We now build timber car garages



Right across the whole of South-West England, many property owners will want a sturdy, well-built, and a great-looking car garage constructed. This is where Kingsley Build can help.

You might not want the building built out of brick or stone, but instead you might want the majority of the building built using a timber frame.

The benefits of a timber frame building are vast, and also a timber frame and timber clad building can enhance the appearance of the building. For example, you could large English Oak A-frames that look amazing inside the building.

You can have luxurious redwood timber cladding on the outside? Sometimes, you could even have the roof made of wooden shingles, which look simply fantastic.

Often, these buildings are purchased from us simply because they blend well into their surrounding area and the property owners home.

For example, if you have a traditional property, like a large thatched cottage, you might want a timber-framed garage, with a pitchec roof, that is designed and built to be more in keeping with its surroundings.

Because we can offer you such a vast array wouldn’t timber clad options, and so many different roofing options, we can tailor the building to your own tastes so it’s more in keeping with the design of your house.


What size car garages can you build?

Some people have own a lot of prestigious cars, so they might want multiple garages constructed.

It is quite feasible for us to build a garage that has three doors, three separate garage doors, either automated or what they called “up and over garage doors”.


Will we require planning permission for a timber-built car garage to be built?

We will have to come out and meet you and have a quick chat about the design you want.

Then, we can see what size the building needs to be, whether it’s a pitched roof or how far away it is from the neighbouring properties, for example.

We can then give you our opinion on whether planning permission is needed. Sometimes for some buildings, you will need to seek planning permission from Bath County Council or Bristol city council depending on where you live.


Can you also incorporate a building to the side of the car garage?

Most certainly, you could incorporate a garage that has a side room. For example, you might even be a car dealer, requiring a side room to meet your clients?

Alternatively, you might want to combine a garage to store one of your classic cars and have a gym built on the side?

Therefore, you could have a side room, built to the side of your garage, this is very affordable way to extend your living room. Because you were to call say a Bristol builder, and want the room made using brick or stone, often this is more expensive to build than one of our timber frame buildings.


Are you able to build a pitched-roof car garage?

Yes, we can certainly build a pitched roof, and we can offer you a range of tile options; for example, perhaps you want a high-quality Welsh slate.

Alternatively, you might wish to use wooden shingles, or you might want to, let’s say, for example, a low-cost option such as powder-coated metal sheet roofing.

Metal sheet roofing might suit the surrounding area, if the property is on a farm, and therefore, a lot of the agricultural buildings might also be clad also with metal corrugated iron sheets; we can paint the metal roof sheets the same colour.


What foundations are required for our car garage?

So, we would recommend a nice thick concrete slab for a car garage, that’s because of the heavy weight imposed on the concrete floor by the parked cars.


What type of timber can the building be clad with?

We can clad the outside with any timber, whether softwood or hardwood, we can supply any type of timber that you would like. Why not opt for red wood, it looks brilliant whether its on the outside of a garden room or a garage.


Are you able to put a car ramp within the garage?

Some of our customers might own quality classic cars, such as English-built Morgan classic cars.

Aren’t these Morgan classic cars, absolutely fabulous cars? We think so.

Therefore, you might want a car ramp within the garage, to help you maintain your vehicle whenever you want.

Perhaps you like to change your cars oil before taking it out on a long weekend drive?

We can build a timber frame garage, that has a car ramp within the building.


How quickly can you start work?

We can start work within a few weeks if the customer approves the quote. This is because a lot of construction workers, now working for us at Kingsley Build. Our highly skilled team can, therefore, start work as soon as you would like.


How are these buildings weatherproofed?

We use quality building materials, such as a Welsh slate roof, breathable membranes on the outer walls, structural timbers, and the cladding can have a good quality varnish applied to it. This will ensure that the buildings are weatherproof.

How our company can help:

Every week, we have estimators travelling righ across the four corners of Bristol. We travel across the city every week, offering our customers quotes to build garden offices and timber garages, and perhaps also the customer wants a timber building built so its an extension built directly next to their house.

Plus, all of our quotes are offered for free, and the aim is to get back to you as soon as possibly can with a quote. Because we can even create 3-D drawings in-house, we can show you what the building will look like before its even being built.


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