build is different. Thus, we need to provide tailored advice to your circumstances.


Bristol City Council

Sometimes, planning permission will need to be sought from Bristol council; sometimes, this is because the garden room will be built in a conservation area, or its built near a listed property, or perhaps you are building very close to your neighbour’s property.

Sometimes, it’s because you want to put a roof terrace on the building, or perhaps you even want a multistorey building built. Therefore, planning permission is often needed in certain circumstances.

But again, we can come out and offer you a free quote and advice on whether you will need to seek planning permission from Bristol City Council.


So, will planning permission be needed or not to build a garden office?

The vast majority of the outbuildings/garden rooms we build every single month are built by what are called permitted development rights.

However, as you can imagine, because this blog post is likely to be read by thousands of people, we can’t offer you exact answer as to whether or not you would need to gain planning permission or not as we would need to visit your garden.

We can come out anywhere within the Bristol area, and aim to come out as promptly as possible to offer you some free advice.

We often can offer quotes in the evenings as well; for example, during the spring and summer periods, when we are really busy, we often have an estimator who can pop out between 6 and 8 PM and offer you a free quote within the Bristol area, if this works better for you?

Are you about to build a garden office in Bristol?

What’s great about hiring our company is if architectural plans need to be submitted to the local council, we have architects who work directly for us.

The architects can draw up drawings, making it easier for our clients, because they don’t have to find an architect in Bristol.

Before the architects send the plans for approval, we can even create a set of 3-D drawings also, showing you precisely what the building will look like.

Therefore, you can visualise what the garden building will look like before its built.

Once you improve the 3-D drawings we have created, they can be sent to the architect, who will put the exact measurements on them and then send these to Bristol City Council for approval.

Please note that we can sometimes start constructing the garden office the following week if we do not need to obtain planning.

Yet if we have to wait for Bristol County Council to approve the design of your garden office; it can often take many more months before we can start building the foundations.

What’s great about hiring our company is that we can help you to design your perfect garden room.


We can discuss all the options, ranging from underfloor heating to having spotlights fitted to the front of the building.

If you want us to offer you a free quote anywhere within Bristol, why not call us?

Pub sheds, a comprehensive guide on why you should hire us to build your garden bar


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 10/02/2024

A growing trend here in the United Kingdom is to own a garden bar. These are often called many names, such as “gin bars” and “garden pubs”.

These buildings can offer a great place to unwind after a long and busy week at work.

Whether you fancy having a whiskey on the rocks or a nice good quality gin, such as Gordon’s gin and tonic, why not enjoy your drink in your own garden pub?

All of our buildings, including our garden bars, are all completely insulated- you will therefore be warm in our buildings even in the winter. All of our buildings come with oil-filled radiators, so if you fancy watching the football within your garden bar, say on a cold December afternoon, then you can as our garden buildings are fully insulated.

Our garden rooms come with radiators, insulation and double glazing.

So, our garden bars are a great place to meet your friends and family whatever the weather is like.


Why purchase a pub shed from us?

Draught beer/place to watch the football

It might well be an away game; let’s say Arsenal is playing against Manchester United, and you don’t want to travel all the way to Old Trafford to watch the football match?

So, you may have all your friends over to watch the football on a large quality television in your garden room instead. A large, well-built garden room can be great for watching football or rugby.

Just think, no queuing at the bar, as you will own the bar.

So you could pour a nice fresh pint, on your bar, for you and your friends while you all watch the football match. Plus there’s no shout for last orders!

Go luxurious

You’ve probably seen one of our many Mercedes vans zipping along the motorway near Bristol because we specialise in building luxurious garden buildings within South England. We always have a large number of teams out building our buildings. Some will be installing the ground screws, then another team for the build, and then the roofers build the roof for you.

We build luxurious buildings because we can listen precisely to what the customer want’s regarding how they want the building to be constructed and incorporate the features they need.

For example, we can build an ensuite bathroom for you or a kitchen area. We can build decking and even put soundproofing into the walls for you, so you can watch the rugby as loud as you like.


Bristol and beyond

You probably have seen one of our Kingsley Mercedes Sprinter vans in your street or driving around the busy streets of Bristol?
That’s because we would say that garden buildings have become hugely popular over the last five years across the city.

Often, they are needed as places to work, (garden offices) and are also often used as places to enjoy time with your friends as a garden bar or a gin bar.

Therefore, you could put some comfortable sofas and a huge television in the building with surround sound? Alternatively, you add a juke box, and listen to your favourite music.


Guaranteed to last

The more luxurious garden buildings can easily cost over £30,00. This means you should obtain a comprehensive guarantee, whichever company you hire.

We offer a comprehensive guarantee, so so that you have peace of mind that you have purchased a good quality building from us.


Installing all of the electrics

When you hire us to build a garden bar, all you need to add to the room is your furniture inside.

That’s because we can take care of everything else in terms of the construction process for you, depending on how much work you would like us to do, we can complete the painting and decorating, we can install the electrics, including the fixtures and fittings as well. We can even mount the television on the wall if you would like us to?

