Garden room with a bathroom


We build garden buildings that can have a complete bathroom/toilet

Bespoke Garden Room with a Toilet

Our construction company can build a bespoke garden room that can come complete with a bathroom/toilet

Garden rooms with a toilet

A lot of people when they purchase a new garden office or a room, will often start to spend a considerable amount of time in the building.

The building might become their main place to work throughout the week, it could be used as a guest bedroom, alternatively you could just be used as a place to read book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Whenever you are going to use the garden building for, it will often make it much more convenient for you, if there is a complete bathroom suite/ toilet added to the building.


We now build our buildings throughout the U.K

We build garden rooms complete with toilets across United Kingdom

Some customers may be rather surprised by the amount of construction work that is actually needed to install the toilet, the long running soil pipe and all of the plumbing which goes into installing a working bathroom into a garden room.
However, we have this process down to a fine art, as we have already built many garden rooms that have a bathroom and kitchen area.


The groundworks

A customer may have a particularly long garden, therefore often a micro or a mini digger will be needed to lay the trench and to lay the soil pipe, and all the plumbing that is needed to facilitate you having a bathroom suite installed within your garden room.


We build garden offices and rooms that can have a complete bathroom installed


Some businesses sell what are described as “flat pack panel garden rooms”. These are basically either delivered to your garden, whereby the team walks the insulated panels around the back or they could instead be lifted into your garden via a hi-ab lorry.

Then often within a few days and installation team will arrive and install the building normally within a 48-hour timespan.
Bespoke, tailor made, built the way you like

Our buildings are different, we don’t build flatpack garden rooms, instead they are built 100% bespoke buildings. These do tend to be more expensive, yet, with that said, they are built the way you like, to the dimensions, and the internal layout you like. For example you might want 25% of the building to be a bathroom area, 25% a kitchen and the rest your work area.


We can take care of the plumbing and groundworks

We have all of the tradesmen needed to build your garden room in-house, this includes groundworkers because they can lay the soil pipe, install a water supply, install the electrics install plumbing cover the ground pipes and then recover all of these with a layer of soil.


Garden Room with a Toilet?


Will it cost extra to get a garden room built that has a toilet?

Often yes it will significantly increase the cost of the build of the garden room, if for example, your garden room a is some distance away from your house.

That’s simply because a lot of digging of trenches, laying of the soil pipe, installing a water supply installing all of the electrics, this can be a lot of work, especially if the services, such as the drains are located some quite a distance from the house, this will involve a lot of extra work.


Well worth the extra expense

However you do have to think of the added convenience of having a kitchen or bathroom installed within the garden building.

For example, lets say if you’re going to be using your garden office let’s say 50 hours a week, you’re going to want to pay more to have a kitchen and bathroom installed because it simply makes the room more comfortable.

Thankfully we have now built so many restore garden offices and rooms, we have extensive experience of installing kitchens and bathrooms within the building.

Muddy shoes, nobody wants to keep cleaning the carpet every time you run across it with muddy shoes

If you’ve just come off a particularly long work call, that took much longer than expected, and now, well you really need to toilet, you don’t want to go running through the garden during the winter, with muddy shoes, and then walking all of this mud through the house.

So the simple convenience of having a complete bathroom added to your garden room, is well worth the extra expense.


Compact bathrooms

If your having a small garden room built, you might think that you won’t be able to install a bathroom. Yet, often, we can install a toilet, and a wash hand basin.

There are actually some really cleverly designed toilets, that actually have the wash hand basin installed directly into the lid, therefore, helping to save even more space.


Will you be able to install all of the electrics, such as the towel rail and the electric ventilation?

We most certainly can, whether it’s in their kitchen area or whether it’s in the bathroom, we can install the necessary ventilation needed and all of the electrics needed plus all of the plumbing that you require.


Will the bathroom area be too cold to use during the winter months?

What we can actually install is electric oil filled radiators in every room for you, and these can actually be controlled from your smartphone from wherever you are.

So whether your wanting to work do yoga within the room in the morning, you can simply log into the app on your smartphone, switch the heating on, then the room will be nice and warm in a short period of time.

Alternatively if you don’t want the heating to be controlled from your smartphone, you could simply have heating that can be switched on with the flip of a switch.


Why choose us to build your garden room complete with a toilet?

Well there are many construction companies in Bristol that offer a broad range of building services.
Sometimes this can range from offering to complete garage conversions, loft conversions, building extensions onto homes and building garden rooms.

One of the reason is why we are often chosen, is we are a specialist garden room company, we also specialise in building energy-efficient garden buildings right across Bristol, and all of the South-West of England.


How much does a garden building complete with toilet and bathroom cost?

This very much depends on how much ground work is needed, for example how much plumbing and how much time the electricians will need to complete their work. We can come out and visit your garden anywhere within the city of Bristol, perhaps even as late as 7pm so you have time to have your dinner after work, and we will aim to write back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Why not call us today to arrange for a free quotation?

Corner Garden Rooms- what are the main benefits of ownership?



Well-insulated, composite corner garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular throughout Great Britain.

The main reason is that many homeowners have compact and relatively small gardens here in Britain. For example, they might live in an urban built-up area, and the garden might only extend a few metres in either direction.

Therefore, space is at an absolute premium, and every centimetre needs to be carefully designed to get maximum use. You don’t want a gigantic garden room dominating the space.

