Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet


Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet/bathroom


Are you able to build a garden room complete with a toilet?

We can most definitely can build a garden room, complete with a toilet or if you prefer a full bathroom suite.

Some companies lift the garden room into the garden with a giant crane, and sure, there is a bathroom sometimes already installed within the building. However, the bathroom is often not connected to the electricity supply, water, or drainage. Our company is different because we have ground workers, plumbers, and electricians to connect everything for you, so the toilet and shower can be used as soon as we finish building the garden room.


Are you able to build energy-efficient garden offices and rooms?

This is a question that we are now frequently asked all of time, and that’s because energy prices have gone through the roof.
We are all now all paying more for our electricity and gas than we were, say, just a few years ago.

Therefore, when somebody is purchasing a garden office they might spend some time considering if the whole building is energy-efficient or not.

What’s great about choosing Kingsley is that we build very energy-efficient buildings. Some of our customers have commented on how quickly the buildings heat up, how energy-efficient they are, and how pleased they are that they have chosen our garden room company to build the whole building for them.



We are now building our garden offices and rooms right across the UK. Our garden rooms are in strong demand because we can offer a starting price of just £18,000- so often we offer a cheaper starting price for our garden buildings than what some other companies offer. As word-of-mouth has spread right across Bristol, that we build quality buildings at low prices, plus we can install a toilet and bathroom at an additional cost, this is why our company is now so popular not just in S.W England but we now building our garden buildings nationwide.


Double-glazed, quality insulation, underfloor heating

We know you will want to use your garden office right throughout the year, whether its nice and warm outside, or whether everything is completely covered in frost.

That’s why many people hire us, to build their garden office, because we can fit double glazing, we can install quality underfloor heating, and we can install insulation for you. This makes our buildings very cosy, and it also makes them a pice of cake to heat.


Garden room complete with toilet

So let’s say that you have just gone off the call with a client, the call took much longer than you had wanted, and now you need the toilet urgently!

You will not want to run across the grass and through the house with muddy shoes, as this will all get over the carpet and cause a mess.

This is why having a toilet installed within your garden office is, well essential. However, some garden room companies charge a lot to install a bathroom- so much so, it might put off the customer from having a toilet installed. However, we offer very fair prices. Whether you want a toilet, wash hand basin, or a complete bathroom suite.

For example, if the garden building is going to be used as home gym, you might want a shower added, so you can have a refreshing shower after your workout?


How much does it cost to build a garden office with a toilet?

Our garden rooms are bespoke, meaning they are all different sizes and have many different designs.

For example, some customers might want hardwood cladding (oak for example), others wish for composite cladding as its very low maintenance, some other customers want softwood cladding such as nice pine cladding, or “thermowood”- this is low cost option.

Oak cladding is substantially more expensive than softwood such as pine, so depending on which exterior cladding option you choose, can substantially alter the price.

So first things first, one of our sales team will need to come out and ascertain exactly how you would like the garden building to look- would you like for example French doors, or bi-folding doors?. Then we can offer you a free quotation.


Is it worth having a toilet installed in a garden room?

Many customers think for quite a while whether they want to spend more on having a toilet installed within their garden office or not.

But we often ask customers how long do they plan of spending in the garden room each day? If it’s just a few hours on the weekends, then we would say it’s probably not worth installing a toilet as it can increase the cost of the build quite a lot.

However, if you can use the office as your principal place of work, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, then we would say then most definitely worth installing a toilet.

However, to have a toilet installed, often a deep trench will often be dug within your garden. This can mean that the mini digger needs to dig up part of the garden to lay the soil pipe and water pipes.

What makes us here at Kingsley different from other garden room companies, is that we can do this work ourselves. Some other builders, ask the customer, to hire separate companies to do this work, such as ground workers, electricians, plumbers. But we have all of these tradesmen in-house so that we can do all this work for you.



Our builders are out every day of the week working to build garden offices right across the city of Bristol.

We have already built many garden offices and rooms with a toilet and bathroom inside. If you would like a free quote, then contact us.


Garden offices- what are the main benefits of owning one?