So, all you need to do is pick out a quality television, perhaps opt for an excellent, good-quality Sony television, put this within the building, and combine this with some surround sound speakers- the perfect place to watch Sky Sports.

Therefore, you might even forget you are watching Rugby or football in a garden room; you might think you are actually right in the stadium where the matches are being played!




Many garden room companies start up every year, and sometimes many are not there the following year.
However, we are different, we are an established company. We have already built many garden buildings within this great city, and we plan on doing this for a very long time.
Therefore, we are an established business with a good reputation for building quality buildings, we are established and trusted by many people to build quality luxurious buildings.


Come and have a chat with us

Whether you need a building created to sit down and enjoy a good book, or perhaps you want a building constructed so you can have all of your friends over to watch football and rugby or to have a party, why not call us to build your garden bar for you?

Garden Bars Bristol

We specialise in building garden bars in Bristol, in South-West England.



We now build timber car garages



Right across the whole of South-West England, many property owners will want a sturdy, well-built, and a great-looking car garage constructed. This is where Kingsley Build can help.

You might not want the building built out of brick or stone, but instead you might want the majority of the building built using a timber frame.

The benefits of a timber frame building are vast, and also a timber frame and timber clad building can enhance the appearance of the building. For example, you could large English Oak A-frames that look amazing inside the building.

You can have luxurious redwood timber cladding on the outside? Sometimes, you could even have the roof made of wooden shingles, which look simply fantastic.

Often, these buildings are purchased from us simply because they blend well into their surrounding area and the property owners home.

For example, if you have a traditional property, like a large thatched cottage, you might want a timber-framed garage, with a pitchec roof, that is designed and built to be more in keeping with its surroundings.

Because we can offer you such a vast array wouldn’t timber clad options, and so many different roofing options, we can tailor the building to your own tastes so it’s more in keeping with the design of your house.


What size car garages can you build?

Some people have own a lot of prestigious cars, so they might want multiple garages constructed.

It is quite feasible for us to build a garage that has three doors, three separate garage doors, either automated or what they called “up and over garage doors”.


Will we require planning permission for a timber-built car garage to be built?

We will have to come out and meet you and have a quick chat about the design you want.

Then, we can see what size the building needs to be, whether it’s a pitched roof or how far away it is from the neighbouring properties, for example.

We can then give you our opinion on whether planning permission is needed. Sometimes for some buildings, you will need to seek planning permission from Bath County Council or Bristol city council depending on where you live.


Can you also incorporate a building to the side of the car garage?

Most certainly, you could incorporate a garage that has a side room. For example, you might even be a car dealer, requiring a side room to meet your clients?

Alternatively, you might want to combine a garage to store one of your classic cars and have a gym built on the side?

Therefore, you could have a side room, built to the side of your garage, this is very affordable way to extend your living room. Because you were to call say a Bristol builder, and want the room made using brick or stone, often this is more expensive to build than one of our timber frame buildings.


Are you able to build a pitched-roof car garage?

Yes, we can certainly build a pitched roof, and we can offer you a range of tile options; for example, perhaps you want a high-quality Welsh slate.

Alternatively, you might wish to use wooden shingles, or you might want to, let’s say, for example, a low-cost option such as powder-coated metal sheet roofing.

Metal sheet roofing might suit the surrounding area, if the property is on a farm, and therefore, a lot of the agricultural buildings might also be clad also with metal corrugated iron sheets; we can paint the metal roof sheets the same colour.


What foundations are required for our car garage?

So, we would recommend a nice thick concrete slab for a car garage, that’s because of the heavy weight imposed on the concrete floor by the parked cars.


What type of timber can the building be clad with?

We can clad the outside with any timber, whether softwood or hardwood, we can supply any type of timber that you would like. Why not opt for red wood, it looks brilliant whether its on the outside of a garden room or a garage.


Are you able to put a car ramp within the garage?

Some of our customers might own quality classic cars, such as English-built Morgan classic cars.

Aren’t these Morgan classic cars, absolutely fabulous cars? We think so.

Therefore, you might want a car ramp within the garage, to help you maintain your vehicle whenever you want.

Perhaps you like to change your cars oil before taking it out on a long weekend drive?

We can build a timber frame garage, that has a car ramp within the building.


How quickly can you start work?

We can start work within a few weeks if the customer approves the quote. This is because a lot of construction workers, now working for us at Kingsley Build. Our highly skilled team can, therefore, start work as soon as you would like.


How are these buildings weatherproofed?

We use quality building materials, such as a Welsh slate roof, breathable membranes on the outer walls, structural timbers, and the cladding can have a good quality varnish applied to it. This will ensure that the buildings are weatherproof.

How our company can help:

Every week, we have estimators travelling righ across the four corners of Bristol. We travel across the city every week, offering our customers quotes to build garden offices and timber garages, and perhaps also the customer wants a timber building built so its an extension built directly next to their house.

Plus, all of our quotes are offered for free, and the aim is to get back to you as soon as possibly can with a quote. Because we can even create 3-D drawings in-house, we can show you what the building will look like before its even being built.