Corner garden rooms, therefore, are purchased because they can make good use of the room you have available in your garden, and you can use the space innovatively.

Another reason is that these buildings have a small internal area, which can be encapsulated with quality insulation. What this basically means is that it is quick to heat the room and also energy-efficient in order to maintain that heat as well.

Why are corner garden rooms in such strong demand right now throughout the United Kingdom?

One commonly cited reason is that electricity costs have soared in recent years. If you’re, therefore, going to have a large garden building installed, it’s entirely possible that if it’s poorly built or not the correct insulation is used, it will simply leak heat, and this heat will escape from the garden room quickly.

However, a corner garden building that is small and compact, with quality walls, roof, and floor installation added to it, accompanied by double glazing, is much more energy-efficient.

Why is it essential that the corner garden room is well insulated?

So, various companies often state that a layer of insulation will be incorporated into the design and building of their garden rooms. However, this can sometimes be a thin layer of insulating foil, which is often not sufficient. Any insulation will help to retain some heat to a certain extent, but what you want high-performance insulation.

Therefore, when you’re constructing a property extension, there are manufacturers in the United Kingdom and in Ireland that manufacture insulation foam. This foam is thick and has foil backing on both sides, and it is widely used in the construction of new homes.

We think it’s a really high-quality product, which is why we add panel insulation it to our corner garden offices and rooms.


Strong and sturdy base

So you might be shopping around online, and you see various companies selling flatpack kits of garden offices and rooms.

However what you do have to consider that if you build this yourself and apply the wooden structure directly into the corner of your garden on top of soil, often what happens is the base of the building will rot fairly quickly.

The base of the building will be sodden with water, which will cause water to ingress into the bottom of the garden room, causing Wood to rot in a short amount of time. If the actual supporting base becomes rotten, the building might become unsafe.

We, therefore, need the garden room company to either install a concrete base which is more expensive in the corner of your garden or sometimes, more often than not, you can use giant screws known as ground screws to support the base.


Your corner garden room could also have solar panels added to on the roof.

So, when you’re living in a busy, built-up city, space is often at a premium, and often, everything has to be cleverly thought out, from how to design your kitchen units to fit everything you want in terms of appliances. You also have to be innovative in terms of storage solutions, for example, in the bedroom where you hang your clothes for example.

Therefore, when a corner garden room is built, sometimes it might be, let’s say, south-facing garden , and the roof might attract a lot of sunlight throughout the day.

So rather than just being a roof, it can also be an area that generates green electricity; this could be fed into an electrical inverter, and some customers, if it is installed correctly, can get a deduction from their energy bill, when they start to feed energy back into the National Grid.

Get more use and functionality out of your garden.

Throughout Britain, our gardens often have, let’s say, practically no use by the homeowners during the winter. It’s too cold, its damp, its wet, and often, it’s an area that we don’t want to spend a great deal of time in, say, the months of November, December, and January.

However, when spring and summer months do finally arrive, our gardens often see abundant use by their home owners during weekends and national holidays.

Therefore, you might be looking for an innovative way to incorporate the garden building into a an area of your garden, without the building taking up too much space.

Another reason our vans are crisscrossing the country daily, building quality garden buildings, is simply because people don’t want flatpack construction corner garden room, as often the owner has a lot to do in terms of purchasing the right insulation within the building, thinking about how they get electricity to it, and whether the building will last if constructed to that standard.

People hire us in cities across the United Kingdom to build our corner garden rooms because they know we will take care of everything for them.

Our electricians will install the wiring, the room will be fully insulated, and the room will be built to a good standard.

Composite if you require a low-maintenance building

The vast majority of corner garden rooms are constructed out of softwood, normally because this is the cheaper option. However, we would highly recommend that composite cladding, composite fascia, and aluminium doors are actually incorporated into the building.

This will allow for a low-maintenance building and also be very easy to keep clean.

In regards to wood, actually have to seal the wood potentially every year by varnishing or applying oil to it. If you don’t, then it can quickly decay, discolour, and might actually start to turn black unless it is because of mildew and also because of spores starting to rot the wood.

Less building materials

Many people are rightly worried about their impact on the environment, and when you construct a large garden room, you actually use a lot of building materials to construct it.

Yet a corner garden room is often a fraction of the size of some of these larger wooden buildings. Therefore less than building materials are used, and therefore, this was better for the environment. When you couple this by using composite products such as cladding and fascia boards. These products actually incorporate recycled materials such as plastic waste into their construction.

A corner garden room that is actually environmentally friendly in that it doesn’t take much in terms of building materials to construct it. Some of the building materials can be made from recycled plastics as well.

We can also construct garden room pods and garden office pods.

Some customers do not want a corner garden room, as a triangular design, as this can eat into the internal room within the building.

Some may want a square shape building and still for the dimensions of the building to be compact. We refer to small garden offices, as garden office pods.

The great thing about these is that they can be built at a low cost, with a starting price of just £18,000 within the reach of most homeowners.

We travel up and down the country daily to build these garden office pods because they allow us to obtain many homwowners to obtain an extra room, to play musical instruments, sit, and read a book, and they can be very affordable.


Easier to keep warm

Many people will have seen an increase in their energy prices, that is for the monthly cost of their electricity and gas prices.

Therefore, the thought of purchasing a freestanding building in a garden that also needs extra heating let’s say nine to 5, each day of the week, a lot of people will be rightly concerned about the running costs of such a garden building.

