Will we be required to obtain planning permission in order to build a new garden office?

If you are wondering whether or not you need to seek permission from the local council to build a garden office, then this is the blog post for you.


Is planning permission required when building a garden office?


Just like when you make alterations to your home, for example adding a dormer loft conversion or perhaps a new property extension onto the back of your house, you need to seek planning permission to do so from the local council before building work can even start.

However, garden buildings are slightly different because sometimes, occasionally, they don’t need to seek planning permission from the local council. So sometimes, our builders can start work straight away once the customer approves the quote.

That’s if the build comes under what is called permitted development.



We can offer a free 30-minute consultation

Often, we need to come out to measure how large the buildings will be, discuss, drainage, water supply, how we can bring a electrical supply to the building. We also offer our guidance on whether we think planning will be needed from Bristol City Council or not.

We also need to understand what you use the garden room for, for example, whether it’s an office or somebody will occasionally live in the building?

We can offer recommendations to you to whether planning permission is required. Once we have met you and visited the garden, we can recommend whether planning permission is needed or not.

Therefore, every build is different. Thus, we need to provide tailored advice to your circumstances.


Bristol City Council

Sometimes, planning permission will need to be sought from Bristol council; sometimes, this is because the garden room will be built in a conservation area, or its built near a listed property, or perhaps you are building very close to your neighbour’s property.

Sometimes, it’s because you want to put a roof terrace on the building, or perhaps you even want a multistorey building built. Therefore, planning permission is often needed in certain circumstances.

But again, we can come out and offer you a free quote and advice on whether you will need to seek planning permission from Bristol City Council.


So, will planning permission be needed or not to build a garden office?

The vast majority of the outbuildings/garden rooms we build every single month are built by what are called permitted development rights.

However, as you can imagine, because this blog post is likely to be read by thousands of people, we can’t offer you exact answer as to whether or not you would need to gain planning permission or not as we would need to visit your garden.

We can come out anywhere within the Bristol area, and aim to come out as promptly as possible to offer you some free advice.

We often can offer quotes in the evenings as well; for example, during the spring and summer periods, when we are really busy, we often have an estimator who can pop out between 6 and 8 PM and offer you a free quote within the Bristol area, if this works better for you?

Are you about to build a garden office in Bristol?

What’s great about hiring our company is if architectural plans need to be submitted to the local council, we have architects who work directly for us.

The architects can draw up drawings, making it easier for our clients, because they don’t have to find an architect in Bristol.

Before the architects send the plans for approval, we can even create a set of 3-D drawings also, showing you precisely what the building will look like.

Therefore, you can visualise what the garden building will look like before its built.

Once you improve the 3-D drawings we have created, they can be sent to the architect, who will put the exact measurements on them and then send these to Bristol City Council for approval.

Please note that we can sometimes start constructing the garden office the following week if we do not need to obtain planning.

Yet if we have to wait for Bristol County Council to approve the design of your garden office; it can often take many more months before we can start building the foundations.

What’s great about hiring our company is that we can help you to design your perfect garden room.


We can discuss all the options, ranging from underfloor heating to having spotlights fitted to the front of the building.

If you want us to offer you a free quote anywhere within Bristol, why not call us?

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