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So, we think the main benefit of owning a garden office is that you can save on commuting costs. As we all know, running a car or using the train isn’t cheap these days. Then, the bonus of owning a garden office is that you can look out over your garden while looking, whether your lawn or your plants; working in a garden office is a nice place to work.

Author: Ryan Walsh
Date: 12/03/2024

When you look at many job advertisements these days, they offer either the option of working from home entirely or hybrid working. Often, many employers in Cabot Circus Bristol have seen that they can reduce their operating expenses by not having to rent huge offices and instead having some of their staff work from home. This is why our phone is regularly receiving calls from more and more homeowners asking us to build quality and affordable garden buildings.

This is so the Bristol resident can work in complete comfort in one of our nice, insulated, well-built garden rooms.

We all feel much better after a walk in the countryside, right?

On the weekends many of us like to walk in the countryside, or woodland, perhaps with our dogs?

Often, we find this unwinding, and it makes us feel good. Therefore, many workers dislike working in high-rise concrete office blocks with stuffy air and poor lighting. This is another reason so many garden offices, literally hundreds, are built every week in the southwest of England: people want to work in their gardens. Looking over the scenery, whether it is a river, fields or woodland view, it can offer a nice place to work from 9 to 5 each week.

Fresh air

Just think: during the summer, you can either fully or partially fold back the bi-folding doors. Then, when you’re working in your garden office, and the lovely summer breeze is coming into the office, you can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of freshly cut grass. Therefore, a massive benefit of owning a garden office is that you have giant, huge windows allowing a lot of light to flood the room. Plus, you can have nice, fresh air as well.


Stroll around your garden.

We office workers all know it is good to take a break, walk, and stretch our legs, which is good for our health. Because if we work too long on a computer, our eyes can get strained, so it’s a good idea to get out in your garden and have a quick walk around your garden. This is another benefit of owning a garden office, as it makes it easy just to walk out, and start walking around your garden.

Have a nice kitchen installed as well

You might want to make a sandwich and a cup of tea while you work. But you don’t want to have to walk back to the house, so why not hire our joiners to also build a kitchen for you?

Save on diesel/petrol and train fairs

When you add up transport costs over the year, they can be pretty considerable. But not just that, we all know from living in the fantastic city of Bristol that we Bristolians can spend a lot of time in traffic in our cars. Sure, this is the same for most cities in the U.K.; however, if you work from your garden office, you might have to travel less, which is good for the environment and can help you save money.


Huge amount of experience building luxury garden rooms

We are busy bees every week, darting all over SW England, building luxurious, handmade garden rooms. Some will have a jacuzzi built on the side, some will be used as garden bars, and some will be places to play a game of smoking. We have built garden rooms all over Bristol and Bath. We have a reputation for building robust, long-lasting garden rooms, yet we offer some of the best prices around.
The company is managed by two brothers, Seb and Kingsley. If you would like a free quote, why not call?


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