There’s no two ways about it: getting a freestanding garden building in your garden will increase your energy prices. This is why it is imperative that whatever garden room company constructs the building, that they use quality insulation throughout the building.

A corner garden office / room

Would you like a luxurious corner garden room built?

We are now taking orders from customers throughout the United Kingdom to construct corner garden offices and rooms.

We offer very competitive prices, and we have a full-time friendly sales team, who can answer any questions that you might have.



We now build garden music studios.



Our garden room company now builds garden music studios nationwide. Whether you’re an artist or perhaps just like listening to music, why not call?

We have a team of builders who travel throughout the country building these bespoke buildings. Therefore, we do not construct flat-pack music studios using insulated panels. Instead, the whole structure is built to be tailor-made to the dimensions you want.

We understand, especially for DJs and artists, that vast amounts of time can be spent in these rooms recording new tracks, listening back, and editing tracks.

Therefore, we can add side kitchen areas within these buildings, which are perfect for making coffee and snacks. We can also add a complete bathroom if you would like this added. Our ground workers can, therefore, add all of the drainage.


Garden music studios

Starting prices start from just 18k, and that’s without soundproofing. However, our builders can add soundproofing for you at an additional cost when they assemble the construction.

Can you install the soundproofing? Which brands do you use?

Often, our customers specify which brand of soundproofing they want, and we can order and install that for them. If your garden music studio is close to neighbouring properties, it’s essential that the building is built correctly and uses top-quality soundproofing. Also, it needs to be sound tested after construction to measure how much noise escapes.

Can the garden music studios that you build be used all year round?

It’s true that some garden studios built by other companies can sometimes need to be better insulated. This means they will often be too hot or cold to work in.

Therefore, ample insulation must be added to the building, not just on the side walls but also the roof.

Then we recommend that an A/C unit be added and electric heaters be added as well.


How long does it take you to build a garden music studio?

Generally, these buildings are often completed in less than three weeks in Bristol. For example, if plumbing needs to be added for a kitchen or bathroom, more complicated buildings will increase the cost and the timeframe for us to complete the building. Generally, all buildings are built in less than four weeks. However, this does not include the time needed to obtain planning permission.


Which areas do you build these buildings in?

Our garden music studios are routinely being built in Bristol because so many artists in this area require such a building. We often get highly recommended from one musician to another; therefore, much of our work in the Bristol area now comes via recommendations.


Are the garden music studios insulated?

Yes, prices do differ. However, we can offer sheep’s wool, panel insulation boards, or fibreglass, the last option you may know as rock wool insulation.

We can offer all of these options; it’s essential that whichever garden room company you hire, vast amounts of insulation are used. If the insulation is too thin, the room will be costly to heat. Still, the temperature fluctuations are likely to be very large, as the heat will escape in seconds if a music room is not correctly insulated.


Have you built many of these buildings?

We have built many insulated garden bars, gyms, and music studios.

We have full-time designers who can work with you closely to ensure you get your perfect music studio built. With our electricians working for us in-house, we can install the main armoured cables and fully install all the sockets and lighting for you.

Therefore, we offer the complete solution for when you need a music room built. We build these buildings right across South West England. If it’s quite basic construction, we can often offer you a quote over the phone or via e-mail.

Call our sales line today:

We have a dedicated sales line open six days a week. Our friendly team can answer any question you might have.

Prices for a garden music room start from just 18k.


What are the different stages of constructing an insulated summerhouse?



Summer is just around the corner here in Bristol, and the green shoots of growth are pushing through in the garden. This means many of us will wander into our gardens and plan how to improve the space for the following months.
That could be through decking, fencing a new summerhouse or all of these.

You might start to think about British garden parties and spending time with family and friends laughing in the garden.

Then we also think that the weather is very unpredictable here in Britain; one moment, its sunny and glorious, and the next, it could be wet and drizzly. It is causing people to run with a cake back into the house for shelter.

Insulated summerhouses

This is why many people are asking us to build a large, insulated summerhouse large enough to comfortable house their friends and family. Even if the weather turns stormy, windy, and wet outside, you can simply walk into your new garden building and continue the party in their insulated summerhouse.


Has your company already built many summerhouses in Bristol and in South West England?

Yes, we are a massively popular summerhouse company throughout the South West of England.
You might have seen us working on your street?
The reason why we are so popular boils down to 2 main factors: often, our quotes are massively competitive and, therefore, our summerhouse company offers more affordable than some of our direct competitors.

When you look at the breakdown of that quote, you will see that our buildings are also well-engineered, well-built, and built using high quality building materials.

Building Bristol summerhouses

Therefore, you may own a relatively small courtyard garden in Bristol Clifton? Alternatively, you could own a mansion in Chew Magna, and you may own acres of land and require a vast, impressive, well-constructed garden building built? This is where we can help.

Therefore, we can build an exquisite-quality garden room regardless of the type of property or garden.
Brilliant ideas

We can pop out and meet you with a nice cup of tea, perhaps over a cup of earl grey, which is our favourite; we could offer you some design tips, ideas, and food for thought on how you may want your summerhouse built?

Some of our customers are pleasantly surprised by our ideas, such as for example we can add solar panels to help mitigate the building’s electricity running costs.

