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Written by: Ryan Walsh

Date: 7/03/24

Garden Music Rooms



Whether you’re one of the best DJs in the whole world or you just like to play the violin occasionally, you may want a garden music room built so you can have a room to listen or practice playing a musical instrument. We have built many music garden rooms.


Soundproofed garden rooms

You might not want to practice playing a saxophone in the house simply because you might hear the neighbours knocking on the wall annoyed about the noise. After all, playing a musical instrument too loudly may cause a nuisance for them. This is why so many people now have detached music rooms built in a garden. We also offer some of the best prices on garden rooms, this is why so many people call us when they want to have a garden building constructed. The rooms can be completely insulated, as well, meaning you can use them even on the coldest of winter days.


Can you build soundproofed garden buildings?

Whether you like producing music, such as drum and bass, or you like to play a brass instrument, such as the trombone, you might want a garden building built so that you can enjoy your music without disturbing other family members or neighbours. Therefore, our builders are in high demand right across the country building our music rooms.

What makes our music rooms such good quality is:

– We can install triple glazing
– We can add sound proofing
– We can add insulation, air-conditioning, heaters so the room can be used all year around


How are your music rooms different from the typical garden room?

A typical garden room doesn’t normally have sound insulation added to the building. Also, we can install triple glazing in the windows and the doors to further contain the noise within the building. Therefore a soundproofed music room will cost more for us to construct, yet be more able to contain the noise generated from saying playing your drum kit. However, with that said, the benefits of having a detached building, where you can enjoy listening to your music or playing a musical instrument, most customers are willing to pay more for us to build a music room.


High-quality sound system

For some of us, listening to music is a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Whether classical or rock ‘n’ roll, you could have a high-quality surround sound system installed within your garden room. If you were to accompany this with a nice comfortable reclining chair, then your music room becomes a brilliant place to unwind.


Triple-glazed windows and doors

When building a music room, we recommend installing triple-glazed windows and bi-folding doors.
These doors and windows are more expensive to purchase. However, they help to keep the noise within the music room. We can also install soundproofing, not just on the walls, but also on the ceiling.


Heated and air-conditioned

Let’s say that you like creating music, and let’s say that you create house music. You will often want to work in the music room throughout the seasons and in all weathers. So whether it’s snowing outside or boiling, you can work comfortably within our garden buildings because all of our buildings are designed and built for all year-round use. The reason for this is we can install air-conditioning, and we can also install underfloor heating and radiators for you as well. So, whatever the weather is like outside, whether wet or hot and sunny outside, you can walk, and your garden room will be temperature controlled. We can even add a thermostat so that you can better regulate the temperature.


We can help you design your perfect music room.

What’s great about picking our garden room company to build your music room is that we can create a set of 3-D drawings for you, that’s before any construction work begins. These can show you what the building could look like. For example, perhaps you want black framed aluminium windows and doors? Maybe you want dark grey composite cladding? Alternatively, you may even want a terrace built onto the roof, with glass railings, so that you can sit out on the roof of your garden room and enjoy the sunshine during the summer. However you want your music room to be built, we can build it for you.

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