Pub sheds, a comprehensive guide on why you should hire us to build your garden bar


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 10/02/2024

A growing trend here in the United Kingdom is to own a garden bar. These are often called many names, such as “gin bars” and “garden pubs”.

These buildings can offer a great place to unwind after a long and busy week at work.

Whether you fancy having a whiskey on the rocks or a nice good quality gin, such as Gordon’s gin and tonic, why not enjoy your drink in your own garden pub?

All of our buildings, including our garden bars, are all completely insulated- you will therefore be warm in our buildings even in the winter. All of our buildings come with oil-filled radiators, so if you fancy watching the football within your garden bar, say on a cold December afternoon, then you can as our garden buildings are fully insulated.

Our garden rooms come with radiators, insulation and double glazing.

So, our garden bars are a great place to meet your friends and family whatever the weather is like.


Why purchase a pub shed from us?

Draught beer/place to watch the football

It might well be an away game; let’s say Arsenal is playing against Manchester United, and you don’t want to travel all the way to Old Trafford to watch the football match?

So, you may have all your friends over to watch the football on a large quality television in your garden room instead. A large, well-built garden room can be great for watching football or rugby.

Just think, no queuing at the bar, as you will own the bar.

So you could pour a nice fresh pint, on your bar, for you and your friends while you all watch the football match. Plus there’s no shout for last orders!

Go luxurious

You’ve probably seen one of our many Mercedes vans zipping along the motorway near Bristol because we specialise in building luxurious garden buildings within South England. We always have a large number of teams out building our buildings. Some will be installing the ground screws, then another team for the build, and then the roofers build the roof for you.

We build luxurious buildings because we can listen precisely to what the customer want’s regarding how they want the building to be constructed and incorporate the features they need.

For example, we can build an ensuite bathroom for you or a kitchen area. We can build decking and even put soundproofing into the walls for you, so you can watch the rugby as loud as you like.


Bristol and beyond

You probably have seen one of our Kingsley Mercedes Sprinter vans in your street or driving around the busy streets of Bristol?
That’s because we would say that garden buildings have become hugely popular over the last five years across the city.

Often, they are needed as places to work, (garden offices) and are also often used as places to enjoy time with your friends as a garden bar or a gin bar.

Therefore, you could put some comfortable sofas and a huge television in the building with surround sound? Alternatively, you add a juke box, and listen to your favourite music.


Guaranteed to last

The more luxurious garden buildings can easily cost over £30,00. This means you should obtain a comprehensive guarantee, whichever company you hire.

We offer a comprehensive guarantee, so so that you have peace of mind that you have purchased a good quality building from us.


Installing all of the electrics

When you hire us to build a garden bar, all you need to add to the room is your furniture inside.

That’s because we can take care of everything else in terms of the construction process for you, depending on how much work you would like us to do, we can complete the painting and decorating, we can install the electrics, including the fixtures and fittings as well. We can even mount the television on the wall if you would like us to?

So, all you need to do is pick out a quality television, perhaps opt for an excellent, good-quality Sony television, put this within the building, and combine this with some surround sound speakers- the perfect place to watch Sky Sports.

Therefore, you might even forget you are watching Rugby or football in a garden room; you might think you are actually right in the stadium where the matches are being played!




Many garden room companies start up every year, and sometimes many are not there the following year.
However, we are different, we are an established company. We have already built many garden buildings within this great city, and we plan on doing this for a very long time.
Therefore, we are an established business with a good reputation for building quality buildings, we are established and trusted by many people to build quality luxurious buildings.


Come and have a chat with us

Whether you need a building created to sit down and enjoy a good book, or perhaps you want a building constructed so you can have all of your friends over to watch football and rugby or to have a party, why not call us to build your garden bar for you?

Garden Bars Bristol

We specialise in building garden bars in Bristol, in South-West England.



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