Built superfast

When you approve our quote, you will be most likely eager and excited to work to start, so you can be in your garden room, reading a magazine or perhaps enjoying a bottle of wine in it, in just a few weeks time.

Therefore, we can build the whole building quickly because, unlike some summerhouse companies, which ask the customer to find the electrician or phone around with the plumber, we have all of the tradespeople in-house.

Highly experienced tradesmen

We have highly experienced tradespeople who are massively knowledgeable and experts at what they do.
Therefore, we have electricians. We also have several highly skilled and talented carpenters and roofers. The rate at which our builders who when constructing a summerhouse is phenomenal.

Therefore, as you come home from work each day with your shopping bags on the kitchen table, you will look out the window and be pleasantly surprised by our progress in each day of building your summerhouse. We work fast and extremely hard.

Insulated garden rooms starting from £18,000

With a starting price of just £18,000, this is why our Bristol garden rooms are so popular. You could use the space during the day to work, so the building could be used as a garden office, and on the weekends, an alternative purpose might be to store your exercise bike in it and use the room to workout.

What types of bases / foundations do you offer?

This is an excellent question because some summerhouses are flatpack, and the customer constructs them themselves in their garden.

The ground can then start to move under the weight of the building and its occupants walking around it. This could cause the summerhouse to break up and become damaged.

Therefore, you need solid foundations, we would recommend ground screws, or concrete is used.

We can chat when we meet and have a nice cup of tea with you. You can discuss whether we think ground screws or perhaps a concrete base would be the best option for the garden.

In either case, we have quality excavators, also commonly referred to as many diggers, which can be used to build the foundations of the building.


South-West England garden rooms

In South West England, there is splendid scenery, fantastic woodland, miles ofmeadows, and meandering streams that are around many homes in this area of Britain.
Therefore, you might want to sit in your summerhouse built by us and enjoy a nice pot of tea while also taking in the views surrounding your property in South West England.


South-West England and beyond
We, therefore, build quality garden buildings in South West England, and if you would like a garden bar, garden office or perhaps just a summerhouse where you can do the ironing, we can build this building for you.


How do you insulate summerhouses?

This is another brilliant question because a summerhouse can look fantastic from the outside.
However, it could be cold inside in the winter, so it is much use as a chocolate teapot.

Instead, we build insulated summerhouses; they are more expensive to buy because the insulation is quite expensive for us to purchase from builder’s merchants these days.

These are the different ways we can insulate your summerhouse so that you are snug as a bug on a rug.


Sheep’s wool

Sheeps wool can be used for a vast range of different purposes. It is a one hundred per cent natural product, so they could be used to make a nice jumper. Alternatively, companies in the United Kingdom make this product into an insulation as well, so that we can cram it into the walls of your summerhouse, making it lovely and warm, so you will feel as snug as above on a rug.

Panel installation (we use this method of summerhouse insulation the most)

We can also hand-cut the panel insulation, with a handsaw and install it into every nook and cranny of your garden building. This innovative product has a foil / reflective outer skin and a foam centre.

This is fantastic for insulation and can help keep you nice and cosy while working in the summerhouse during the winter months.



This is another insulation option, but we don’t tend to use it that often unless the customer specifies that they want fibreglass placed in the walls and ceiling.

It is a pretty cost-effective solution. However, we prefer to use panel installation where possible.


How long will it take you to build my summerhouse from start to finish?

Quite often, with some companies, you must wait some time before they can start the construction work.
As you can imagine, a lot of these buildings are mostly built in the summer and spring. So a lot of the workload comes all at once, and therefore, the summerhouse companies have to book you into their diary, and you might have to wait, let’s say, three months before they can even get to you.

Our business is different. We now have a large, hard-working staff in Bristol, and they can build your summerhouse. Sometimes, our estimator will pop out in our van on a Friday afternoon and they may well be able to get builders to you by the following Monday morning.

Once they have approved the quotation, they sometimes ask us to start work immediately.

So, therefore, we are sometimes able to start straightaway building the garden building.

Quality insulated garden buildings built in the South West

Bristol has hundreds of different garden-building companies for you to which to choose from. You have most likely seen our Volkwagen vans driving around, working in your street or perhaps just parked on a busy road in Bristol where we are working?

Our prices are very competitive. Indeed, the starting price of £18,000 which is much lower than many of our direct competitors within the city of Bristol.
This allows many homeowners to purchase a garden room from us, where they might have thought that such a purchase was simply out of their reach and unaffordable.

We can also offer hundreds of different options, allowing our customers to customise their building how they see fit. Some may want solar panels on the roof to help mitigate the running costs of the electricity?

Others might want a substantial decked area with glass railings so they can have a party and their friends can stand out on an elevated decking and admire the views that may surround their property.


Built to last

Whether it’s a garden room built for 18k or 70k or an inside lavatory, you will obtain a building that is built to last using very high-quality materials.

So why not book a quote with us today?


What are the main advantages of owning a Bristol garden office?


Bristol garden offices


Garden buildings have been around for a very long time. However, ever since more people have started working from home more often, they often require an extra room and a room they can use throughout the entire year.

Now, the thought of working in a building made of breezeblocks and resembling a car garage is not very appealing because the building’s designed for you to spend much time within in working.

However, ever since modern insulation and large glazed bi-folding doors have been popular in construction, more and more people now want a garden room that incorporates these features.


