Help save the planet, why not get a garden room built with solar panels?

Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 6/03/2024

Can your company install solar panels on the roof of our garden office/garden room?


A lot of us are more conscious than ever about our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.
So when making a large purchase, such as a garden office or a garden room, many often carefully consider how such a purchase may impact our ecosystem. Thankfully, here at Kingsley, we know how to build eco-friendly garden offices, they can have solar panels built on the roof.

High-quality solar panels: when you talk to any good solar panel fitter, they will tell you there are solar panels, and then there are solar panels.

And what do we mean by that statement?

Well, there are really high-end, high-quality solar panels, which are energy efficient, and low-quality ones don’t last that long, can crack, and don’t generate as much electricity. We only fit high-quality solar panels.

What are the benefits of having solar panels fitted to our garden office?


We all know that energy prices have risen quite considerably in recent years. Therefore, if you were to have your building powered partially by solar panels, this could help you be less reliant on the national energy grid. Buy owning a Bristol garden building, that has solar panels on the roof, you will also be generating our electricity to become more self-efficient, and its green energy helps to protect the environment.

How our garden buildings are helping to protect the environment
When you consider that our buildings are made from FSC-approved timber, you will have double glazing, which again helps to improve the energy efficiency of the building as well. On top of that, we can be put insulation into every wall, which helps retain the heat. Then you can have solar panels on the roof, we can even add solar panels to help heat hot water well, if you want these fitted?


Electric, solar panels and inverters

We have highly experienced and fully qualified electricians who can install solar panels onto the roof of your garden building. Considering that some garden offices are vast, with huge rubber roofs, they take a large chunk of space within your garden, so it makes perfect sense to put solar panels on the roof, so you can gain green electric from that space.
When you also consider that some gardens receive a considerable amount of natural light throughout the day, during the spring and summer, putting solar panels onto the roof makes perfect sense. This is why we are such busy bees in Bristol building so many garden rooms right across the S.W England because many people now insist on adding solar panels to the roof.

Garden offices/rooms with solar panels


Therefore, our company can build very energy-efficient garden buildings anywhere in Bristol. Using top-quality panel installation, fibreglass, or even sheep’s wool, we can make the entire building very energy-efficient. We can then install double glazing and put solar panels on the roof. We use top-quality solar panels and inverters, so why not call our business today?


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