Garden Office Pods

So, we think the main benefit of owning a garden office is that you can save on commuting costs. As we all know, running a car or using the train isn’t cheap these days. Then, the bonus of owning a garden office is that you can look out over your garden while looking, whether your lawn or your plants; working in a garden office is a nice place to work.

Author: Ryan Walsh
Date: 12/03/2024

When you look at many job advertisements these days, they offer either the option of working from home entirely or hybrid working. Often, many employers in Cabot Circus Bristol have seen that they can reduce their operating expenses by not having to rent huge offices and instead having some of their staff work from home. This is why our phone is regularly receiving calls from more and more homeowners asking us to build quality and affordable garden buildings.

This is so the Bristol resident can work in complete comfort in one of our nice, insulated, well-built garden rooms.

We all feel much better after a walk in the countryside, right?

On the weekends many of us like to walk in the countryside, or woodland, perhaps with our dogs?

Often, we find this unwinding, and it makes us feel good. Therefore, many workers dislike working in high-rise concrete office blocks with stuffy air and poor lighting. This is another reason so many garden offices, literally hundreds, are built every week in the southwest of England: people want to work in their gardens. Looking over the scenery, whether it is a river, fields or woodland view, it can offer a nice place to work from 9 to 5 each week.

Fresh air

Just think: during the summer, you can either fully or partially fold back the bi-folding doors. Then, when you’re working in your garden office, and the lovely summer breeze is coming into the office, you can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of freshly cut grass. Therefore, a massive benefit of owning a garden office is that you have giant, huge windows allowing a lot of light to flood the room. Plus, you can have nice, fresh air as well.


Stroll around your garden.

We office workers all know it is good to take a break, walk, and stretch our legs, which is good for our health. Because if we work too long on a computer, our eyes can get strained, so it’s a good idea to get out in your garden and have a quick walk around your garden. This is another benefit of owning a garden office, as it makes it easy just to walk out, and start walking around your garden.

Have a nice kitchen installed as well

You might want to make a sandwich and a cup of tea while you work. But you don’t want to have to walk back to the house, so why not hire our joiners to also build a kitchen for you?

Save on diesel/petrol and train fairs

When you add up transport costs over the year, they can be pretty considerable. But not just that, we all know from living in the fantastic city of Bristol that we Bristolians can spend a lot of time in traffic in our cars. Sure, this is the same for most cities in the U.K.; however, if you work from your garden office, you might have to travel less, which is good for the environment and can help you save money.


Huge amount of experience building luxury garden rooms

We are busy bees every week, darting all over SW England, building luxurious, handmade garden rooms. Some will have a jacuzzi built on the side, some will be used as garden bars, and some will be places to play a game of smoking. We have built garden rooms all over Bristol and Bath. We have a reputation for building robust, long-lasting garden rooms, yet we offer some of the best prices around.
The company is managed by two brothers, Seb and Kingsley. If you would like a free quote, why not call?


Garden Music Studio

Would you like a garden music studio built?


Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 7/03/24

Garden Music Rooms



Whether you’re one of the best DJs in the whole world or you just like to play the violin occasionally, you may want a garden music room built so you can have a room to listen or practice playing a musical instrument. We have built many music garden rooms.


Soundproofed garden rooms

You might not want to practice playing a saxophone in the house simply because you might hear the neighbours knocking on the wall annoyed about the noise. After all, playing a musical instrument too loudly may cause a nuisance for them. This is why so many people now have detached music rooms built in a garden. We also offer some of the best prices on garden rooms, this is why so many people call us when they want to have a garden building constructed. The rooms can be completely insulated, as well, meaning you can use them even on the coldest of winter days.


Can you build soundproofed garden buildings?

Whether you like producing music, such as drum and bass, or you like to play a brass instrument, such as the trombone, you might want a garden building built so that you can enjoy your music without disturbing other family members or neighbours. Therefore, our builders are in high demand right across the country building our music rooms.

What makes our music rooms such good quality is:

– We can install triple glazing
– We can add sound proofing
– We can add insulation, air-conditioning, heaters so the room can be used all year around


How are your music rooms different from the typical garden room?