A garden office can therefore offer:

– A light and airy room to work
– Well insulated so easy to keep warm
– Can be designed for comfort, so for example, its easy to add an air conditioning unit


Working from home

More employers are now asking their employees to work from home, and many British employers recognise that their employees want the freedom to work from home the hours they want.

Also, that employer hasn’t got to offer to rent an expensive office block, say in the centre of Bristol, because more of the employees will be working from home.


Less commuting, less time wasted, better for the environment

Therefore, employees can work the hours they want to from home.

They don’t have to go throughwasting time commuting to and from an office.

This means that garden offices have become extremely popular. On most streets throughout glorious Bristol, people work away like busy bees in their garden offices each day.

And with many of these Bristol garden offices will have been built by Kingsley.


We build quality garden buildings

This is why many people come to us- we build quality.

You don’t want the cheap wooden summerhouse, which is drafty and whiffs of mould as you walk into it.
Customers don’t want a plastic bucket in the centre of the room, with water slowly dripping into it because they have selected the wrong company to build their garden building!

Instead, they want a construction company that understands modern construction techniques, using quality timber, rubber roofs and quality glazing to build a long-lasting building- that’s why so many people hire us.

This is why our phone is constantly busy in Bristol, with people ringing asking us to build a garden room for them.

Fresh air

A lot of us like to retreat into the country, while on holiday to soak in the ambience of the birds singing and the lovely greenery that surrounds us.

Often, we come back feeling more vibrant, better, and more awake because we have rested and become at one with nature.

Now, this is why we think garden buildings are so massively popular in Bristol.

The thought of jusmping on sweaty bus and driving into the city centre to work in a stuffy office block is not for everyone.

The vast majority of us don’t like this. We prefer a lovely herbal tea while strolling down our garden and starting work in our garden office.

This is why so many people have hired us to build their Bristol garden offices: They know we can offer high-quality garden room in short amount of time, allowing them to work in their garden.


Built superfast

It’s like ordering something online; we don’t want to waste a long time getting our hands on it, we want it delivered quickly.
If you’ve ordered a new smartphone, you might want to obtain it the next day because your previous one might have accidentally been smashed or dropped down the toilet!

This is a bit like a garden office. You may might have decided to work in your garden this summer. You want to smell the smell of freshly cut lawns as you answer all of those work e-mails from your customers.

You will want to hire a building company that can build the entire building really quickly; that’s why so many people hire us.

We build most of our Bristol garden buildings, in less than 3 weeks from start to completion.


Could help to make your home more saleable

Picture this: say theres three properties on the same street of similar construction and the same number of bedrooms all listed on RightMove.

Yet your house, it has had the well-built garden building constructed by us, and then a prospective buyer might pop along into your garden and see the large garden office built by us.

They may say well, I work from home; that garden room would make a fabulous place for me to do my Excel spreadsheet, write my emails and take work calls.

So having a garden building built, sure it is a large expanse, no two ways about it, but when it comes to selling a property, and somebody wanders out and spots that you have invested in a quality garden building, they may want to work within that room that we have built.

Therefore, this could make the property you’re trying to sell more saleable in some circumstances.


Would you like a garden office built this summer 2024?

Our calendar is filling up quickly, within many people want garden bars so that they can go down to the end of the garden and enjoy a nice, refreshing pint with their friends.

Our calendar is filling up with people who want a garden office constructed in Bath and Bristol.

Our calendar is filling up with people who want to improve their fitness. You might find garden gyms constructed; they can improve their fitness.

If you would like a Bristol garden room built, do call us today.


Call us today:

Garden room/games room ideas


When when you walk into some high-quality coffee shops, bars and bistro restaurants, these venues often offer play board games or read a book, which becomes a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Bristol’s busy city and fast-paced city life.

This is also the case for some restaurants and some pubs; there are many games that you can play to enjoy spending time with your friends.
In many pubs, many bars now have arcade machines, so you can play Pac-Man while enjoying a pint.


Games room

Therefore, many people are asking us to build a garden room to become a place to socialise, read books, and unwind.


Our garden buildings be used in all weathers


One of the most commonly asked questions that customers ask us on the phone when they initially want a garden bar, garden room, or garden office built could be used all year round or not?

The simple answer is yes; some summerhouses can’t be used all year round, which are supplied by some other companies. However, ours can.

This is because some buildings, supplied by some other companies are just made from thin OSB board with very thin cladding on the outside.

This basically means that there is no wall insulation, in some summerhouses so it can be absolutely freezing inside the building.

The downside to no insulation, is not just that it’s absolutely freezing in the building during the winter months.

This is why so many people call us here at Kingsley Build, to have a garden office or building constructed by our company because we can add a large amount of wall insulation.



Built to the exact measurements that you specify

There are numerous businesses sell flatpack or do-it-yourself summerhouses.

One disadvantage of purchasing a flatpack summerhouse is that you often can’t specify the size of the building. That’s because often the building is premade and only comes in a set size.


Bespoke garden buildings Bristol

Our buildings are very different, that’s because they are tailor made, we can measure your garden, precisely the length and width of the building you want built.

Then we can build the garden room to the exact size you would like.

Games room

Many people like that they will have a garden room built, so they can use it on a regular basis, yet before that might have been a space in their garden that they might not use that much at all.

Currently, in that space might just be a couple of old mountain bikes and perhaps a rickety wooden wooden shed might be in that garden area.

