Will my garden room/office need to have foundations installed?


In short, the answer to this question is yes. A garden building needs to have its weight supported to prevent structural movement. If the building were to be built directly on top of the soil, it would likely move, potentially becoming unsafe.

Foundations also have other purposes; a damp-proof membrane often made from plastic stops the water coming through the concrete slab. Therefore, a well-built concrete base can improve the longevity of the building.


What types of foundations can your construction company build?

When our estimator comes out, they will have a quick walk around your garden. They will be looking at how the soil is: is it draining away, or is water being held by the ground because the soil is mostly clay?

Then we will need to have a discussion with you about the size of the garden room and what you like built inside. The structure will weigh a lot if it’s a large garden room, complete with a bathroom. This weight needs to be adequately supported; we, therefore, typically recommend a concrete slab.

However, as the article will go on to explain, there are other options, there are ground screws.

Let’s have a look at the different types of foundations we can offer you in Bristol:


We can build a concrete slab

This is typically the more expensive option for building a foundation. Yet, it’s a perfect option. Yet often, a mini-digger is needed to level the ground, so side or rear access to the property will be required.

We can bring a Kubota or a JCB excavator into your garden to level the ground. We can then arrange for the concrete to be delivered and poured.

Some customers will not want a concrete base, as it does have an environmental impact. Producing concrete causes CO2; when you consider that an excavator has to use a grading bucket to grade off the ground, it can disturb the soil and the ecosystem, such as roots, worms and plants.

A more environmentally friendly option is to opt for ground screws.

A ground screw is simply a giant screw, so there’s no need to bring an excavator into the garden. There is also no need to use a grading bucket often to grade off the soil.


Concrete plinths

We here at Kingsley Build don’t tend to use this type of foundation. However, some companies do. Instead of building a large concrete slab, individual plinths are made, like columns that hold up the building. We don’t tend to use this option.


Ground screws

Ground screws are very popular; we use them a lot at our garden room company. However, many other companies are also using this option as well.

The benefits are fast the ground screws are quick and easy to install. Using a powerful drill, the screws are driven deep into the ground.

The screws are significant and, therefore, able to take a lot of weight. Plus, they are often much cheaper to install than concrete.
Getting concrete into a garden can be labour-intensive, or using a pump truck can be expensive.

Ground screws, on the other hand, these much easier to install. The ground screws can be easily carried into your garden, as they are relatively lightweight?

Are you thinking of getting a garden office built in Bristol?

If you’re considering building a garden office, why not talk to us? We have already created many luxury garden rooms throughout the city of Bristol.


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Will my garden room/office require foundations?

We answer whether a garden room or office requires foundations. We explain the benefits of choosing ground screws.

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