We also build golf simulator garden rooms.


Date: 19/02/2024

Those who love playing a game of golf will know that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the game if the weather is terrible. Yet, with a garden room and a similar state-of-the-art golf course, you can practise in any weather, as you will be indoors, in a nice warm and dry room.


Practice whenever you want

What’s great about picking our company is the building can be built to any dimensions you like. So, if you want a truly massive building so you can practice golf, then we can build that for you. Plus, why not have a kitchen and a bathroom installed so you can go and fetch yourself a refreshing cuppa whenever you want to?


Large garden rooms

Most golf simulators require a large room so that we can build a massive building for you. Plus, we can construct the building to any shape you would like, so perhaps you would want the building to be as long as possible, rectangular, and built towards one side of your garden; then, we can make this for you.

Why not add a bar?


Insulated golf simulator

It’s essential that the building has a perfect heating system. You will want to use your golf similarly in all weather conditions, whether freezing or hot. So our team can build a golf simulator with heating and air conditioning. This means you can focus on your game of golf.


Built to last

Golf simulators, depending on the brand, can be rather expensive. So, to house your golf simulator, you will want a high-quality building that definitely comes with a long-lasting roof. We usually use EPDM roofs to help our buildings last longer.


Bespoke Garden Golf Simulator Rooms

We can come out and meet you; we can measure up the area in your garden where you want the building built. We can then write back to you within five days with a quote.


How much does a garden golf simulator room cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of the garden room, the cladding, and whether you want us to install the heating and air conditioning.
For even more comfort, some customers may want underfloor heating as well. Also, some may wish to build a side room that acts as a bar. The bar could, therefore, be a great place to meet your friends and have a drink after playing a game of golf in your golf simulator.


Do I need planning permission for a golf simulator garden room?

For most summerhouses we build, the customers often do not seek planning permission. However, this is not for all garden rooms. Sometimes, planning permission is needed if the building exceeds a certain height or you live in a conservation area. When we meet you and have a good idea of the design you want to build, we can often tell the customer whether planning permission will be needed.


Which golf simulators can be installed in my garden golf room?

How do we obtain a quote for your company to build a golf simulator?
Our company now builds golf simulators all across West England. We can offer you a free quote; we aim to write back to our customers within a working week with a full quote breakdown. Why not call us today/


Golf simulators Bristol

Our company now builds garden rooms, which can be used as a golf simulator garden room.

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