We can throw all of this in the skip for you, and in its place, build a large garden room.

What is your games room often used for?

Cinema room

Increasingly, more and more people want insulated, heated, and air-conditioned buildings constructed in the garden so that they can use the room as a cinema rooms. They want somewhere to enjoy watching a film, perhaps to watch Mission

Impossible featuring a Tom Cruise and a brilliant movie. I’m unsure if you will agree.

Therefore, many people in South West England call us every week, wanting a cinema room built.

A cinema room used to be for the rich and famous who owned mansions, but now you can install a cinema room within your garden at an affordable price.

Xbox and PlayStation room

Many people want a room built to play their PlayStation or Xbox within, so they might wish to have a massivetelevision installed in the room.

They may want a comfortable sofa with a reclining feature so they can play computer games comfortably in the games room.


Bar area

As most people know, the price of various gins, real ales and craft lagers has shot through the roof.
You might even pay, let’s say, 6 pounds or more per pint at your local pub. This has got a lot of people asking us in the South West of England to build a garden pub. We can construct a large building

Sky Sports

Many people within Bristol like watching live sporting events, such as the boxing on pay-per-view or rugby or football matches.

Therefore, you will want a huge garden room, fitted with a large television screen; maybe you’d like a nice, good-quality refrigerator full of cans of beer to have your friends over and watch a live sporting event within your garden bar.


Snooker table / pool table

Many people like to unwind with a nice, refreshing pint, chatting to their mates while playing snooker.
We can therefore build you a huge, air-conditioned garden bar, and we can help you install the snooker table within the building prior to installing the bi-folding doors.

Bristol summerhouses

If you want a summerhouse built, why not give us a ring today?

Why so many people are buying Bristol summerhouses from us



It’s that time of year when a lot of us are walking out into our gardens, and you might be thinking of various ways you could improve the garden. Perhaps it’s through a new fence or new decking, or maybe you want a summerhouse built.

With our years of experience and expertise, we are a brand that springs to mind when someone needs a Bristol summer house built, is Kingsley. We have now constructed so many of these wooden buildings that we may have built many of these buildings in Bristol. They start from just 18k, so they offer fantastic value for money.


Quality offered at affordable prices

Our buildings are super high quality; we only buy top-quality roofing, windows and doors, so when you choose Kingsley to build your summer house, you will buy a top-quality building.

It can be used all year round.

Another reason why so many homeowners call us every day for us to build a summer house is because some buildings are not insulated. There’s no insulation in some garden buildings’ walls, which means they can be super cold in the winter.

It is so cold that you can’t work it, or if you have to work in it, it would cost so much to heat the room because the heaters would have to be on constantly. However, our insulated, luxury summerhouses are different. They are well insulted, but they are nice and cosy to be in in the winter because they can be heated up so quickly using electric heaters, which we can install for you when you sit in your summerhouse built by us, it’s very comfortable because it’s insulated.

We can install the electrics.

We have electricians in Bristol ready to fit the lighting, plug sockets, and dimmer switches and install them for you. Therefore, you don’t have to find an electrician yourself, as we have electricians working for us.

Nice big windows

A lot of our customers want super large windows fitted into the summer house, and we can do that for you. We fit the floor to the ceiling and have large windows, so you look out over the lawn when working in your garden office. Plus, because the windows are so large, its lovely, light, and airy in the building.


We can install a super high-quality air conditioning system in the building, so you can make it nice and cool even on the warmest of summer days in Bristol.

So, in the winter months, when Jack Frost is making everything cold, you can switch on the heating.
When it’s super warm outside, and you’re enjoying a lovely ice cream, you can switch on the air conditioning, and the room will be nice and cool. Therefore, our summer houses can be used throughout the different seasons.


Built super fast

Our buildings can be built fast. When you come home from work after a long day at the office, you will look out the garden and be impressed by the progress being made. We have hardworking roofers, hardworking carpenters, and hardworking electricians who can all build the building super fast for you.

We cover the whole of Bristol

You may have seen us working on your street or one of our vans in the city of Bristol. That’s because we build so many luxury summer houses throughout the year. Some companies may only build these wooden buildings in the summer; however, our super hardworking team is out in all weathers, right throughout the different seasons, building our luxury summer houses.
We also build luxury summerhouses.

You might want a bathroom, solar panels on the roof, or us to install top-quality speakers. Whatever you want, we can build it for you.

We are well known for building luxury summer houses.

Garden Room Bar



The summer is fast approaching here in Great Britain, which means that a lot of households across the UK will be having garden parties with their friends and family coming over to enjoy a nice refreshing drink.

And What could enhance your summer even more is having a garden bar where you could pour some refreshing drinks and enjoy the sunshine.

Perhaps to also use the garden room bar to have your friends over to watch the football?

Perhaps it will be used as a gin bar, with the room stuffed with gins from around the world?

Perhaps it will be used as a comfortable English style pub, where your friends can come over, sipping on quality ales made in the great South West of England.

Have you tried Bath Ales? Simply amazing, great way to spend a nice quite unwinding day in the garden over the weekend.

Can you build a garden room bar in Bristol?

We most certainly can. We are able to build a building of any size that you would like. It could also come in any shape that you like. For example, to make better use of the space you have available within your garden, why not consider getting a corner garden room or perhaps a rectangular-shaped building?

All our Bristol garden buildings, will always be fully insulated.