A typical garden room doesn’t normally have sound insulation added to the building. Also, we can install triple glazing in the windows and the doors to further contain the noise within the building. Therefore a soundproofed music room will cost more for us to construct, yet be more able to contain the noise generated from saying playing your drum kit. However, with that said, the benefits of having a detached building, where you can enjoy listening to your music or playing a musical instrument, most customers are willing to pay more for us to build a music room.


High-quality sound system

For some of us, listening to music is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Whether classical or rock ‘n’ roll, you could have a high-quality surround sound system installed within your garden room. If you were to accompany this with a nice comfortable reclining chair, then your music room becomes a brilliant place to unwind.


Triple-glazed windows and doors

When building a music room, we recommend installing triple-glazed windows and bi-folding doors.
These doors and windows are more expensive to purchase. However, they help to keep the noise within the music room. We can also install soundproofing, not just on the walls, but also on the ceiling.


Heated and air-conditioned

Let’s say that you like creating music, and let’s say that you create house music. You will often want to work in the music room throughout the seasons and in all weathers. So whether it’s snowing outside or boiling, you can work comfortably within our garden buildings because all of our buildings are designed and built for all year-round use. The reason for this is we can install air-conditioning, and we can also install underfloor heating and radiators for you as well. So, whatever the weather is like outside, whether wet or hot and sunny outside, you can walk, and your garden room will be temperature controlled. We can even add a thermostat so that you can better regulate the temperature.


We can help you design your perfect music room.

What’s great about picking our garden room company to build your music room is that we can create a set of 3-D drawings for you, that’s before any construction work begins. These can show you what the building could look like. For example, perhaps you want black framed aluminium windows and doors? Maybe you want dark grey composite cladding? Alternatively, you may even want a terrace built onto the roof, with glass railings, so that you can sit out on the roof of your garden room and enjoy the sunshine during the summer. However you want your music room to be built, we can build it for you.

Help save the planet, why not get a garden room built with solar panels?

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 6/03/2024

Can your company install solar panels on the roof of our garden office/garden room?


A lot of us are more conscious than ever about our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.
So when making a large purchase, such as a garden office or a garden room, many often carefully consider how such a purchase may impact our ecosystem. Thankfully, here at Kingsley, we know how to build eco-friendly garden offices, they can have solar panels built on the roof.

High-quality solar panels: when you talk to any good solar panel fitter, they will tell you there are solar panels, and then there are solar panels.

And what do we mean by that statement?

Well, there are really high-end, high-quality solar panels, which are energy efficient, and low-quality ones don’t last that long, can crack, and don’t generate as much electricity. We only fit high-quality solar panels.

What are the benefits of having solar panels fitted to our garden office?


We all know that energy prices have risen quite considerably in recent years. Therefore, if you were to have your building powered partially by solar panels, this could help you be less reliant on the national energy grid. Buy owning a Bristol garden building, that has solar panels on the roof, you will also be generating our electricity to become more self-efficient, and its green energy helps to protect the environment.

How our garden buildings are helping to protect the environment
When you consider that our buildings are made from FSC-approved timber, you will have double glazing, which again helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building as well. On top of that, we can be put insulation into every wall, which helps retain the heat. Then you can have solar panels on the roof, we can even add solar panels to help heat hot water well, if you want these fitted?


Electric, solar panels and inverters

We have highly experienced and fully qualified electricians who can install solar panels onto the roof of your garden building. Considering that some garden offices are vast, with huge rubber roofs, they take a large chunk of space within your garden, so it makes perfect sense to put solar panels on the roof, so you can gain green electric from that space.
When you also consider that some gardens receive a considerable amount of natural light throughout the day, during the spring and summer, putting solar panels onto the roof makes perfect sense. This is why we are such busy bees in Bristol building so many garden rooms right across the S.W England because many people now insist on adding solar panels to the roof.

Garden offices/rooms with solar panels


Therefore, our company can build very energy-efficient garden buildings anywhere in Bristol. Using top-quality panel installation, fibreglass, or even sheep’s wool, we can make the entire building very energy-efficient. We can then install double glazing and put solar panels on the roof. We use top-quality solar panels and inverters, so why not call our business today?