Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet


Bespoke garden rooms complete with a toilet/bathroom


Are you able to build a garden room complete with a toilet?

We can most definitely can build a garden room, complete with a toilet or if you prefer a full bathroom suite.

Some companies lift the garden room into the garden with a giant crane, and sure, there is a bathroom sometimes already installed within the building. However, the bathroom is often not connected to the electricity supply, water, or drainage. Our company is different because we have ground workers, plumbers, and electricians to connect everything for you, so the toilet and shower can be used as soon as we finish building the garden room.


Are you able to build energy-efficient garden offices and rooms?

This is a question that we are now frequently asked all of time, and that’s because energy prices have gone through the roof.
We are all now all paying more for our electricity and gas than we were, say, just a few years ago.

Therefore, when somebody is purchasing a garden office they might spend some time considering if the whole building is energy-efficient or not.

What’s great about choosing Kingsley is that we build very energy-efficient buildings. Some of our customers have commented on how quickly the buildings heat up, how energy-efficient they are, and how pleased they are that they have chosen our garden room company to build the whole building for them.



We are now building our garden offices and rooms right across the UK. Our garden rooms are in strong demand because we can offer a starting price of just £18,000- so often we offer a cheaper starting price for our garden buildings than what some other companies offer. As word-of-mouth has spread right across Bristol, that we build quality buildings at low prices, plus we can install a toilet and bathroom at an additional cost, this is why our company is now so popular not just in S.W England but we now building our garden buildings nationwide.


Double-glazed, quality insulation, underfloor heating

We know you will want to use your garden office right throughout the year, whether its nice and warm outside, or whether everything is completely covered in frost.

That’s why many people hire us, to build their garden office, because we can fit double glazing, we can install quality underfloor heating, and we can install insulation for you. This makes our buildings very cosy, and it also makes them a pice of cake to heat.


Garden room complete with toilet

So let’s say that you have just gone off the call with a client, the call took much longer than you had wanted, and now you need the toilet urgently!

You will not want to run across the grass and through the house with muddy shoes, as this will all get over the carpet and cause a mess.

This is why having a toilet installed within your garden office is, well essential. However, some garden room companies charge a lot to install a bathroom- so much so, it might put off the customer from having a toilet installed. However, we offer very fair prices. Whether you want a toilet, wash hand basin, or a complete bathroom suite.

For example, if the garden building is going to be used as home gym, you might want a shower added, so you can have a refreshing shower after your workout?


How much does it cost to build a garden office with a toilet?

Our garden rooms are bespoke, meaning they are all different sizes and have many different designs.

For example, some customers might want hardwood cladding (oak for example), others wish for composite cladding as its very low maintenance, some other customers want softwood cladding such as nice pine cladding, or “thermowood”- this is low cost option.

Oak cladding is substantially more expensive than softwood such as pine, so depending on which exterior cladding option you choose, can substantially alter the price.

So first things first, one of our sales team will need to come out and ascertain exactly how you would like the garden building to look- would you like for example French doors, or bi-folding doors?. Then we can offer you a free quotation.


Is it worth having a toilet installed in a garden room?

Many customers think for quite a while whether they want to spend more on having a toilet installed within their garden office or not.

But we often ask customers how long do they plan of spending in the garden room each day? If it’s just a few hours on the weekends, then we would say it’s probably not worth installing a toilet as it can increase the cost of the build quite a lot.

However, if you can use the office as your principal place of work, 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, then we would say then most definitely worth installing a toilet.

However, to have a toilet installed, often a deep trench will often be dug within your garden. This can mean that the mini digger needs to dig up part of the garden to lay the soil pipe and water pipes.

What makes us here at Kingsley different from other garden room companies, is that we can do this work ourselves. Some other builders, ask the customer, to hire separate companies to do this work, such as ground workers, electricians, plumbers. But we have all of these tradesmen in-house so that we can do all this work for you.



Our builders are out every day of the week working to build garden offices right across the city of Bristol.

We have already built many garden offices and rooms with a toilet and bathroom inside. If you would like a free quote, then contact us.


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