We can incorporate any features you would like, such as a bathroom or high-quality sound system, into the ceiling?

Bose make amazing quality speakers, why not have our highly skilled electricians fit these into the celiling of the garden bar? It would enhance the sound while watching the Bath rubgy team play on the television.

Or perhaps your favourite football team

Imagine watching England playing on a huge screen within your garden bar?


Why should we choose your company?

You might have seen one of our many vans driving around the city because our company is in strong demand come summer, spring or winter. Every week, we build a wide range of garden buildings which are used for a wide range of purposes, from garden bars, or perhaps a place where you can work 9 to 5 five days a week?

Are you able to build the wooden bar for us?

We most certainly can build the bar for you as well; we have carpenters in-house and can build bar at the length and height you would like.

We require a garden building complete with a toilet, can you build this?

We most certainly can take care of this for you.

We can bring a mini excavator into your garden and dig the trenches so that we can lay the soil pipe.

We can also connect the water supply and plumbing to your bathroom items, such as toilets, and wash-hand basins.

We require speakers to be put into the ceiling and LED lighting. Can you arrange this?

Yes, we can install quality speakers into the ceiling for you at an additional price. A lot of people like very high-quality sound systems installed into a garden bar. This is so can play their favourite music when their friends and family come over for a party.


What is your starting price for a garden room bar?

Prices start at £18,000 for a basic garden room, yet we can design a garden room any way you like, and the price increases accordingly.

For example, you might want a bathroom area installed, you might wish to add solar panels to the roof, and an elevated area made out of composite decking and glass railings? We can build all of this for you.

We, therefore, build what is called a “bespoke garden rooms”. We can have a chat with you and have a cup of tea, while we discuss how you would like garden office or garden room to be built.

We then go back to the office and start calculating the costs. Once we’ve calculated the price to build the garden bar, we aim to get back to you as soon as we can, so we can offer you a free quotation.

Often, we can offer a full quote only a few days after we meet you.

Sometimes, it might take a bit longer as we need to go to our suppliers and ensure that we have the most up-to-date costs written in, such as the cost for us to supply and fit solar panels, aluminium bi-folding doors, or perhaps a kitchen you want added to the building?


How long do these take to build?

Generally, our buildings take less than three weeks to build, depending on how intricate the building is. If it’s a pretty complicated build with solar panels on the roof, bi-folding doors, and complete bathroom, plus decking, building such a garden room in Bristol could take a bit longer.


Would you like a free and no-obligation quotation?

Wouldn’t this summer just be so much better if had a garden bar built in your garden.

Many residents within the great city of Bristol are calling us to get garden bars constructed.

We offer very fair prices and build our garden bars very quickly, so why not give us a ring?


Do you work from home?

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones
Date: 02/04/2024

Why our garden offices offer the perfect solution if you work from home in Bristol


More and more people have ditched the 9-5 working within a large office block in the city centre. Gone are the days when many of us had to catch the train or bus to work every day. For employers, having the workforce work from home can save costs. For the employee, there’s no being crammed into a hot bus; instead, they work from home.


However, having free room/ space is a problem.

Let’s take Clifton in Bristol just as an example. Look at how much the price increases for a three-bedroom house compared to a four-bedroom home. The price increase is often significant, and people understandably don’t want to remortgage with interest rates the way they are. Yet your garden might only be a small garden, but you might have enough space to build a garden office.


Even if you have a small garden, we can sometimes still build a garden office.

You might live in, let’s say, a Victorian house in Clifton, and the garden is not that large; you can’t even swing a cat. Yet often, our clever garden room designers can come out and see if we can build a compact garden room for you. It might mean clearing away a garden shed or demolishing an old greenhouse you no longer use.

Yet in its place, you can build a garden office, somewhere that you might want to work throughout the week. The building will be well-built and insulated. Solar panels can even be fitted to the roof if you wish to have these added.

Less commuting

Bristol is now a clean-air zone, meaning that the residents of Bristol may have seen fewer vehicles on their streets than before. Yet, even if there’s less traffic on the road, it might take 30 minutes to get to Aztec West or an office in Cabot Circus. So what you need to do is think about getting a garden office building that’s fully air-conditioned and heated, insulated, that you can use throughout the year.


We can build a bespoke garden office.

You might have an apparent idea of how you want your garden room to look. You may know the type of doors you want, and you might see the cladding you wish to, but you only know the shape and size of the building. You might wish to have a rectangular garden room with an ultra-strong roof that you can sit on. We can build any Bristol garden building; we have been building garden buildings for a very long time. We are an established garden room company.

Could have made your home more appealing to a buyer

Put yourself in a property buyer’s shoes. Let’s say a couple is looking to buy a house in Bristol. Let’s look at a street with three similar properties, all around the same price, the same length of garden, similar houses, and the same number of bedrooms.

Yet there’s one house that has a garden office out the back. It’s clear it’s been well-built. It has good-quality insulation, windows, and doors.

It’s an alarm. It has decking to sit out and soak up the sun in the summer months. Let’s say one of the couple works from home. They are going to think brilliantly, and I can work there. It’s a nice and quiet place to work.

So, out of all those properties for sale in Bristol, the couple looking to buy a house might want to buy the house with a built garden office. So, we would say that as long as the building is constructed to a good standard, a garden room could sometimes make your house more saleable.

An excellent place to work

A garden office can make a great place to work; you could have French wooden doors open while you work on your Apple laptop. You could also have substantial double-glazed windows, letting light flood the room. Our highly skilled roofers could also add a roof light to allow even more light into the room. Our garden offices are fantastic places to work.



Why so many residents in Bristol call us is because we build solid, insulated, high-quality garden rooms that are also eco-friendly. That’s because they are made using FSC-approved wood; we can use a rubber roof, which means the building lasts longer; we also highly recommend that the whole outside of the garden office is clad with British high-quality composite cladding, as composite cladding can be made from recycled wood and plastics sometimes.


Call us for a free quote for us to build a garden office.

We can build a garden office anywhere in the city of Bath, and we also make many garden buildings, ranging from gin bars to garden offices in Bristol. Starting prices start at 18k; our accommodating director, Kingsley Hyden Jones, is on hand to answer any questions. Call or e-mail our super-friendly sales team; you can help and explain all the doors, cladding, and roof options our garden room company can offer you.


Can you use a garden room as an office?


Date: 01/04/2024

Written by: Kingsley Hyden Jones


Bristol is an area with many entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and those who have ditched the 9-5 and the dreaded commute to work and opted for hybrid working. However, with that said, we all need a space to get work done.

So what is the solution?

Many people automatically think of calling a builder to get a loft conversion, yet when you hear the ballpark figures being discussed over the phone, you often need a sit-down, as the prices can be high.

This is where garden offices come into their own

Kinglsey Build is a well-known construction company in the South West of glorious England. We have built many a garden office, ranging from the “garden office pod” with a starting price of just 18k to your more luxurious options, which can have a bathroom and one of those fancy hand dryers made by Dyson.

Table of contents:

  • Can a garden building be used as a garden office?
  • What are the main benefits of hiring your construction company to build a garden office for us?
  • Are you looking for a business that builds garden offices in the city of Bristol? Look no further than Kingsley.


Bright, airy and warm inside, it is a great place to get your work done

Who’s worked in an office, and the working environment has been less than inspiring?


Well, most of us have all worked in stuffy high-rise offices, dimly lit under fluorescent lighting, the same you would use to illuminate an old 1970s concrete car park. It’s just a rubbish place to sit and get work done.

So, a garden office is your blank canvas, where you can design it around you. It has giant floor-to-ceiling doors, known as bi-folding doors.

You can have a thin rectangular window just above your desk, so you can work and look out over the garden, the flowers, and the birds swooping in to gobble down those digestive biscuits you have just crushed up for them.

So, a garden office is more than just a wooden building plonked in your garden; it’s your perfect opportunity to get creative and design it the way you want. Our highly skilled designers in Bristol can also create a set of 3D drawings so you can see what your garden office will look like before our team of builders builds it.


How much does a garden office pod cost to build?

Our garden office pods start from just 18k. This also includes a long-lasting rubber roof.

How much does a typical garden office cost to build?

Prices normally vary between 25k and 35k—more luxurious options, such as solar panels, cost more.


How much does a garden room complete with a toilet cost to build?

Prices start from 35k and increase depending on how you want the garden office built. These garden offices cost more because often there’s much more ground work that needs to be done.


How much does a garden office split in half with the other side a garden gym cost to build?

Large garden rooms cost between 30k and 50k to build. The price can also be higher if you want, for example, a bathroom added.


How much does it cost to add solar panels to the roof?

We would need to come and meet with you to discuss how large the roof area is going to be and how many solar panels the roof can accommodate, and then we can offer you a quote.

Can a garden room be used as an office?

It most certainly can be; most of our garden buildings are garden offices. We are often hired as the garden room company of choice because our buildings are robust, friendly, and warm in winter once the heating is on. Plus, we offer options such as solar panels on the roof.


Heating and insulation

So, companies will always offer log cabins, summerhouses, and garden rooms at rock-bottom prices. Yet sometimes, these buildings are used as much as a chocolate teapot in the wintertime; there’s likely to be some unhappy faces inside as the cold drafts of air blow in from every angle. That’s why you need to get on the phone with us instead; if you live in the brilliant city of Bristol and you want a garden office built, here’s why you should call us:

Warm and cosy

Our builders will hand-cut the insulation and place it on the floor, the roof, and the side walls. This way, the building will be nice and warm come winter. This is important because the vast majority of garden buildings in Bristol and also in the great, fantastic city of Bath, England, are built in the middle of, say, June, July, and August. Now, it’s nice and warm, birds are singing, and everyone’s enjoying Pimms on the lawn in a deckchair.

However, sadly, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.K. every year quickly learn in, say, December, when it’s mighty cold outside, that they have hired the wrong summerhouse company when they are cold inside the building. So, hire a company that builds ultra-warm, cosy, easy-to-heat-up garden offices; that’s our company.


Are you looking for a garden room office in Bristol?


Why not give us a call

We have an amiable and helpful sales team. They are waiting for your call, during which they can advise you on costs and answer any questions. If you wish, we can spend 30 minutes in your garden chatting and advising you, and often there, we can offer you a few cost options. That’s why we are from Fishponds, over the heights of Great Clifton, near the fantastic Clifton suspension bridge, so why not give us a call today?


Garden room companies that are in Bristol England

We are a garden room company that can build quality garden offices anywhere in the city of Bristol. Our garden offices start from just 18k.